Kicking my “inneren Schweinehund” in the butt

Ok, this is hard to admit, but I probably have not worked out on a regular basis in at least 6 months and I feel awful about it.

I went to the gym on Sunday. Finally.
I thought it would never happen again, even though I’d been craving the after-workout feeling for a while, I could not for the life of me get myself to the gym for a regular work out.
I blame it on the winter blues and the fact that I don’t own an Ipod.
I mean, how am I supposed to work out with 4 TV’s with different programs AND the stereo blasting at me at the gym? Seriously.

Everbody has an Ipod these days (even Carolina! ;)), and I don’t even own a simple MP3-player.
But then again, J has an Ipod. I guess, I could have borrowed it. Although, there is no music on it right now (we had to reset it)…ha!
So there, there is your excuse. And a damn good one, too ;)

Anyways, I finally kicked my “inneren Schweinehund” in the butt and just went to the gym on Sunday. Yesterday I felt comfortably sore and now I am looking forward to the next work out in hope that the soreness will go away for good :)  

Besides this glorious news (I know, I know), I went to my first babyshower ever (!) on Saturday. My co-worker is going to be a Dad in April and my other co-worker and I (just girls, you know) were invited to the babyshower. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but it was seriously fun!

In retrospect, I wish I had taken this American tradition and had run with it.
I would have loved to throw a babyshower for my sister :) But hey, maybe there will be a “next time”!

There were drinks and appetizers, we played some silly games (not the silly ones that I was told about though) like guessing the circumference of the baby belly by cutting a piece of ribbon (the one with the closest guess received a prize) and watched the mom-to-be unwrap her enormous (!) pile of gifts. Wow, people were so generous!
On top of all the gifts, they received like a 2-months-supply of diapers already. Not bad, considering what a pack of diapers costs these days!

The rest of my weekend was less than exciting.
I had to run my usual errands and I sat down to deal with my tax return. I tried out one of the free tax softwares online, and guess what? Who would have thought that I am entitled too a much bigger refund than previously anticipated!?
I could have totally missed that if I hadn’t tried out the online software.  That really made my weekend! Wohoo!
(Now, you keep you fingers crossed that with all that budget crisis going on the federal government will actually disburse the refunds.)

  1. Oh I love baby showers. I’ve often wondered why they didn’t have them in Germany? I sent over gifts for Uschi’s daughter and she wouldn’t give them to her until after the baby is born. Is this superstition?
    Good that you got your taxes done. We wonder what the year ahead will mean for all tax-payers.

  2. I need to kick my inner pig-dog in the butt too. Haha. I have a membership to a pretty nice gym and I have not gone in over 6 months…yes I am still paying for it every month. Haha. Oh well. I am fasting every week though so I guess thats a fair balance.

  3. Congrats on that butt kicking! I myself have not gone back to my running routine that I had so successfully established by the end of last year in 2009 yet. Blame it on the weather ;-)

    And yay for the taxes! Here in this country we are pretty spoiled with the paper work part, everything comes prefilled in and you mostly just sign. The disadvantage is that big brother is watching you extremely and there just aren’t so many things you can deduct. Oh well, fingers crossed that you get back as much as you should be entitled to!

  4. Dude, I hate baby showers. I like the German way much better.

  5. FRIEND!!! You mentioned me in your blog…that SO made my day today (and believe me I needed some sunshine)! I’m proud of you for getting that first workout in. Now, if I could only do the same for myself. I swear I’m going to try my best! And, maybe you need a little contraption called and IPOD of your very own…hmmm? I know a birthday is coming!! I threw a baby shower for my sister in law back in September and I made sure it was fun and not all boring with those dumb games! I’m glad you had fun..sounds like it was! And, i sure hope we get our tax returns..I’m counting on that money :] :]

  6. I hope they will pay out our tax returns – Hawaii is calling me :)
    Good job on the work out part. Try to keep it up!

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