Spontaneous Shopping Spree

Here’s my theory: If you go shopping for something specific, you’ll never find it, but if you’re not looking for anything, you’ll find the coolest things.


At least for me, that’s why I went on a little spontaneous shopping spree last weekend.

First of all, I went to Target to shop for some household items when I came across a really cool, marked down workout shirt and some black workout pants. Given the fact that I am trying to go the gym at least three times a week now, I could justify buying some new workout clothes, because I really don’t have that many shirts and pants.

See, even though I haven’t made it to the gym more often then twice or three times a week yet, my attitude is on the right track. Therefore, I also went to REI this weekend to get J and myself a “must-have” waterbottle. I am sick and tired of buying and wasting the small plastic water bottles from the supermarket and therefore decided that investing into something “durable” would be a responsible move – not just for our wallet, but also for the environment. You can’t argue against that. And you also can’t argue against the style of this bottle. I love it.

my stylish new waterbottle...

Last but not least, I made an impulsive online purchase yesterday. My roommate got those really cute, new Keen Sandals. She told me that she bought them online for 50% less of what you would pay at the store. Including shipping. She already had me at “50% less”… but I also had to get these shoes, a) because I’ve always wanted those kind of shoes and never got them, and b) because they are red!

New sandals :)
Aren’t they just pretty? I love spontaneous shopping sprees, because they are usually – surprise! - so unexpected ;)

The rest of the weekend was just awesome, too. Great sunny weather, springlike temperatures,  X-files marathon and a great Sunday morning breakfast at Baker Square.

  1. I love to shop, and my best purchases are usually the spontaneous ones! Love the sandals!

  2. Love the water bottle! Very cute!

  3. your theory is SO true, i totally agree with you. but hey, this has nothing to do with your post but im still curious, have you ever heard back from A? i asked you that before but you never answered me. i need to know! =)

  4. gym “only” three times a week, huh? man, you make me feel so un-disciplined and bad… i HAVE TO go back as well! *smoochies* the shoes are not so much “my” style but they are red, which is a plus and i’m glad you found them 50% off and like them ;)

  5. Yep, you hit the spot with your theory! Great you could spoil yorself a bit with cute things and a great weekend!

  6. Nalgene bottles are the greatest. I have about 5 of them – all different colors and styles. I love them. And Keen’s are amazing too. I am wearing mine every day. :)

  7. congrats on your new things! i am so jealous that it is warm over there, while we are expecting snow today. :( sucks. but oh well, i will have to come and visit you guys again. :)

  8. first of all i love the shoes and the bottle. i have exactly the same and i love it. mike got me that bottle last the first time he came over.:-) wow, only 2-3 times a week to the gym. i think that’s a pretty good attitude so far? do you wanna be sporty spice, or what;-)miss ya

  9. Oh awesome!! Gotta love those deals!
    That theory is totally true and also, whenever friends accompany me shopping and don’t want to buy anything they wind up buying stuff and I usually don’t. What’s up with that?! ;-)

  10. Yeah, good thing with the water bottle. I have mine for quite a while now – and I love it. Mine is not as cute as yours though.

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