27: A snapshot of my (Thanksgiving) day | 11/25/2021

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2021

Time I woke up: 7:00 a.m.

First thing I did upon waking: a 45 min Peloton “Turkey Burn” spin class, followed by a (virtual) 5k Turkey Trot around the neighborhood. (Gotta earn that Thanksgiving dinner + pie!)

Today’s weather: Cool, but sunny. It was perfect turkey-trotting weather.

An out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened today: I met up with my gym-buddy Wayne (an older gentleman I befriended at the gym when I was still going there before the pandemic) for coffee after the turkey trot. We loosely kept in touch after we stopped going to the gym and we do get coffee once in a while. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of months and it was nice to catch up and meet his daughter and granddaugther.

Last thing I read (not on the Internet): I started re-reading the Outlander series. Book 9 just came out and since it’ll be a while until it’s going to be available in the library, I decided to re-read the whole series, starting with book 1 – Outlander. I always say it’s my favorite book/series, but I forgot how much I actually loved it.

Last thing I read (on the Internet): Feedly. Catching up on blogs.

Last website I visited: my own blog (to look up the recipe for the apple cake).

Last show I watched: Dancing with the Stars. It was the season finale on Monday and Peloton’s Cody Rigsby made third place. I thought he did a solid job and I am glad he made it to the finals, but I didn’t think he deserved to win (sorry!).

Last thing I said: I am thankful that we’re healthy, have a cozy home, and a delicious meal on this holiday!

Last thing I ate: apple cake with whipped cream.

What I was doing an hour ago: digesting our delicious turkey chicken dinner. We cooked ourselves a feast of a roasted hen, mashed potatoes, apple-walnut stuffing, and green beans.

What I will be doing an hour from now: reading my book. I haven’t been glued to a book like this in a long time.

Current whereabouts of other members of the household: Jon is on the couch next to me.

One thing I crossed off my to-do list today: We wrote our grocery shopping list for the next day (yes, I did my usual grocery run on Black Friday and it was not a problem at all. Even Target was empty at 8:30 am). Other than that, we just cleaned up the kitchen after cooking. No other things on my to-do list were crossed off unless you count enjoying the holiday as a thing on your to-do list.

What out-of-the-ordinary thing happened to you this week?

  1. The outlander series keeps popping up and maybe I need to start reading the books. For some reason I didn’t continue the show. Not sure why but it does sound interesting. Also that dinner looks delicious. One of those days I am going to host a Friendsgiving. It was planned for 2020. Will you share the stuffing recipe with use Maybe next NaBloPo. It sounds yummy.
    And I am impressed how much exercise you do before starting the day. Really.

    1. I hope you give the Outlander books a try.
      And thank you about the exercising, it’s really just a matter of getting into the habit.

  2. Your Thanksgiving sounds perfect! And best of all you’ve convinced me to try the Outlander books. I’m STILL in my reading slump after finishing Harry Potter, and I think I need something like this to get me out of it. I’ll get the first book tomorrow.

    1. Oh, I am so curious to hear how you like the book(s).

  3. We got a new front door! Cue the jazz hands. And the we had a leak in the basement. That was the biggest adventure for us last week and both were definitely out of the ordinary!!

    Your Thanksgiving looks like it was lovely and very much full of things to be grateful for!

    1. Oh dang, you had a lot going on… I guess it’s good that it wasn’t a holiday week for you guys.

  4. Outlander is one of my favorite treadmill TV shows. I read the first book but it was so similar to the TV show that I decided to stick with the show instead of the books. Your Thanksgiving feast looks delicious!

    1. Oh, so you think the series is very close to the books? I was afraid it would be too different… maybe I do need to get over it and give it a try.

  5. Ooooh, I did the 45 minute Turkey Burn with Alex just yesterday! It was super fun, I thought. I loved reading this.

    1. I wanted to do the Turkey Burn with Alex on Thursday but it was at 5 am PST… ahem, no. LOL But you’re right, I could do it on-demand sometime!

  6. I love that you met up with a gym buddy and met his daughter and granddaughter! An out-of-the-ordinary thing from last week was seeing my family. 4 of us 5 kids were home for Thanksgiving so I got to see 7 of my 8 nieces and nepews!

    1. So great you had a nice family thanksgiving :)

  7. A gentle reminder: you don’t have to earn your food! :)

    You may be inspiring me to give the Outlander series a try! I am just intimidated by the length of the books.

    Let’s see, an out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened to me recently was getting stung by a bee! We basically ran into each other while I was coming up the stairs to my apartment yesterday and he was very unhappy with me getting in his way. ;) Thankfully, I’m not allergic or anything. It’s mostly just itchy!

    1. You’re absolutely right – that is a stupid saying. You don’t have to earn your food and I shouldn’t have said it.

      I am so sorry you got stung by a bee. That is an out of the ordinary thing, but I am glad you didn’t have a severe reaction.

  8. I am such a couch potato compared to you! I get up at 6:00 am every day (I have a very vocal food motivated kitty, she doesn’t understand weekends or holidays) but after I feed the monsters I just cuddle on my lovesac and veg out on the internet for a few hours. Usually with a kitty companion or two :)

    1. Oh, things would be very different if I had a cat, I think LOL

  9. What a lovely day! I’m glad you were able to focus on the things you enjoy, eat wonderful food, and sweat a bit. (A day without sweat is… not a day. ;>) I read Outlander on the bus to work while doing my dissertation. I loved it and it was a wonderful distraction from my sometimes-colorful ride-mates. :) I have not read #8 or #9 (of course), but would love to do so. The problem is, I don’t have sufficient reading time to reread the whole (long) series, much as I loved it the first time. So, hm. I need a “catch up on Outlander” short read or something. (*heads off to Google to see if such a thing exists*)

    1. So happy to hear that you read (and loved!) the Outlander series as well… I know, it’s a huge undertaking to re-read the whole series (and it will take me a while), but I didn’t want to pick up the latest book without being “up-to-date” in my head (I had forgotten quite a bit, I already realized!)… but I think the Outlander Companion books would be a good start.
      You could also peruse this site: https://outlander.fandom.com/wiki/Outlander_series to get caught up.

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