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Uhm, I feel like I just did my last “currently”-post. How is it another month later already?

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looking forward to my trip down to SoCal this weekend. Friends, delicious food, beach, toes-in-ocean-dipping and all.

hoping to start working on my craft room in the next couple of weeks. It’s the only room in our house that is (still) a total mess.

watching Parenthood! Yeah, I know, how have I not finished the series yet, you might ask? I took a break a little while ago and “forgot” to get back to watching it. (Also, I tend to “save” shows/episodes when I know that they’re over to make them “last longer” and savor every last minute). But, I (binge-)watched a few episodes Saturday night and now I am hooked again. Also: one, I really do not want this show to end, and two, can I be part of the Braverman family?

loving my Friday morning routine.

wishing for moderate temperatures for the next couple of months. It hit 90℉ already once this week and I can really do without the hot temperatures for a few more weeks. It’s not officially summer yet, California! Didn’t you get the memo?

obsessing over things that I want to buy for our backyard (hammock, anyone?). Gah. Why does everything cost so much money?

sticking to my new Runtastic training plan.

thinking about my bff who is undergoing (yet another) round of cancer treatment. Man, I really hope this time she’ll beat it for good. She’s really been through enough.

listening to The Shepod (on my longer runs). Light entertainment and entertaining enlightenment (ha!)  by Rachael and Sara.

making a gazillion plans in my head (as one does).

readingMan’s search for meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl for the Postal Bookclub.

eating all the strawberries. I love strawberries. So glad they’re finally back in season! I can’t wait until I can harvest the first homegrown ones in my backyard.

  1. Can’t wait to see your craft room (if you share?) Shepod is great – I haven’t listened in awhile though. I am also lusting over backyard furniture. We need a good set but don’t know if we want to pull the trigger yet. Responsibility sucks! I’m sending good thoughts to your friend!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s 90 degrees there. We haven’t even broken 70 yet this year!

  3. I’m also lusting over some backyard furniture…I want a place we can sit and eat without crouching and hunching in bad camp chairs, huddled around a much-too-small folding card table (or worse).


  4. YES, Parenthood is FANTASTIC. It has a beautiful ending, though I didn’t want it to end either. And I didn’t know the last episode was the last until the end and I was very upset, haha. Also, Lauren Graham is making more Gilmore Girls episodes… SO EXCITED. Do you like Gilmore Girls?

  5. I’ve been loving fresh strawberries lately, too! I”m so glad they are back in season. They taste so amazing right now!

    I loooooved Parenthood and was so sad when it ended. That was the last series that I watched on TV and now I don’t think I could find anything that would replace it. :( Amber started watching it when I visited her in Kamloops and she got so hooked that she finished it within a couple of months, I think!

    I’m sorry to hear your friend is going through another round of treatment. That is so sad. :( I hate cancer so much. I hope she beats it and can be done with treatments.

  6. Oh man, I really hope she will beat it this time! Keeping my fingers crossed and sending tons of positive vibes!

    Loving all your plants along your fence – isn’t it so much fun when you have enough space! I would love a hammock fr our backyard – I hate that everything one likes is always so expensive!

    Parenthood – love it!

    Happy Thursday – would love to accompany you on your weekend trip! Have fun xxx

  7. Sometimes I miss owning a home and being able to do what I want with it. Luckily, we do have a yard (quite big actually) and Collin was able to start a gardening bed which I am very excited to harvest from this upcoming summer.

    I love strawberry season and now that we are back in WA, strawberry season is once again right around my birthday (how it should be! Ha!).

  8. We have a few strawberry plants but we only get 1 strawberry at a time from them so we have to take turns for who gets to eat it haha! I’ve been watching an old (1975) British sit-com called The Good Life and its got me inspired for gardening and sustainable living – I want chickens so bad!

  9. I wish we had a backyard to buy things for. Our rental basically has a patio. #modernhome

    Makes me excited to but a house with an actual yard!

    Have a great time in So Cal!

  10. I’m excited to buy a house with a yard! We have a huge balcony but condo rules specify which type of plants and furniture we’re allowed to have :(

    I haven’t watched Parenthood yet … It’s on my list of shows to watch! I just finished the Gilmores for the ten millionth time … I don’t know why, even when I have a ton of shows that I want to watch, I always go back to Stars Hollow ;)

  11. I bet your craft room is going to look super lovely! Along with your backyard! Sadly summer seems to be around the corner in most places because of climate change and it’s only going to get worse year to year. I’m just hoping and praying I can avoid the mosquitoes around here and that Zika does not become a problem for us in the DC-MD-VA area.

    I really, really, really hope your friend pulls through and doesn’t need anymore treatments after this. Sending her lots of healthy thoughts and wishing her all the very best. She must be one tough lady to go through all this that’s for sure.

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