2023 Weekly Run Down 16/52 – more Family time!

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

I was still in Germany this week and continued spending precious time at my childhood home with family and visiting friends. I tried to be present, fit in activities where I could, and tried really hard not to obsess about workout minutes or any exercise goals. It’s been really good for me to take a break from my regular routine and just take every day as it came. I am kinda bummed I didn’t go for a run while I was there because I love running in my hometown, but ultimately spending time – and being active – with my parents was more important to me. I know I will get back to my regular running and cycling soon enough!

  • 15 Min AFO Power Flow: Green Day – Kirra (8/19/22)

I spent the day in Köln (Cologne) meeting (and catching) up with a dear friend and visiting my uncle and aunt, so a little yoga session was all I had time for.

  • 20 Min Sleep Meditation – Kristin (1/13/22)

I was busy running errands with my mom most of the day, so I fit in a sleep meditation before bed.

  •  45 Min Pop Walk – Jon (9/23/22)
  • 12 Min Just Walk: Outdoor
  • 75 Min Just Cardio (Tennis)

I went walking with my mom in the morning and played tennis with my dad in the afternoon. I wish I could do this more often.

  • 10 Min Sleep Meditation

Another busy day with family and friends, another sleep meditation before bed.

  • 45 Min Power Walk – Selena (11/18/22)
  • 54 Min Just Walk: Outdoor

I went for a walk again with my mom and her friend in the early afternoon and got to see more of my hometown. It was perfect walking weather. I loved the blue skies peeking through the clouds!


  • 15 Min Just Walk: Outdoor
  • 10 Min Sleep Meditation – Ross (5/4/22)

I spent another full day soaking up time with family and friends. I had an extended brunch with my family in the morning and then walked over to my friend’s house (just half a mile up the road) to spend a little bit more time with her before my departure.

  • 20 Min Calming Meditation

I traveled “back home from home” today and I used the time during my first flight for some calming meditation. Leaving home is always emotionally stressful for me, so the meditation helped a lot.

Streaker365 Challenges:

I slacked on my “Spring into Self Care” Challenge and made no progress this week because I was busy with other things. I am planning to pick up my “pace” and get back into my regular routine next week.

This week’s stats:

Walking: 10.6 mi
Yoga: 15 min
Meditation:  60 min
Tennis: 74 min

What was your favorite workout this week?

  1. I can see how it was hard to come back. There’s something so soothing and rejuvenating about spending time in your hometown with your family. It sounds like you really made the most of your visit! I’m sure it’s also nice to be back to your “California home.” Hope the jet lag isn’t too bad!

    1. Thanks, Jenny. Yes,there is something soothing and rejuvenating about spending time in your hometown with your family and the transition is always a little harsh. Thankfully, jetlag is not hitting me too hard.

  2. Ironically, after swearing off treadmill runs for the entire winter, my two treadmill runs this weekend were my favourite. I put on some great music and worked up a sweat and then could immediately hop into the shower. It felt great!

    I always feel emotionally depressed and sad after leaving family, especially people I don’t see regularly. It’s hard and just drives home how much I love them and wish I could see them more regularly. But I’m thrilled you were able to make it back to Germany and it really sounds like you made the most of your experience – lots of great quality time adventuring together <3

  3. I’m really proud of you for letting yourself soak up time at home and not forcing yourself to do workouts. Plus you got lots of walks in which is great and is my favorite way to catch up with family and friends!

  4. Tennis! Oh, San, what fun to go back to a sport that you loved and play with those you love. :) You may not have gone for a run, or ridden a bike, but you spent time with your family and stayed active, and THAT is what matters. <3

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