Our East Coast adventure: Boston – part I

This is the continued recap of our 10-day trip to the East Coast … first two parts are here and here.

* * *

We left Sturbridge on Tuesday morning and, after a hearty breakfast in Southbridge, headed up to my beloved Boston for the first part of our two-part stay.
I was driving and I seriously got all giddy in the car when I caught first glimpses of the Hancock and Prudential towers on the horizon. Be still my heart!

We checked into our hotel in South Boston around 3 p.m. and then headed back into town on the ‘T’ (Boston’s subway)! We found a nice local coffee joint (separate post to come), got ourselves some iced coffee and spent a couple of hours at the Boston Commons just taking it all in. We hadn’t been in Boston since 2005 and my heart was so, so happy to be back!


Public Garden

Public Garden

Public Garden Swan Boats


Park Street

Old State House

Old State House bell tower

We walked around for a bit and then headed over to East Boston to meet up with my friend Ulli for dinner. We walked over to Piers Park, where we enjoyed a beautiful view of the Boston skyline, and then went to dinner at Italian Express Pizzeria. We sat outside in a little “beergarden”-like setting and enjoyed some yummy wine and pasta and really good conversation!
Like with many other of my URL-turned-into-IRL friends, the transition with Ulli was incredibly easy. We had talked on Skype before, so it didn’t feel like meeting a “stranger” at all.

Piers Park

Boston Skyline from Piers Park

We made plans to meet up for the July 4th festivities the next day and then we caught the ‘T’ back to the hotel. It’s so easy to get around by subway in Boston. I had intentionally picked a hotel close to a T-station, because there was really no point in driving a car in the city. You can walk or take the ‘T’ pretty much everyhwere. I love it! Feels very European!

The next morning, J and I headed to Faneuil Hall. We had some yummy lunch at the Foodcourt inside Quincy Market and perused the souvenir stores.

Faneuil Hall

Quincy Market

Quincy Market

Later we went down to the harbor to enjoy the view for a while.

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

We hung out at the Boston Commons again for a couple of hours (iced coffee included!) in the afternoon, before we met up with Ulli for our Independence Day Sushi dinner. First Independence day as American citizens for both of us! Woot!

Boston Common



Sushi @ Haru

Susi @ Haru

After dinner, we made our way over to the Cambridge side of the Charles River to hang out, enjoy the skyline and wait for the fire works which were going to be launched from 7 barges in the middle of the Charles River. There were so many people out there!
We had some ice-cream, took some pictures, talked and laughed and then at some point were told we had to leave the river banks and bridges, because a thunder storm was passing through and the fireworks would be delayed. Bummer!

Boston Skyline from Cambridge

ice cream

Boston Skyline from Cambridge

San and Ulli

J and I

Boston Skyline from Cambridge

We took shelter (from the rain that didn’t come) in a nearby hotel and had a drink at the bar and at 11:15 p.m., when nothing was happening, decided to call it a night. Of course, once we were on the ‘T’ back to the hotel, the fireworks finally started. Oh well. We still had a great time!

  1. Wow, Boston is beautiful! I’m ashamed to admit I never knew! It sounds like you guys had a lovely time, in spite of missing out on the fireworks. I love J’s Grevenbroich shirt btw. :D

  2. Great picture of you and Ulli! I too love Boston. I used to live just outside of the city, in Medford. I got into the city as often as I could with the girls.

  3. Make Way for Ducklings! I love that book and the tribute bronzed ducks in the Comomns. You seemed to hit up all the big sites – very cool!

  4. I’m pretty sure I have to go there someday :)! Don’t know when, but it will happen.

    Btw, did I ever tell you, that I can never directly come to your posts via Google Reader?! I always have to open the homepage…

  5. Boston looks really gorgeous, my brother and sister-in-law rave about it all the time so I really have to make it out there one day! Also? That sushi looks amaaaaazing.

  6. I have never been to Boston and this post makes me want to visit even more. I have a really good blogging friend that lives in the area and she has been telling me to come visit for years. I just need to find the vacation time!! Maybe next summer I can swing it! :)

    It really looks like you had an amazing trip! The pictures are all beautiful!!

  7. The east coast is the best coast! (Even though that doesn’t rhyme.)

  8. no really, this post just makes me even more excited for my trip in october! eee, so many things to see in boston!

  9. Boston looks great, I’d love to go someday.

  10. Beautiful pictures! Boston sure is lovely! I was there as a kid once but still remember very vividly! Seems like such a wonderful trip! Love J’s t-shirt! xxx

  11. The East Coast is so so pretty! I loved Boston and I would so love to go back one day.
    Perhaps we can manage it next year and do a East-Coast trip during Indian summer.

  12. Hi from #VEDA! This post makes my heart ache…I am from Boston & haven’t been home since last Christmas. Love seeing your pictures & glad you enjoyed your time in my city. :)

  13. Can I say I am so so so so jealous? :) I totally love Boston, it’s one of my favourite cities (together with San Fran and Chicago)…wish I could go there any day soon but I guess I will have to wait another two or three years…

  14. I think Boston is such a fitting place to spend your first Independence Day as an American citizen!

    We had so much fun in Boston when we visited earlier this year. It’s such an awesome city and I will definitely be back to visit again.

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