About me

Hi, I am San and I am a German expat living in a quaint, little apartment in Northern California with my husband J.

I have a Master’s degree in Geography, English and Physical Education and I was originally set on the path to become a high school teacher. After I had spent my exchange semester in the US in 2001 and met J, my career path took a slightly different turn to accommodate the new circumstances and I am working now as a geologist/researcher/data processor/visualization specialist in the geologic scientific community. I am a bit of a geology nerd, if you will (ask my friends), and I love the outdoors.


To balance out the geek stuff in my professional life, I have a crafty side that always gets set in motion as soon as I get home. I’ve been making things with my hands (cards, drawing, knitting, crocheting, stitching, …) as long as I can remember. I love decorating, rearranging and making over our living space and I also have a passion for photography, books and good movies.

I started blogging in the spring of 2004 after moving to the US for an internship to keep my family and friends informed on what was going on with me. Naturally this first blog was in German.

Since then, I have moved from two different online locations and finally split my blog into a German blog (which I still maintain for my family) and an English blog to give my English-speaking friends the opportunity to keep themselves updated as well and to foster new relationships with new readers. The blog has become an important medium in my daily life for correspondence and keeping in touch with my friends.
Most posts will focus on my life – my experiences, joys, problems and thoughts, travel, photography and crafts.

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