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A year in review: 2014

I haven’t consistently done annual recaps in the past, mostly because I was traveling over the holidays and didn’t find the time to do them, as I had so much stuff to catch up on. However, this year – inspired by some other bloggers –  I decided to do a little summary of  ...

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December Favorites

  1.) I think I’ve drank my body weight (and then some) of Trader Joe’s vanilla cinnamon tea this month. It’s so delicious with a splash of milk and some rock sugar. 2.) I have mentioned it a few times already, The Holiday is not only one of my favorite Christmas movies,  ...

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Our #quietchristmas

I don’t know if you noticed, most of the pictures I posted on Instragram over the holidays were hashtagged #quietchristmas, because that’s what it was. Quiet. We’re used to traveling over the holidays and seeing a whole lot of people in a very short amount of time, so staying  ...

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A Christmas weekend trip to SF

Last weekend, J and I decided to spend a day in San Francisco. We usually don’t get to go around Christmas time when we’re traveling overseas, but this time I wanted to go see the decorations at Union Square and enjoy a day in the City. We picked a beautiful day for our day trip! We  ...

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Christmas Tag!

I saw this post on someone’s blog (forgive me, I was clicking around and did a quick copy + paste for the blog idea, but then forgot to remember where I found it. Hmpf.) and you might have seen it around too. So, I give credit to whoever came up with this fun little meme!) 1. What is your  ...

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Photo of the week: Merry Christmas!

Hello friends! This is the last but one photo for the ‘Foto der Woche‘ – project and it’s my favorite time of the year, so don’t be surprised, here’s my Glücklichmacher #51: Merry Christmas (taken December 24, 2014) Christmas is my favorite time of the year and this is our  ...

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Four Things

{Seen at Lisa’s, Nora’s and Stephany’s blogs and it was fun to read, so here we go…} Four names that people call me other than my real name: San (obviously. My friend from Sydney started calling me that and it became my online name). Banne – J calls me that. I can’t explain when it  ...

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December Link Love

My friend Tobia has a DIY star-themed  advent calendar on her blog this month… you really need to check out all her posts! Love those DIY paper ball Christmas ornaments over at A Beautiful Mess. 22 Free Christmas Fonts. One can never have enough of those! 12 Free Printables for the holidays.  ...

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