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October 2008

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Happy Halloween!

I wish this was the pumpkin I carved. Unfortunately, ours is still sitting here in the corner waiting to be “halloween-ized”. I know. We should have done it last weekend, but we just didn’t get around to doing it. Now it’s almost too late. But who cares – I can  ...

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Stuff Portrait Friday…on Tuesday!

Kristine over at is bringing her Stuff Portrait Friday back, only that it’ll be on TUESDAY, November 4th! The theme will be: VOTE!  On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 — GO VOTE!  When you do, take a picture of something that represents this freedom.  The pen you used.  ...

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friends, love

Kind request

I usually don’t like to talk about too personal things on my blog – especially if those personal things concern other people in my life –  and if I do so occasionally, I password-protect these posts. It is not so much about protecting myself as it is about protecting people  ...

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family, yes!

I am an aunt!

The waiting is over – today my sister became a Mom! A Mom to a beautiful baby girl. This is so overwhelming and at the same time so freakin’ unfair that I can’t be with her and share in the arrival of our new family member. Greta was born healthy and happy on October 21, 2008  ...

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fun!, my so-called life

J’s birthday wish

Yesterday was J’s birthday. His wish was to go to a pumpkin patch and pick out a HUGE pumpkin for Halloween. His wish should be granted. We started the day off with some birthday muffins for breakfast and then I gave J his presents. We also got a couple of birthday phone calls, before we  ...

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nuisance, yes!

Back online

Or so I hope. If you can read this, this means I am finally back online after a very annoying, frustrating and lenghty server change following the shut down of my blog by my former host company. I have still not figured out why exactly they decided to suspend my account without prior notice or  ...

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