21: Currently | November

reading my Real Simple magazine. I don’t want to start a new book, before I get the one for the #PostalBookclub.

drinking all the cinnamon-vanilla tea.

eating warmed overnight oats again. It’s like a dessert for breakfast.

looking forward to the long Thanksgiving weekend. I am ready to embrace the holidays and decorate the house.

loving that the holiday season is upon us. Even though I’m not going home for Christmas this year (AGAIN!), I am looking forward to the magic of the season.

sad that we won’t be hosting my friend S  for Friendsgiving like we did last year.

working on my Christmas list, new cards and star garlands for my Etsy shop and my Christmas mailing list. (Look out for the Christmas Card Roll Call later this week!)

listening to a couple of Lovecast episodes. Hit me with your must-listen-to podcasts, friends. I am looking for something new to listen to. I tend to get bored after a while of listening to the same old.

watching Parenthood and enjoying every minute with the Bravermans. (Yeah, yeah, shut up… I still haven’t finished the series.)

still feeling defeated after the election results. When is this feeling going to go away? Oh, in 4 years at the earliest? Sigh.

wearing boots and scarves. Hooray!

shopping for some Christmas presents. I doubt that I will brave the crowds on Black Friday, but one can always do a little online shopping.

stoked that quite a few people have signed up for the Secret Santa Mug Swap already. There is still time to sign up, if you want to participate. I close the list on Wednesday at 11.59 pm PST.

keeping in mind that we can all make a difference with small gestures. Stay engaged.

  1. Have you listened to The Popcast? They are my favorite of all time – every Weds I make sure to listen to the new episode as soon as possible. I also enjoy The Gilmore Guys (episode by episode recap of GG, plus some awesome interviews with the cast!), SortaAwesome, and Arc Stories (a podcast of an event in Birmingham, AL where people share true stories). I also go through spurts where I listen to the NPR Sat shows on their podcast – Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me; Ask Me Another; RadioLab etc. I don’t get to listen to them live, so this is the next best thing! During Bachelor/Bachelorette season I listen to Here To Make Friends, which recaps and snarks on the franchise (don’t actually watch the show – just listen to the recaps). What Should I Read Next is a great one for book nerds. A lot of the same books show up again and again, but that’s how you know they’re great :-) Or Best of Friends Podcast, which recaps all the Friends episodes. Also, Keiko Agena (Lane from GG) does a Drunk Monk podcast where they recap Monk episodes while drunk. And if you ever read The Babysitter’s Club as a girl (did those translate for you?), there is The Babysitter’s Club Club.

    FYI, the hosts of SortaAwesome, The Popcast and What Should I Read Next come from a Christian perspective, but they are not faith based (maybe some episodes of SortaAwesome are, but you can easily skip those!)

    Yes, my iTunes Podcast section is full full full of podcasts, mostly tied to pop culture. What can I say? I know what I like – fluffy easy listening! I put them on while data entering, cleaning or cooking/baking. It can definitely become like an overwhelming Bloglovin situation, where you have many many unheard episodes, and there are some podcasts I haven’t listened to recently enough for iTunes to actually download them, but those are the ones I keep around!

    1. Oh goodness, thanks for all the suggestions, Rachie. I’ll have to check them out!

  2. I am going to do a Podcast round up again soon–I’ve got several new ones! One to start on for the nerd in all of us is The Allusionist. She is hilarious and I totally love it!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Suz!

  3. I’m finishing up my Christmas shopping, and worrying about getting a family pic for our Christmas cards…I need to just let go of some darling, styled, professional shot and make do with a snapshot. BUT, there is exactly zero snapshots of all four of us. Zero. So…yeah, worrying.


    1. Yeah, we don’t have any photos of us either for Christmas Cards… I might go the handmade route again this year.

  4. Oooh, I LOVED Parenthood! I say savor it for as long as you can because I can’t imagine anything being as awesome as that show was! Phil and I have been watching the John Adams HBO series on Prime and I’ve been watching “Suits” when he’s not around (it’s not his kind of show but I’m enjoying it!).

    I wanted to decorate for Christmas on Sunday but Phil said it’s too soon. I usually decorate the Sunday after Thanksgiving but I’ll be in Spain! So now we’ll try to get our tree decorated when I get home, hopefully by December 5th so I can enjoy it for a couple of weeks. I’m traveling the 6-9th for work so I hope I can find the energy to decorate before leaving on that trip!!!

    1. That’s exactly my thinking… I am not mad that I haven’t finished Parenthood yet, because it means it will last me juuust a bit longer <3

      I hope you can decorate for the holidays soon and enjoy it... time goes by so fast. But first: have a great trip to Spain!!!

  5. I still feel very defeated, too. Everything that has happened after the election hasn’t made me feel any better, either. Sigh. It’s going to be a long 4 years (and hopefully hopefully hopefully not a long 8 years, ugh).

    I also second the Gilmore Guys podcast, especially if you need something to lift your spirits. It’s such a fun show and the guys always put me in a better mood when I’m listening. :)

    1. I am relieved to hear that others are still struggling… and you’re right, what has happened so far after the election is not very encouraging for the next 4 years. SIGH.

      Thanks for the recommendation. I have to check out all these podcasts! :)

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