Thinking Out Loud #6

It’s another Thursday and I am linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud for some random thoughts again!

+ Last Saturday was my Californi-aversary. It’s been 16 years since I came to California for an exchange semester and then practically never left (I mean, besides flying back and forth for some visa adjustments for a few years, ha).  Blame it all on this guy. It’s crazy to me how fast these years flew by, they almost feel like a blink of my eye and here we are 16 years later.




+ Last year around this time, I flew to Vegas to meet up with one of my oldest friends, Cathy from Australia. When I mentioned it to J, he couldn’t believe that it has already been a year. Once again, where does the time go?

+ Yay, I got my Stumptown Coffee this week. Is anyone else as excited about coffee deliveries?

+ I’ve been pretty worried about all my friends in Florida the last few days, but everybody seems to be okay (which is a huge relief). The wind and flood damage in parts of the state seems to be significant, especially in the Florida Keys, but I am hoping that people will come together to support the relief efforts. I’ve already donated – again – to the Red Cross.

+ I’m off work today (for the next five days) to explore some National Parks with my cousin + his girlfriend and I am beyond thrilled. It’s going to be so much fun. I could really use the time off too. So, it’s probably also a little quiet over here for a little while, because I didn’t plan ahead and didn’t schedule any posts.  Follow me on Instagram in the meantime. See you next week!

What’s a random thought on your mind today?

  1. Enjoy the next 5 days! You are so lucky to live close to multiple national parks! That is not the case in the midwest as they are soooo spread out and kind of sparse in the middle of the country.

    What’s on my mind today is the upcoming Julia Child weekend! We are doing a bunch of small plates again and we divided up the courses between me, my brother and my aunt so we are each responsible for getting the ingredients for 2. So I have a lot of errands to run tomorrow as I’ll need to go to 3 places between the butcher and groceries stores. But I’m excited as it’s always such a fun and delicious event!!

    1. Oh, I always love hearing about your Julia Child weekends :) Have so much fun.

  2. Thanks for all your kind comments during the past week! It was really nice knowing I had someone in my corner when I was going through something as crazy as this hurricane. I am so grateful we didn’t get hit as badly as we expected, but there are many damaged homes in my area and people still without power. But it could have been worse, so we’ll take it!

    1. Of course! You were on my mind a lot, Stephany and I am so glad you and your apartment were ok!

  3. Exploring National Parks sounds like fun!

  4. I’m loving your National Park adventures, lady! It looks like you’re having the best time!

    1. Gosh, the parks just have my heart!

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