2023 Weekly Run Down 52/52 – Wrapping up 2023

I can’t believe we’re wrapping up 2023 this week and that I managed to post and link up 52 weekly workout recaps for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

I hope you all had a great Christmas (if you celebrate) or holiday weekend and enjoyed some downtime this week, which in Germany we appropriately call the week ‘between the years’. As you know, I was away from my bike for most of this week, so I did all the workouts that could be done on the Peloton app (without any equipment). It forced me to run/walk more, which was a nice change of pace, and I enjoyed more meditations than usual. I am hoping to incorporate them into my workout schedule more often in the new year.

I finished off this year completing 30k minutes on the Peloton platform and running/cycling a combined 2965 miles. I continued to regularly ride with Tanja and we joined the ‘comma club’ (1,000 rides) this year and got an awesome shoutout from Matt Wilpers! I also hit a bunch of other amazing milestones and started taking boot camps more regularly.

I ran two half marathons (including a PR), and participated in four Power Zone Pack Power Zone Challenges and two Team Wilpers Run Challenges. My Streaker365  team has kept me busy and accountable with monthly trackers and lots of encouragement along the way, and I made some wonderful new friends. It’s really been a great year with – luckily and most importantly – NO INJURIES. I am so thankful.


  • 10 Min Holiday Meditation – Aditi (12/21/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Core Strength – Ben (10/30/23) — Core Snowball Challenge/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Barre: Upper Body – Hannah C (8/14/23)
  • 30 Min 2010s Walk – Jon (12/21/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 15 Min R&B Walk – Joslyn (9/14/23)
  • 15 Min Sleep Meditation – Kirra (4/28/23) — Instructor Bingo

I opted for a little strength training in the morning before Jon, my mother-in-law and I headed to the promenade for a sunny Christmas Day walk.


  • 5 Min Holiday Warm Up Run – JJ (12/3/23) 
  • 30 Min Holiday Run – Becs (12/12/23 — Instructor Bingo 
  • 10 Min Holiday Cool Down Run – Jon (12/6/21)
  • 10 Min Post Run Stretch – Jon (8/26/22) 
  • 20 Min Holiday Walk – JJ (12/7/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Savasana – Kristin (10/26/22) — Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo

I got to run on the beach today. It was a little gloomy, but the temperatures were perfect for a run (around 55F/16C) and I enjoyed the views, although high surf was apparent. The waves were unruly and came up high on the beach.


  • 10 Min Alternative Pilates – Anna (12/14/23) — Core Snowball Challenge
  • 15 Min Strength Roll Call: Core – Callie (6/29/22) — Core Snowball Challenge 
  • 15 Min Deep Relaxation Meditation –  Chelsea (10/25/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min 2010s Walk – Selena (11/30/23) — Instructor Bingo

I finished a few classes for my trackers in the morning and enjoyed an afternoon walk (to Michaels and back – I needed stitch holders for my knitting project – ha.) I could have taken the car, but why not walk the 2-mile roundtrip?


  • 10 Min Morning Meditation – Aditi (12/11/23)
  • 5 Min Pre-Run Warm Up – Jon (11/6/23)
  • 20 Min Hip Hop Run – Andy (2/18/22) — Instructor Bingo
  • 15 Min 2010s Run – Matty (5/6/22)
  • 30 Min Pop Walk – Adrian (3/4/22) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Yoga Flow – Anna (1/9/23) — Stretching into the Holidays 
  • 10 Min Sleep Meditation – Ross (8/9/23)

I went for another run in the morning. It was sunny out and I almost felt a little warm in my long-sleeve shirt. I finished a 3.5 mile run at Aldi’s, where I bought a few things to take back to Sacramento (because we still don’t have an Aldi in Northern California. Woomp.) and then walked back to my mother-in-law’s house with the goods.


  • 10 Min Kindness Meditation – Kristin (10/23/23) — Stretch into the Holidays
  • 30 Min Slow Flow – Mariana (10/28/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Sleep Meditation – Aditi (9/19/23)

Today we traveled back to Sacramento and I did a meditation at the airport and fit in a quick 30-minute yoga flow in the afternoon before picking up our mail at the post office and running another errand.


  • 15 Min Low Impact Ride – Bradley (11/17/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Power Zone Endurance Ride – Hannah F (11/12/23) — ‘Top 5 of 2023’ Stack Exchange
  • Extra 10: Low Impact Ride – Leanne (10/23/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 5 Min Standing Yoga – Nico (3/7/22) — Personal Streak

I finished the last class for the ‘Top 5 of 2023’ Stack Exchange – a PZ Endurance ride with Hannah F – and it was a great excuse to get back on my bike. I had only been away for a week and had been working out, but I always feel it when I am not cycling. My heart rate was a little higher than usual but nothing that I won’t get under control again quickly. I really enjoyed the stack that Amy put together for me, esp. the AFO ride with Emma because it introduced me to the Canadian band, The Tragically Hip.


  • 5 Min Pre-Run Warm Up – Mariana (11/20/23)
  • 30 Min 90s Run – Susie (5/26/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • Extra 10: Endurance Run – Logan (9/5/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 15 Min 90s Ride – Cody (10/31/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • Extra 10: Low Impact – Sam (11/2723) — Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Focus Flow: Core – Kristin (9/30/22) — Core Snowball Tracker/Personal Streak

Today was the last day of the year (unbelievable, isn’t it?) and I decided to finish the year the same way I usually start it: with a run. I also had a couple more classes stacked (for some bingo points), which pushed me right over the 30K-minute mark for the Annual Peloton Challenge. Way to end the year!

Current Challenges + Trackers:

Streaker365 Core Snowball Challenge ✔
Streaker365 DecemBarre ✔
Streaker365 Slay Bootcamp ✔
Lift those Snowballs Strength Tracker ✔
Streaker365 Stretch into the Holidays Recovery Tracker ✔
Streaker365 December Personal Streak (Daily Yoga/Pilates/Barre) ✔
Pelotrak Instructor Bingo (weekly) – 6 bingos!

I finished all my December trackers, which was a Christmas miracle in itself, and I also managed to get 6 bingos this month. A little planning goes a long way :)

This week’s stats:

Running: 13 mi
Walking: 5.1 mi
Cycling: 15.4 mi
Strength: 35 min
Yoga/Pilates/Barre: 105 min
Warm up + Stretching: 35 min
Meditation: 90 min

Thank you 2023, you’ve been good to me. I cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store.

A happy New Year to all of you!

  1. Wow, seriously 30K minutes? You are a machine. Congratulations! I hope 2024 brings you many more hours of workouts and some more impressive milestones.

  2. Excellent job getting all those challenges wrapped up, while on vacation nonetheless! Please share a pic of your knitting project! This art geek would love to see your progress ;-)

  3. Wow sincerely impressive Peloton minutes there! I was just thinking today we all starting over! Happy and healthy new year to you

  4. Wonderful work on the challenges and happy new year to you! After living in London, I don’t know if I will ever think twice about a 2 mile walk vs. driving, but we definitely did a lot more errands driving back home!

  5. You never cease to amaze me with how well you fit workouts into daily life! Go San <3

  6. Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what 2024 holds for you.

  7. 30k minutes is amazing! And that is so cool to get a shout out from an instructor you love! The peloton purchase was the best investment for you!!

  8. Nice week and good job on completing all of your trackers!

    I have been walking while doing some of my errands recently as well. I love it, but it does limit what I can buy at the grocery store.

  9. Congrats on joining the comma club and getting your shout out! Sounds like you had a great week, AND a great year! No injuries is huge, and always the most important thing.
    Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for you.

  10. A meditation at the airport? You don’t waste a minute of the day. Well done. I am not running right now because of the weather and I know I will feel lit when the temperatures rise. Happy New Year!

  11. I’m laughing at the meditation + yoga before going to the post office. Don’t we all need that when we go to the post office? ;)
    Congrats on another amazing week, month, and year, my friend! <3

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