Thinking Out Loud #25

Hi friends. It’s been a little while since I checked in with you. Today I am going to catch you up on my world by linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud.

+ As you might recall, I was in the desert for work for 7 days (and I got to play with drones. Yay!). Including the 2 days in the office, before I left for my field trip, I worked 9 days straight and I accumulated 32 hours of overtime. Needless to say, we put in some really, really long days. I am not sure if you’re interested to know what a field trip at my job entails, but let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll blog about it sometime.

+ I’ll be off for the next few days (thank goodness, I need it!) before going on my next field trip on Sunday.

+ I had no coffee for the 7 days I was in the field (except for one iced coffee, I remember now). How I survived the week without coffee, I don’t know, but the hotel coffee was terrible and there was no easy access to the only coffee shop close by (Starbucks) because we worked such long days, so I went without it. The first cup of coffee back home yesterday was pure heaven in a cup.

+  I completed the 20-day fitness challenge last weekend. I wasn’t sure if I was able to finish successfully as the last days of the challenge happened to coincide with my field trip, but I made use of the hotel gym a couple of times and my fieldwork involved some hiking, so I was at the very least able to get my steps in. I am going to recap my experience in a different blog post, but for now, I’d like to say: it was a really fun and motivating experience! Thanks again to my friend Susi for inviting me to the challenge.

+ The Red Sox clinched the AL East playoff berth against the Yankees as the best team in the history of the franchise. Yes, yes, yes, amazing! There are a few more games left, but it’s been a really fantastic season for our team! Now on to the World Series!

What is on your mind right now?

  1. I would love to hear more about your field trips at work. It’s so totally different from what I do and I am curious.
    Enjoy your days off,

    1. Thanks for the feedback – I’ll work on a post about my field work :)

  2. Yes, please do share more about your field trips! They sound both awesome & exhausting. I have no idea how you did it without coffee — I would not survive ;)

    1. Thank you – I’ll definitely write about it then. How I did without coffee, I don’t know… but I survived ;)

  3. I would definitely like to know what a day in the field is like! A switch up to the normal day to day stuff sounds fun but when the creature comforts are not there or we can’t follow our routines, and can be tough! Now do you get overtime pay or do you get accumulated time off? Do you get to choose?

    1. Agreed – I am always torn: excited about field work, but also exhausted by being thrown off my routine. I get accumulated time off. Overtime pay would have to be approved by my supervisor. It’s possible, but I usually opt for the time off.

  4. Oh yes, I’d like to hear about your field trips sometime. Yay for lots of overtime and finishing your challenge while away, but yeah, enjoy these next few days being at home. I hope your next trip goes well too though!


    1. Thank you, I’ll blog about my field work sometime then.

  5. Welcome back from the field trip! Congrats on finishing your 20-day fitness challenge. Way to go!

  6. Yes! I want to hear all the details about your field trips. That sounds interesting! That’s a crazy amount of overtime to accumulate, so I’m glad you’re home and can rest up a bit. :)

    1. So happy to hear people are interested to hear more about my field work…. blog post to come!

  7. Long days + no coffee sounds awful!!! But I totally understand not drinking crappy hotel coffee. I hope you have better coffee available during the field trip you are on now! I was caffeine free during the pregnancy and initially I tried to not drink coffee after Paul was born but I quickly gave up on that as I was so tired and really really needed the caffeine!

    1. I can totally relate why you went back to coffee…. life without coffee stinks ;)

  8. Yes please share your field trip experiences! That must have been difficult without the coffee! I’m the same with tea but I do appreciate a good cup of coffee every so often.

    1. Thanks for your interest – I will blog about my field work sometime soon. And yes, a nice cup of coffee OR tea are a must!

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