A baby girl

OMG! I am so excited – my dear friend Cathy from Sydney had her first baby yesterday and it’s a girl – Sarah! I am so happy for her. I know she had been trying to get pregnant for a long time and when she found out that she was pregnant last summer, she was soooo happy! It’s amazing how fast time went by and now she’s the mother of a beautiful daughter :) Greg and she must be sooo happy and proud!

I’ve been pretty busy the last two days with lots of preparations for the wedding. Well, my sister and I got together to talk about the buffets, the church ceremony and that kind of stuff to make sure that we won’t do the same things. Although I don’t think it would matter if some parts of our weddings are kind of similar, we both want to make it somewhat unique.

Oh yeah, and since I don’t have much else to talk about today – I got tagged!

* four jobs you have had in your life *
1. Tutor
2. receptionist at a practice for physiotherapy
3. mail [wo]man at the local post office
4. geographer at the USGS

* four movies you could watch over and over *
1. jerry mcguire
2. bridget jones’ diary
3. along came polly
4. reality bites

* four places you have lived *
1. grevenbroich, nrw, germany
2. davis, CA, USA
3. sacramento, CA, USA
4. los angeles, CA, USA

* four TV shows you love to watch * [only four?]
1. sex and the city
2. summerland
3. my so-called life
4. gilmore girls

* four places you have been on vacation *
1. boston, MA, USA
2. gibraltar, spain
3. st. ulrich, italy
4. brittany, france

* four websites you visit daily *
1. gmail.com
2. xanga.com
3. forumservice.de
4. my friends’  blogs

* four of your favorite foods *
1. cereal with yogurt and fruits
2. tomato soup
3. salad
4. green beans

* four places you would rather be right now *
1. my bed
2. with my hubby
3. in boston
4. in australia with cathy

* four bloggers you are tagging *
1. susi
2. infineon
3. ellen
4. ute