Thinking Out Loud #3

More random thoughts, yay. Aren’t you excited? I am linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud again.

+ My Mom’s surgery last Friday went well. Thanks so much for sending well wishes and good vibes. I was able to talk with her on Saturday (and every day since then) and she sounded really good on the phone. It was a huge relief to me. We also found out that the growth in her adrenal gland was benign (this is GREAT THE BESTEST NEWS EVER. Especially since the doctor’s didn’t really present his outcome as much of a possibility. I can’t tell you how heavy the weight was that was lifted off my shoulders.

She was released today (in under a week, which is fast for German standards after such a big surgery! They had to make an 8-inch incision on the left backside of her  torso) and she will most likely go to a rehabilitation facility again for three weeks (also standard in Germany) to gain back core strength and flexibility. You guys, I am so, so relieved. Being so far away is hard.

+ Staying on the topic of surgery, I found out that my sister will also have to have surgery.  It’s less invasive (thank goodness!) as it will be an arthroscopic procedure on her shoulder, but it’s tomorrow. Can we just stop with the surgeries, please?
She was recently complaining to me how in the world it can be that she had several surgeries already (on her knee, her wrist, her foot… now her shoulder) and other things (hernia, kidney stones) and I have had NOTHING (oh, besides a broken leg when I was two and iron deficiency anemia about a decade ago). I can’t really say anything, because it’s true… I’ve been mostly spared from health issues so far. Not that I am wishing anything on my sister, but I am very thankful that so far I haven’t had to deal with any major injuries or health problems in my life.

+ My own scraped-up elbow is healing nicely. It’s been a week and a half since my fall and I’ve used ointment and band-aids (big ones!) to keep the area covered. It’s pretty much healed except for a tiny spot (which seemed to be the one that was scraped the hardest). Yay. Now I just hope that it won’t leave scar.

+ I am starting week two of my Runtastic Results strength training plan and I can only say three words: 1) ‘ouch’ (I am sore!), 2) “yay” (it’s more fun than I thought it would be!), and 3) ‘awesome’ (I can already feel getting stronger!).

+ Four books became available at my (digital) library at the same time. Does that ever happen to you? I happens to me all the time. Sigh. Nothing for days, and then four book all at once. I hope I can finish them in the next 21 days.

+ I made German apple pancakes last weekend and they were so good. They’re a little different from American pancakes (as you can see) because they don’t use leavening. Just flour, milk and eggs. I added a bit of protein powder, which made them a great post-run meal!  I love apples (all year around, as I told you in my recipe post on Monday), but I really can’t wait for apple season this fall!

What’s a random thought on your mind today?

  1. Yeah! for Mom being back home and on the road to recovery!
    All the best for your sister!
    Everything is better with Apfel-Pannkucen :)

    1. Thanks friend. I am relieved that all the surgeries went well.

      And yes, Apfel-Pfannkuchen machen alles besser ;)

  2. So glad your mom is on the road to recovery and good thoughts to your sister! I have had German pancakes before! My husband’s grandmother used to make them before she passed away. They are so delicious!

    1. Thanks so much, Beth. I am glad the surgeries are over! Oh, and that’s so cool that you know German pancakes… they’re delicious indeed ;)

  3. YAY! So so so glad your mom is doing well and that everything went ok, including such awesome news about the results! It’s so very hard being far away when something like this happens (let alone on any normal day). Lots of hugs to you.

    Also that pancake looks SO GOOD. Do you add sliced apples?

    1. Thanks friend. I know you can relate to being concerned about family when you’re so far away… hugs to you too!

      And yes, I just slice the apples and push them into the pancake batter once I filled the pan. Then you need to flip it eventually.

  4. Great news about your mom! Also, those pancakes remind me of the Polish pancakes my grandmother used to make!

    1. Thank you so much Corey. I am super-relieved! Are polish pancakes similar to German pancakes? I must investigate :)

  5. Hooray! So happy to read that news about your mom! Such a relief I bet. I just found out one of my twins has to have surgery, and I’m freaking out a little bit. Hopefully, it will go well like your moms. Ps. Those pancakes look amazing!

    1. Thank you Shann Eva, I am super relieved about my Mom! I am so sorry to hear that one of your twins needs surgery… what does he need to have done? I am crossing my fingers that everything will go well! <3

  6. I’m glad that your mom’s surgery went well. What a relief that the growth was benign! My aunt/godmom just went through major brain surgery to remove a tumor and they found out it was benign as well. So so so so much relief.

    I hate it when multiple books become available at the same time. My library recently started to let us pause digital hold requests. Before we could only pause holds for physical books. Because of that, I mostly requested physical books so I could manage when I received them. But now I will use digital books way more! I have 2 books from the library right now and am trying to finish our September book club book so I can pass it along to someone else in the club and I’m kind of doubting I’ll get to the 2 library books before they are due. Total first world problem.

    The random thought on my mind today is how excited I am for our camping trip this weekend. I have never been tent camping (I camped a ton when I was a child but we had a camper) but I think I am going to love it. We are going to be in such a beautiful area. It’s going to be the perfect getaway for Phil’s birthday (it’s tomorrow).

    1. Oh my goodness, I am so relieved the pathology report turned out negative. I was so worried. I am so happy to hear that your aunt’s tumor was begnin as well…. you always expect the worst these days!

      Oh, that is cool that you can ‘pause’ digital books that are on hold… I need to check if that is possible at my library (it might be, but I haven’t noticed it!). Thanks for the tip!

      So excited for your camping trip… I haven’t been camping in ages (J is not very outdoorsy), but I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  7. Sending your mom good vibes for a speedy recovery. And I think you’ve just sewn up what I want for dinner tonight. German pancakes are delicious!

    1. Thanks so much, Eli!

  8. I request a lot of books from the library so that happens to me a lot! It then stresses me out to try and read them before they’re due.

    1. Exactly! Haha. Luckily, with digital books I don’t have to worry about turning them back in… I will just have to re-request them.

  9. I’m so glad your mom’s surgery was successful and that your family was given such good news. Hooray!

    Also, all of my library holds always come to me at once, too! It’s the plight of the library hold list. ;)

    Random thought on my mind today – I really hope I’m not starting to get sick. My throat is feeling a little funny and that’s always a telltale sign for me. Time to down some OJ and say some prayers, ha.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by during your social media break, Stephany, and thanks for your kind words about my Mom. I am so relieved!

      Haha, I guess it is the plight of the library hold list that all books become available at once ;)

      I hope you’re not getting sick!!

  10. So happy to hear your mom is doing better. That has to be hard to not be able to go help out. Sorry to hear about your sister too.

    Those pancakes look unbelievable! YUMMY!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Jessica. It’s hard to be so far away, but luckily the rest of my family is all local, so there is tons of support.

      You gotta try those pancakes! ;)

  11. I’m so glad to hear that your mom is doing well!! And aw, that’s a bummer your sister now has to have surgery but I’m glad it’s not too invasive.


    1. Thanks so much Lauren. I am so relieved, too. My sister’s surgery went well today, too, so I am glad everyone is on the road to recovery!

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