Tuesday Topics | What about rest days

This week, I am linking up with  Kookyrunner and Zenaida  for Tuesday Topics and we’re talking about what we think about rest days.

Well, let’s define rest days first. There seems to be a consensus that everything between no exercise at all to lighter exercises and active recovery days can all be called ‘rest days’. 

I personally am a fan of rest days and I respect my body’s need for rest. For me, a rest day usually doesn’t include any form of planned exercise. I do believe that rest days are important for physical recovery and well being, but also for your mental health. And I also believe that not one rest day has to look like the other.

Most times these days, rest days are “somewhat” active rest days for me. I’ll do some stretching, light yoga, or go for a nice long walk. But it’s usually nothing structured and I just go with what I feel like. Sometimes that’s more, sometimes that’s less. It also really depends on what the rest of my workout schedule looks like.

Every once in a while, I will do a complete rest day, which means barely moving at all (and lying on the couch reading all day, if I want to), because sometimes this is what my body and mind truly need. I know a lot of people who have a hard time with complete rest days and I’ll say that most of the time, I too crave some sort of movement during the day, but if it does happen that my body doesn’t want to move,  I am okay with it (occasionally).

Rest days are all about giving your body (and mind) some love.

How do you feel about rest days? Do you sometimes just take a complete day off from any type of exercise?

  1. Even though I’m the type of person that doesn’t need to be in motion constantly, and I am keen on recovery, the truth is it’s really rare for me to just lay on the couch all day.

    I think rest days become even more important as we get older. It’s all about respecting your body!

  2. I haven’t done a complete rest day in a while. I find that my back hurts if I sit for too long, but I have done many half day Netflix marathons, lol

  3. I don’t mind a complete rest day! Sometimes it feels good to do nothing. I’ve got 5 books in my kindle right now, they all came in at once! Maybe i need a day on couch…

  4. Most of my rest days are more active than sedentary, but that’s what works for me. Like you said, it’s all about listening to your body and knowing what it’s needing at that moment. I’d love an entire day on the couch, but I doubt I’d ever be able to last that long LOL

  5. I often have a hard time taking a complete rest day. I feel kind of guilty sitting around although I know my body needs them. Lately, I have been walking on rest days with a some stretching or yoga. Why are they so hard to take?

  6. I do my rest days similar to you. I don’t do anything cardio-like, but just stretch, walk and do some very easy yoga.
    I’m very strict about doing 10’000 steps a day. I really enjoy my walks, especially now with the beautiful autumn weather.

  7. I believe in rest days so much that I take two every week! I usually do a few easy walks, partly because my dog has never taken a rest day in her life and partly because 2020…it’s my #1 reason for leaving the house.

  8. I loved rest days when I was a runner (hopefully I can call myself a runner again in 2021!). I am pretty active in general so I would still probably do some walking or maybe go for a bike ride on a rest day. It was just never anything super vigorous. I took about 1-2/week depending on what my training schedule looked like. It is also nice to give yourself permission to have a lazy day of laying on the couch/reading/watching tv/etc. I also would feel guilty doing that, especially if it was nice outside. But winter days are perfect for that in MN!

  9. I used to take complete rest days. Just being on the sofa watching TV or reading was perfect. Now I run 5-6 days a week but do a very easy run on those rest days. I like it. So far it is going well.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

  10. I guess my life consist of many complete rest days HAHA…
    I always admire your discipline in your work out routine. I seem not to get the grip of that mindset.

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