Wow. Let this sink in for a minute.
I know I had a few months to get used to the fact that I live in LA now, but seriously… it’s a little overwhelming that this landmark up there is about a 20 minute drive away from my apartment.
I’ve seen it quite a few times before, but today was the first time that I actually stopped to look at it – and take “photographic evidence”.
Today I was a “tourist in my own city”!

I took Santa Monica Blvd. and drove all the way east… I stopped at a little mall on the way to do some shopping and couldn’t resist and got this cute purse [the same purse I got my sister for our birthday, by the way ;) twins need to have the same stuff *haha*].

Then I went to Hollywood Blvd to do some sight-seeing tourist-style :) I walked along the “Walk of Fame”, but didn’t make the effort to look for any stars of certain actors – that would have taken the whole day ;)

At the Kodak theater, which is part of a shopping and entertainment complex, I took the picture of the Hollywood sign and also bought an “early” birthday present from Jon for myself at Victoria’s Secret :)
Afterwards I walked over to “Grauman’s Chinese Theater” which hosted the Academy Awards Show the other week. Yep, like I said, the whole thing happened in my “backyard” ;)
You know, usually it feels kind of weird taking pictures of where you live, but I didn’t feel too bad taking pictures there, because there were so many tourists around.
In front of the theater, the foot- and handprints of famous actors are imbedded in cement, for example Johnny Depp’s :)

I then drove back to Santa Monica to do a little more shopping at the 3rd Street Promenade. I got some cute shorts, tops and cool sunglasses ;) It’s nice to be treated for a shopping spree for your birthday. I like that!

Tomorrow it’s off to Sacramento for the weekend. I am looking forward to being back in Sac, spending time with my friend Ilka [who now is so lucky to live there ;)] and seeing my former boss. I’ll catch you later ;)