Friday Link Love

Modern Wall Art with Paint Swatches by Elsie (A Beautiful Mess). — Lovely idea.

Ho-Hum (On Blogging) by Michelle (Scissor Quirk). — I can relate to this.

How to write “good post” by Vic (For the love of blogs). — While I do agree with most of this posts, I am not as strict when it comes to reading and enjoying blogs.

Told you, x17 rocks! {A Giveaway} by Kim (Not crazy, unwell). You wanna check out this awesome giveaway!

Are there any blog posts that you’d like to recommend to me this week?
Happy Friday, peeps!


  1. i don’t usually like to stir the pot, but the tips on FTLOB kind of upset me. Who is anyone to tell someone else how to write on their blog? But that paint chip art is really pretty!

  2. Great links, but I must agree with Alycia…those tips kind of upset me as well (although I do love the ladies over there – please, no offense)!
    Happy weekend! xxx

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