Tuesday Topics | How to save money on running gear & races

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I am linking up with  Kookyrunner and Zenaida for Tuesday Topics and today is National Savings Day and we’re talking about how to save money on running gear/races. When I started our running, I thought that running is a fairly inexpensive sport. All you need is some workout clothes and some proper running shoes. Yeah, well, turns out that you will start spending more money on gear and races then you might have thought. So, I am sure we’ve all come up with some strategies to save on these expenses. Here are some of mine.

Buy things on sale and/or from off-name brands

I hardly ever buy any workout clothing at regular price. I usually scour the sales’ racks at Target, Old Navy or Nordstrom’s. Two of my other favorite off-name brands are CRZYOGA (a Lululemon knock-off) and Queenikie (these are available on Amazon, but also have their own websites).

Buying higher quality brands items with coupons and sales

I occasionally do invest into higher-quality brand items, but I usually only do that when they have a special sale or if I have a coupon/gift card.

Buy last year’s shoe model

I never buy the latest shoe model. I always go for last year’s version. It’s usually sold at a significant discount, but the shoe is “new” enough to not be completely “out of date”. Strangely though, the two-year old models tend to go up in price again (might be because if it’s a popular shoe, they go out of stock and therefore the price goes up.)

Buy two pairs of the same shoe.

If you really love a shoe, consider investing in buying a second pair and keeping it for later. An updated version of a certain model is not necessarily better and often people complain about changes in a new version that they don’t like. So, if you have a shoe that you really love, it’s a smart idea to invest in a backup pair, esp. if you’re already saving money by buying last year’s model.

Sign up for races early

If at all possible, and if you can reasonably commit that far in advance, sign up for races early. In most cases, you can defer your registration, if you can’t make the race, but sign-up fees are usually the cheapest if you register right after the previous race.

Do you have any other tips to save some dollars on gear/races?

  1. I try to score on the previous season’s shoes, too. I wear Brooks (mostly the Adrenalines), and they seem to be on an every-other year with fit for me LOL They all work great, but some seasons they work better (if that makes sense). I’m also a huge fan of off-brand clothing ;-)

    1. There really is some great off-brand clothing out there.

  2. I’m posting about this next week. But great minds… I think I mentioned the same.

    1. Looking forward to reading your tips!

  3. I always tend to buy 2-3 pairs of sneakers once they go on sale. That’s probably the one way I save the most money when it comes to running items.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. I love that you’re using this “trick” as well :)

  4. Yes, I always buy my shoes (Asics GT200) from the last season. The choice in colours might be more limited, but I don’t mind that.
    And I wear my running clothes for a very long time until they nearly fall apart… Not everyone’s cup of tea but it saves me a lot of money! :-)

  5. I always buy old models of my shoes and look for the cheapest ones available at the various retailers. I do not seem to be sensitive to the new models of my shoes. I’ve owned so many different models of my mizuno wave riders and have been happy with all of them! I do not register for many races so that saves me money. And I think of cost/use when purchasing higher dollar price things, like my garmin running watch. It lasts for so long and gets used so much that it’s worth the splurge. I am not particular about things like sports bras either since I’m fairly small chested (when not nursing!!) so target’s stuff works for me. They’ve really upped their game in the active wear department IMO. I bought some biking shorts there this summer and am really happy with them!

  6. Ooh, I’ll check out those brands you mentioned. I love Lululemon but their clothes are ridiculously expensive.
    Yes, if you can time your shoe buying right and get the older model just as the new one is coming out, you’ll definitely save money. Great tips!

  7. I am all about sales! And I pretty much never buy the newest model of a shoe, either. Of course I rarely get the cute shoe, but it’s more about how I run it!

  8. I have purchased a few CRZYOGA pants but for work. I have not tried any of their workout gear. I also like to stock up on shoes! So far the Brooks shoes I want are not on sale. :-)

  9. All good tips you can also adapt for non-runners.

  10. Definitely buying shoes on sale. I love to hit up the flash sales of my favorite brands and also buy off season. I admit to hitting up the black Friday Lulelemon sale every year too

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