What I bought on Amazon | Favorites 2016-2017

Be honest, do you also love – and shop often – on Amazon? If you like to share the deals you grabbed on Amazon and also check out what other people have been snatching up, you want to keep reading.

My blog friend Lacey has started this new link-up where every first Wednesday of the month, we will highlight Amazon finds that we’ve been purchasing.

This is going to be a summary of some of my favorite Amazon purchases from the last 12 months, because there are a few things that I probably won’t buy again anytime soon, but that I want to share with you. I am a regular Amazon shopper, but I don’t buy ALL my stuff from Amazon, so we’ll see how much I can participate in the monthly link-ups (depending on my shopping habits during the previous month).

Here are some of my favorite, more recent, Amazon* purchases.

Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Knitting Needles – These are my favorite knitting needles to work with. I prefer wood over plastic or metal needles, because they have a warmer touch (and they don’t clatter) and the stitches move smoothly, but don’t really slip easily. I also love that they’re interchangeables, so you can exchange the cords and needles sizes on exisiting projects.

Sebamed Hand-Creme – This is hands-down the best handcreme. I usually get a couple of tubes from Germany (because it’s way cheaper there, I think one tube is 3.95€), but if I run out, at least I can get it on Amazon. It absorbs pretty quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky feeling.

BraceUP Ankle Support – I bought this in a pinch when I was dealing with some ankle pain before my half marathon this summer and it worked pretty well and helped stabilize my ankle.

Balega Ultralight No show Running Socks – These are one of my favorite pairs of running socks. I highly recommend them. Running socks don’t come cheap, but you can score a good deal on Amazon.

CodeFit Yoga Power Flex Dry-Fit Pants – I bought these a while ago (back in March), but I need to share them here today, because I really love these pants and many people have complimented me on them over the last few months and I won’t have another opportunity to let you know about them (unless I buy another pair, which is totally possible, but then I’ll just tell you about them again. Ha.) They’re like a stretchy-compression-like material and super-comfortable.

Cuisinart Automatic Burr Mill – We had a Capresso Burr Grinder before and the operating button broke, so we had to look for a new one. I wanted a burr mill grinder again because it grinds more evenly and I can also use it to mill whole grains (which I occasionally do for bread baking). This Cuisinart Burr Mill has proven itself very useful.

Blowfish Bungalow Gladiator Sandals – J actually picked out these sandals for me and I am so glad I ordered them. They’re comfortable and cute and I’ve gotten quite a few compliment on these sandals.

Mirity Womens 3/4 Sleeve Boat Neck Cute Solid Shirring Dolman Drape Top – I’ve had good luck with ordering the occasional basic t-shirt from Amazon. This boat neck top is a little bit fancier than just a plain old t-shirt and works well with jeans or skirts.

Cambond® 6.6ft Nylon Braided 8 Pin Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone 6 and up  I was looking for a longer, sturdier iPhone charger cable for travel and I came across this one.

Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity chair – I wish they were a little prettier and didn’t give off the camping vibe, but we needed something quick to enjoy our backyard in the summer and these chairs fit the bill. They are very comfortable, I have to add, and affordable.

‘Flopsie’ Plush Toy Otter – I was looking for a little Californian souvenir for my niece and nephew when I flew back home earlier this summer and I saw these toy otters and thought they were perfect.  They’r super-soft and cuddly and my niece and nephew thought so, too.

SaltStick FASTCHEWS Electrolyte Replacement Tablets – I bought these salt tablets after a running friend recommended them to me (because I deal with heat-related swelling and occasional cramping). If I go for longer runs, I take 2 tablets every 3-5 miles and I have noticed an improvement. They taste pretty much like dextrose with a bit of a salty aftertaste (not bad though).

LUVVITT iPhone case  If you want a sturdy, but affordable phone case, you want to look into the LUVVITT clear cases. I’ve had one for my iPhone 5s and have repurchased the same case for my iPhone 7. I tend to drop my phone occasionally, but with this case as protection (it goes around the edges of the screen), I have never cracked it.

Lifefactory 16-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle – I admit I bought this water bottle because it’s so pretty, but also because I wanted a glass water bottle. I have a bunch of Nalgene bottles that I still use daily, but I wanted a pretty bottle that is not too big and that I can just stick in my purse.

Did you buy stuff from Amazon recently? What would you recommend?

I am linking up with Lacey from perksofbeingajap.com for The What I Bought on Amazon Link-Up.

* I am currently not affiliated with Amazon and won’t be earning any commissions on purchases you may make through my links. I am just sharing the links so you can see the exact products that I purchased and reviewed here. All opinions are my own.

  1. This is a great list! I need to find something similar to the ankle support. When I jog or walk long distances I get a tingling like pain from my inner arch to the inside side of my feet. Have you had that before?

    1. Mmh. I haven’t had any tingling, but might be nerve-related?

  2. This is such an awesome list!! Those knitting needles sound amazing, and looking at the shirt right now. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Haha… Amazon is evil… I always fall down the rabbithole browing the site. ;)

  3. That zero gravity chair sounds so comfortable. We need better/more comfy deck furniture but aren’t going to buy anything until we buy our next house. But in the meantime I should get something like what you purchased!

    My amazon purchases are SO BORING. It’s mostly household goods, some gifts from people’s registries, and the occasional book. i want to buy less from Amazon, but the 2-day delivery is so convenient and the pricing is so competitive. Plus I HATE shopping!

    1. That zero gravity chair is really comfortable, it’s just not pretty ;) (but it will work as a temporary solution!)

      I had to look back at my purchases from a whole year to come up with this list, because a lot of my Amazon purchases are boring too… I also sometimes want to buy less from Amazon, but 2-day delivery is super-convenient and the prices are really competitive.

  4. You got some great stuff! I definitely want to check out those yoga pants and running socks! Thanks for linking up! <3

    1. Thanks for hosting the link-up… I am looking forward to more of these posts!

  5. Love Sebamed products! They make my skin so soft.

    1. They’re really good.

  6. Those sandals are so cute!

    1. … and comfortable!

  7. What a fun link up!! I’ll have to keep it in mind – though I tend to buy mostly books. I need to get Amazon Prime. I LOVE that otter. How cute.

    1. Amazon Prime is worth it.

  8. I had no idea you could find some of this stuff on Amazon. Like clothes! Who knew!!

    1. You can buy EVERYTHING on Amazon LOL

  9. Interesting purchases. I try to buy things at brick-and-mortar stores but they’re disappearing and a lot of the things I buy (camping gear; motorcycle stuff) isn’t available locally any more. So… Amazon. In its defense, Amazon has exceptional service and it’s never disappointed me.

    1. I usually try to shop from real stores and small business when I can, but Amazon is super-convenient.

  10. Those salt tabs look great! I have the original ones which you have to swallow instead of chewing, which is really hard when you’re running. I’ll try these next.

    1. Definitely try these, I like them a lot.

    I love it. I love otters. OMG.

    1. I wanted to get one for myself. They’re supersoft!

  12. Balega socks are the best socks. The end.

    1. They really are my favorite. I also really like Wright Sock Double Layers.

  13. Ooh, I’m going to look into that ankle support thing and see if they have something similar for arches. That’s the reason I don’t run – my arches cramp up so easily!

    My latest purchase from Amazon was a set of Rubbermaid plastic containers (exciting) and a lunch bag. Haha. So boring. But the lunch bag is SO MUCH SMALLER than I thought it was going to be, so I have to return it. I’ve never returned anything to Amazon before!

    1. I love that you can easily return most things on Amazon (often for free)… which is why I don’t hesitate ordering something, even if I am not 100% sure if it is what I want.

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