Tuesday Topics: What do you bring along on a run?


I am (trying to be) a minimalist when it comes to bringing stuff along on my runs. I don’t really like carrying anything in my hands (although I do bring my hand-held bottle of water for longer runs sometimes), but some other things are non-negotiable for safety and convenience. I came up with a list of ten items that I always take along. That seems like a lot, but you’ll see, many of them are rather “small”. 

Here are my top 10 items:

1. I carry most of the items in this Amphipod running belt*.  I am kinda hoping to replace this one sometime…  the belt is pretty worn out, but it has served me well for the last three years.

2. I rarely run without my Garmin*.  I know, sometimes it’s nice to not be a slave to our watches, but I just love recording my exercises. I am a numbers nerd.

3. I feel like a little motivational arm bling always helps, so I usually take along one of my Mudlove* bracelets,

4. … and one of my Momentum Jewelry* Motivational wraps…

5. … and my Road ID*. That one is more for safety than for motivation. It has my name, phone number and emergency contact information on it and it’s always a good idea to wear that.

6. I also carry my ID and a visa card for emergencies. You never know if you get stranded somewhere or if you need to stop and buy some water or snacks (or a post-run coffee treat). 

7. I always need tissues somewhere along the way, so a pack of tissues is a must.

8. My house key is always one of the items that I obviously have to carry. 

9. Well, and then I bring my iPhone for safety and for listening to music/podcasts on my run. I always tell someone where I am planning to run, but I also sometimes use eCrumb Tracking via the Road ID app*. It basically alerts your person of choice when you stop for 5 minutes or more, and it gives them updates via text about your progress. 

10. Last but not least, wireless headphones are a given. But I always just use one ear bud, so I can still hear what’s going on around me! Stay alert, guys!

What items do you take along on a run?  Any items that I am missing?

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  1. I’m pretty minimalist, too. I always run from home so I don’t have to bring keys which is nice. I know this sounds crazy in some parts of the country, but if Phil comes with we just leave our door unlocked. Crime is super low in our quiet neighborhood so it’s not worth the hassle of locking/bringing a key, especially since we are running in broad daylight.

    I also wear a running hat most of the time, a waterbelt, and a garmin. I also have a road ID and if I’m running far I will bring some cash. If I’m running alone, I’ll put my iPhone in a spybelt and wear headphones to listen to podcasts or music. I leave that behind if I’m running with Phil, though! That’s it, though! Phil is SUPER minimalist. When he goes for runs he wears my garmin and that’s it. He doesn’t carry water and doesn’t bring anything else with him. He usually runs without a shirt, too (he only runs when it’s nice outside). So he’s as minimalist as it gets. He usually runs around 7 miles max so doesn’t feel like he needs water. If we stop at a water fountain, he doesn’t drink water. He’s like a camel or something!!

    1. I don’t bring water for anything < 10 miles (usually), but I know I'll stop at more water fountains when it gets hot(ter). I love that you can go for a run and leave your door unlocked!

  2. Running belt, FitBit, Headphones, Phone. If I leave the house then I bring my house keys as well.
    Lovely post! Love reading about your running.

    1. Which running belt do you use? Do you like it? Thanks for connecting on Fitbit!

      1. It is a basic version where I have space for my I phone and two small water bottles, which I only use for runs >8k. It does slip sometimes but nothing too annoying. It totally fits it purpose. Not sure what brand since it was a present from my husband.

  3. I also carry some of the same stuff you do. Except in my post I didn’t add my phone, headphones, or keys. Good idea on the ID and credit card. I don’t have those with me because I am rarely that far away from home and well I have no other excuse to give you. :-)

    I love how you set up/organized the picture. Which app is it?

    1. I use the Phonto App to put the collages together. It offers a ton of fonts to choose from and a lot of layout options.

  4. I carry some of the same items…but fewer LOL It’s funny how we all have our own nuances as to what we “need” and what we don’t ;-)

  5. It sounds like you have all the main things you’d need for running by yourself. I love the RoadID; I had no idea they had an app though – that sounds awesome.


    1. Yeah, the Road ID is pretty cool too – especially in combination with the app.

  6. I’m actually getting ready to get a Road ID, but for medical identification. I didn’t know they did them for athletes, but that’s so cool! These are great practical and motivational things to take with you when you go out on runs!

    1. Yeah, you can put medical info on the Road ID as well – it’s really great for people with any conditions. I don’t have any medical conditions, but I still think it’s a great idea to wear that bracelet when you’re traveling alone.

  7. Wow! I literally just take myself! I used to take headphones but got bored of listening to music and instead thought I’d try and be a bit more mindful (!) and listen to the countryside noises (when I get to the countryside) around me. You guys prep well! I always run from home too so my husband knows roughly how long I’ll be and he knows my routes too.
    I like your motivational ideas!

  8. You reminded me of some items I forgot on my list, including my Garmin, lol!

  9. Road ID is great. I have one for running and I got Dave the velcro one for his bike shoes. We had a family friend get into an accident and that Road ID was the only way his family knew he was hurt!

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