Thinking Out Loud #16

Illustration by @kimothyjoy

+ It’s International Women’s Day today and I want to say that I can call myself lucky to have some of the most amazing women in my life! I believe women are the ones who are going to change this world.

+ Did you watch the Oscars? I don’t watch awards shows religiously, but I did tune into the Academy Awards last Sunday. Mostly because Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) performed the late Tom Petty’s “Room at the Top” for the “In Memoriam” section. You gotta see it. They couldn’t have picked anyone better to perform this song. (P.S. I love Eddie Vedder, can you tell?) P.S. I have seen none of the Oscar nominated films yet. *shakeshead*)

+ I think I am digging out this old recipe for the weekend. I somehow always forget how well scones go with a cup of coffee and they’re so easy to make.

+ When I was looking for a new book at the (digital) library last night, I ended up adding myself to the waitlist of 15 (!) books ( which I will regret, as they will all become available at the same time. I KNOW IT.) until I could find one that was available to borrow right away. All this hassle in order to read for free, am I right?! #firstworldproblems

+ I am heading to Sephora tomorrow (a little pre-birthday shopping, woot!) and I need your must-have recommendations (both skincare and makeup). Please and thank you.

+ I snatched this awesome shirt (which I had my eye on for a while!) for about 50% off plus free shipping today and I am supporting a good cause. Sometimes it pays off to “wait” for things you want. Do you also pre-birthday-shop for yourself? Or just me?

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  1. Happy International Women’s Day! We ARE going to change this world.

  2. Don’t waitlist books ALWAYS seem to come in ALL AT ONCE?! Drives me nuts!

    1. Murphy’s law! ;)

  3. Mmm, you had me at scones and coffee! :)

    I didn’t watch the Oscars this year, but I did catch some of the tweets from people live-tweeting it that night, so it kinda felt like I watched it, too. The only nominated movie I saw was “Get Out” and I’m super glad that Jordan Peele won the award for best screenplay for that.

    But AMEN to Eddie Vedder. He’s amazing.

    1. The scones and coffee were amazing :)

  4. Be A Nice Human… love it :)

    1. Can’t wait to wear it.

  5. Happy International Women’s Day!
    Scones and coffee would be wonderful right about… NOW. :)
    I didn’t watch all of the Oscars, but I was happy to see that Coco won.

  6. Eddie Vedder = FANTASTIC! I thought he did a great job too. Enjoy your scones this weekend. Now that you’ve said scones, I can’t get them out of my head! I might have to make some this weekend also.

    1. Eddie is the best. I am surprised they could get him for these Hollywood shenanigans, but I guess it was for a good part of the show :) P.S. The scones were fantastic! Did you make some?

  7. Happy International Women’s Day and I LOVE that you are pre-birthday shopping for yourself. That shirt is seriously amazing. I loved Eddie Vedder’s performance. So good. I also really loved seeing Sufjan Stevens sing “Mystery of Love.”

    I was on hold for two digital books from my library and I’m in the middle of one when the other came in, so then I’m scrambling to get both FINISHED. haha


    1. Thanks I think that t-shirt says it all.

  8. I constantly have a waiting list of at least 10 books, and 3 just came yesterday! If you are looking for an amazing book to read, that might not have a wait list, sadly… try The Autobiography of Ms. Pat, it’s a true gem. But sadly nobody in my library has discovered it.

    I did not watch the Oscars, but did see the Coco Performance. It made me sad for Gael Garcia Bernal and his lack of singing skills. Thank god for Miguel and Natalia LaFourcade.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely look for that book!

  9. I’m not sure if you have the ability at your library to suspend a hold? That’s how I get around getting all of my ebooks in at once! It allows you to stay on the waitlist, but the book won’t come available to you until you take off the suspension. It’s a nice workaround to keep moving up the waitlist but not worrying about reading 15 books at once!

    1. Oh, that’s a fantastic tip. I didn’t know that was possible. I just looked into it and, lo and behold, I can suspend the hold without losing my place on the waitlist. Genius! Thanks for the tip!

  10. Hope you enjoyed your International Women’s Day! AND YES–WE RUN THE WORLD!! love that illustration so much <3

    That always happens to me. Nothing to read, so I add a book or two (or five, lol) to my library list and BOOM! Your order of 15 books is ready to be picked up :) Having options is a nice thing however.

    I haven't seen that Eddie Veddar performance, but will YouTube it. I believe they were friends, and have performed together in the past, so will have to look for this. I saw Pearl Jam many MANY moons ago in Prague and it was literally one of the best concert experiences of my life. Le sigh. They are just so good.

    Hope you are having a great week, San! XO

    1. Yes, right. Eddie and Tom were friends. I’ve seen performances of them together (on Youtube).

  11. We didn’t watch the oscars this year. I usually watch part of them but Phil has no interest so we skipped them. It was our last night in the hospital and we had lots of different doctors and nurses coming in so we wouldn’t have been able to pay attention anyways!

    Hope you found some good things at sephora!!

  12. I recently joined the library and have been on a book hold rampage. They do always seem to come available at the same time, but I’m taken books off my list and then added them again to put myself at the back of the queue for things I really, really want to read but know I won’t have time for.

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