Tuesday Topics | How do you fit your workout into a busy day?

This week, I am linking up with  Kookyrunner and Zenaida  for Tuesday Topics again. We’re talking about how we’re fitting our workouts into a busy work week. 

The most important thing for me is having an exercise routine. If you set aside certain times for runs or other exercise sessions, it’s much harder to “talk yourself out of it”. Make it a fixed appointment with yourself, pencil it in, save it to your (digital) planner. 

My husband, sweet as he is, sometimes wants to do me a favor and gives me permission to “skip” a workout. I know he’s trying to be kind, but I always tell him: look, if I skip this workout, it’s that much harder to get back to it next time.

That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally skip a workout. I think it’s fine, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. But I usually only skip it when I have one of these legitimate reasons: 

  1. I am sick (no really, take a break when you’re not feeling well)
  2. I am super tired/fatigued
  3. we have another, more pressing commitment (which rarely is  the case early in the morning, unless we’re gone over night, which obviously isn’t happening right now)

‘I just don’t feel like it’ very rarely cuts it. And if I have fixed time slots during my week, I am much less likely to even “think about” if I feel like doing it or not, I just do it. 

Most of my workouts happen in the morning these days. Since I’ve been working from home for the last 4 months, my morning routine has changed a little bit (and I actually quite enjoy it). I’m taking advantage of the cool morning temperatures during the summer months, the fact that it’s light out early, and the feeling of having accomplished something at the beginning of the day. The fact that I have this view to look forward to during my runs helps!

If I make it my workout a priority in the morning, it’s less likely that something comes up during the day that could derail my workout plans if they were later in the day. 

While getting the workout out of the way in the morning is amazing, I definitely noticed that it’s key to still get up and move during the day. I might run 4-5 miles before work, but it’s still not good to sit on your butt all day long. I have a timer on my phone that reminds me to drink water and I am making it a point to get up and walk around or stretch a bit every time that timer goes off (which is 8x per day). I also try to take walks in the evening on my “strength training” days to still get some steps in.

What’s your workout routine these days? How do you fit it in?

  1. Sometimes I have the “I just don’t feel like it” attitude when I wake up in the morning. Like you, I remind myself that is not an excuse. If I’m not injured or sick, the workout needs to happen! And 9 times out of 10, I always feel way better once the workout is over.

    1. Exactly! Always remember how you feel after a workout! :)

  2. Routine is THE keyword for me. Not only do I need a routine on when to work out. I also realized that I need a routine on what to do.
    For example: if it’s strength day, I have to have a routine written down or at least in my head. Otherwise I will try to figure out what to do while I should already work out.
    Not only will it take away from my workout time, it also will take away from my “I want to do this”.

    1. It totally helps if you have a plan on ‘what to do’ during the workout, not just when to do it.

  3. I am jealous of your running view! Quarantine mornings have been amazing for workouts. It’s really rare for me to have a time conflict at 6AM, so I don’t miss very many workouts. If I’m tired I do something less than my full workout, like doing a shorter run or not doing speedwork, and obviously if I’m sick or something hurts that’s also a reason to skip. There’s no just reason not give myself the gift of that post-workout feeling for the rest of the day.

    1. That’s a great strategy! Anything is better than no workout at all!

  4. Fortunately, my workout routine (as well as my job) did not change during the past few months. I get my “main” workout of the day done usually first thing in the morning. I’m usually done by 6:00 or shortly after, which gives me time to cool-down and do a few things on social media before hitting the shower and getting to work around 8:00. On occasion, I’ll do a second workout (like stair-running with the hubby or a bike ride) after work. I also do a lot of walking…it’s SO GOOD for the body!

    1. Good for you for having such a good routine in place!

  5. If I listened to myself every time I said “I don’t feel like it” I would honestly NEVER run! So I agree with you 100% that that shouldn’t be an excuse ever. And having a routine is absolutely key. Whenever I go off my routine, I start to lapse and excuses quickly creep in.

    1. Haha, right! That’s why a routine is so key!

  6. my mornings are my workout escape. Everyone else is still asleep and its just me and the cats and dog. I like to mix up my workouts to avoid getting bored. Yoga, cardio and weights are my go to. I can always feel it when I skip so I try to not cheat myself out of that time.

    1. It’s nice to have a little me-time in the morning, isn’t it?

  7. So I used to have a more strict approach to working out pre-kids. But it has really changed since having Paul. I used to workout right after work about 5 days a week. Before I moved in with Phil, I did morning workouts but I had access to a gym in my condo building. Honestly I have not been great about fitting in workouts since having Paul. Most of my workouts are running. We were out the door at 6:50 each day when we were working in the office so working out before work just didn’t work out. And then I got so little time with Paul that I didn’t want to use the time after work to workout… But right before I got pregnant, I had started to workout right when we got home from work. I would do a quick 20 minute HIIT style workout in the basement and he would play basketball or with his train table while I was working out so it worked great. Then I got pregnant and had some bleeding issues so had to limit myself to just walking so that sidelined that routine. These days, I try to fit a 40 minute walk in during my workday when things are quiet. It needs to happen by 12pm at the latest as it’s been too hot/humid to walk during the afternoon or after we pick up Paul. But I recently got cleared to do some light weights so I am planning to get back to doing workouts in the basement 2-3 days/week when he gets home from daycare.

    1. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is to fit in workouts when you have kids and/or are pregnant! So good for you to do what you can when you can!!

  8. I have definitely tried to get out early to avoid the heat — and burned right out doing that, so I’m taking a complete break from running (and most exercise in general) for a few days. I feel a lot better!

    I also agree about moving during the day. I can definitely get a bit too sedentary between bouts of fitness. I’m glad my Garmin reminds me when I am. :)

    1. Sometimes taking a break for a few days is super-important too! I am glad you listened to your body and gave it some rest!

  9. I do my runs in the morning. I like my routine and getting my workout done before I go about my day. It was a bit easier when I worked from home since I wasn’t rushed to get home to get ready. Although there were a few times when I told my students to wait for me 5 minutes or so while I heated up my oatmeal.

    I also agree that it isn’t good to sit down all day. So easy to do though. :-)

    Thank you for linking up with us!

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