19: 2023 Weekly Run Down 46/52 – Pivoting again

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

This week, I had to pivot again. We traveled to Southern California on Thursday to spend time with my mother-in-law and that meant being away from my Peloton for 3 out of 7 days. I had to rearrange my schedule a little bit to get all of the Power Zone Challenge rides out of the way before we left and focused on running and other classes I could do on the app while we were away. 

The good news is that I got to run at the beach again. I will never say no to that and gladly rearrange my schedule to make that happen! :)


  • 20 Min Chest & Back Strength – Adrian (11/19/20) — Lift the Turkey/Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Full Body – Callie (10/24/23) — Bootcamp Burner/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Pop Core Strength – Rad (1/31/23) — Planksgiving/Instructor Bingo
  • 5 Min Warm Up Ride – CDE (8/8/23)
  • 30 Min Power Zone EDM Ride – Olivia (12/10/22) — PZ-W2R/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: For Riders – Kristin (9/14/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Full Body Stretch – Callie (10/22/23) 

I scheduled a few strength classes for my trackers and joined Lindsay and Sherry for Callie’s Full Body Bootcamp. We followed that up with Rad’s Advanced Core Strength, which was a little less intimidating than I originally feared, and then I tackled week 2, ride 1 of the Power Zone Challenge with Tanja. A sweaty, but great morning indeed. 


  • 10 Arms & Light Weights – Leanne (6/28/23) — Lift the Turkey/Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Pop Punk Pilates – Aditi (11/14/23) — Planksgiving/Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Epic Sing-Along Ride – Jenn (11/12/23)
  • 30 Min 90s Run – Jess S (3/23/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Lower Body Stretch – Logan (11/1/23) – Thank Your Body
  • 5 Min Core Strength – Rebecca (12/5/22) – Planksgiving/Instructor Bingo

I missed the Epic Sing-Along Swarm Ride on Sunday but was able to take it today with Sherry and Lindsay and I am so glad we did. It was such a fun, emotional ride. I also went for a 30-minute run and did a little bit of strength training.


  • 15 Min Dance Music Barre – Ally (11/15/23) — NovemBARRE/Personal Streak
  • 5 Min Warm Up Ride – Hannah F (7/31/23)
  • 30 Min Power Zone Endurance Ride – Sam (11/1/23) — PZ-W2R2
  • 5 Min Cool Down Ride – Hannah F(10/26/23)
  • 5 Min Post-Ride Stretch – Hannah F (8/19/22)
  • 15 Min Core Strength – Robin (11/23/22) — Planksgiving

Do you know what the worst thing is that can happen to someone with a Peloton? An internet outage. Haha. And we had one this morning. I was hoping to join Sherry and Melissa for Barre and a Bootcamp, but I could only do Barre (from my phone) and then had to bail out. 

Luckily, the internet came back just before my scheduled Power Zone Endurance Ride with Tanja. It was choppy (and my graph shows some intermittent connectivity issues) but I got it done. 


  • 10 Min Arms & Shoulder Strength – JJ (8/29/23 — Lift the Turkey/Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Mood Core: Happy – Matty (6/23/21) — Planksgiving/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Warm Up Ride – Bradley (2/14/23)
  • 45 Min Power Zone Ride – Matt (11/9/22) — PZ-W2R3
  • 5 Min Cool Down Ride – Ben (11/7/23) 
  • 10 Min Barre: Glutes – Ally (7/19/23) — NovemBARRE/Personal Streak
  • 10 Min Gratitude Meditation – Kristin (11/7/23) — Thank Your Body

I crossed off a few classes for my trackers first thing and then joined Tanja for week 2, ride 3 of the Power Zone Challenge. It was a “sweet spot” ride (Zone 3/4 threshold) and sweaty, but fun. In the early afternoon, we flew down to Southern California and I took Kristin’s Gratitude Meditation on the flight. I love taking meditation when I travel, do you?


  • 5 Min Pre-Run Warm Up – Hannah F (6/19/23)
  • 30 Min Usher Run + Walk – Kirsten (7/27/23) — Instructor Bingo/150th walk 
  • 10 Min Full Body Stretch – Ben (11/24/22) — Thank Your Body
  • 10 Min Basics: Pigeon Pose – Nico (10/12/23) — Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo
  • 5 Min Core Strength – Tunde (9/6/23) — Planksgiving

We were at my mother-in-law’s house and I got up early and went for a run around the neighborhood. The USHER Run + Walk (that I was going to take as an “easy run” turned out to count as my 150th walk. Congratulations to me!


  • 10 Min Standing Yoga – Kirra (12/14/21) — Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min 90s Walk – Jeffrey (11/16/23) — Instructor Bingo

Today was an active rest day and I only did some yoga in the morning and walked with my mother-in-law in the afternoon.


  • 10 Min Standing Yoga – Ross (5/23/22) — Planksgiving/Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo
  • 45 Min Endurance Run – Becs (9/14/23)
  • 15 Min Country Pop Run – Olivia (8/17/23)

I got to run on the beach again = Happy San! It was a beautiful, breezy day and I treated myself to some frozen yogurt (plain tart + yogurt chips) afterward. Yum!

Current Challenges + Trackers:

Streaker365 I am Thankful A-Z
Streaker365 Core Planksgiving
Streaker365 NovemBarre
Streaker365 Bootcamp Burner
Streaker365 Lift the Turkey Strength Tracker
Streaker365 Thank Your Body Recovery Tracker
OctoberPersonal Streak (Daily Yoga)
Pelotrak Instructor Bingo (weekly)  – 2 bingos

This week’s stats:

Running: 9.5 mi
Walking: 3.6 mi
Cycling: 30.7 mi
Boot Camp: 30 min
Strength: 95 min
Yoga/Pilates: 85 min
Warm up + Stretching: 70  min
Meditation: 10 min

I hope you had a great week. Did it go as planned or did you pivot?

  1. Yay for some beach running!!! While I have been very lucky with no power outage issues, on occasion our WIFI goes MIA and that is no bueno. First worlds probs for us Peloton peeps, right? ;-)

  2. How fun to run on the beach! Looks so lovely. Looks like a great week!

  3. The beach looks lovely and you have the BEST shirts – coffee and cardio. Could anything be more perfect for you? <3

  4. Oh, the beach! Yay for taking advantage of it while you can.

  5. I am still trying to wrap my head around the amount of working out you do. You do more in one or two days than I do all week! Impressive! And yay for a beach run! Those are so fun.

  6. You’re so well organised to get those Peloton stuff done! But what a bummer about the internet connection. We’re a bit too dependent on that these days, but they’re useful tools. Running on the beach sounds lovely!

  7. One of the things I love about Peloton is that it comes with me wherever I travel. It is great to have options. Beach running is always fun!

  8. I am really so impressed by your weekly stats and dedication to Peleton. You are awesome! I hope you had a lovely time with your in laws and that froyo looks delish :) Running on the beach must be such a nice change of scenery! XOXO and hope you have a great week ahead, San!

  9. I laughed at Planksgiving. Your workouts are so impressive. Do you work out really early in the morning before work? I’m wondering when you have the time. Running on the beach sounds lovely.

  10. Oh no, an internet outage AND a trip, all in one week!!! : ) Yet you still managed to fit it all in and run on the beach. I’m liking the names of some of those classes- “Lift the Turkey,” “Thank your Body.” Peloton is so festive this time of year!

  11. Lots of great workouts again this week! So fun to run on the beach. That’s always a nice change of scenery!

  12. Running at the beach is a treat. Glad you could enjoy that again.

  13. Tough to adapt on the fly – literally. No WiFi, traveling…you did an amazing job! I am curious – when you are walking with others AND doing a workout, do you just turn it on to track? Do you turn the music on? (I assume there is music?) Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

  14. Wow what a week! I find these posts so inspiring. Running on the beach is so much fun.

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