Five things I love about the gym

I’ve had my gym membership for years. I had phases where I went regularly, then other times, not so much. Whenever I fell off the bandwagon, I felt that I was wasting money. I contemplated quitting my membership many, many times. For some reason, a little nagging voice in my head kept me from doing that, though. I was sure that as soon as I quit, I would want to go to the gym again. In a way, I was trying to trick my motivation into kicking back in by guilt-tripping myself for paying for something I wasn’t using. It mostly worked. When I started running outdoors 3 years ago, I again contemplated if it was time to quit the gym membership. I wasn’t going to classes, I surely could do weight exercises at home. But, I never did. I decided that I should probably keep the membership and incorporate it back into my workout routine. I was locked into a pretty affordable price, and there were just too many advantages to having access to the gym.

I know, I know, I am opening a can of worms here. I know a lot of people are not big fans of the gym. I have to admit that I have come to LOVE my outdoor runs more than I ever thought I would, but there is something awesome about the gym, too. (I know, there are also a lot of negative things, but let’s focus on the good today, yes?)
I am linking up with  Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 Linkup today to tell you about five things that I really appreciate about the gym.
1. I love that I have all kinds of different workout machines at my fingertips. As much as I would love to have a treadmill at home (to run on those days, when the weather doesn’t permit to run outside, or during the winter month when I just don’t feel comfortable running alone in the dark in the early mornings or at night), I do love the fact that at the gym, I can choose from different workout machines. Besides the treadmill, I can occasionally jump on the stationary bike or the lateral elliptical (which helps build muscular endurance and hip strength ← my week spot).
2. I love saving water at home by taking showers at the gym. Yes, my shower is nicer than the shower at the gym, but really, I am paying a monthly fee for the access, I might as well use it.
3. I love having access to weights, medicine balls, ropes, and other exercise equipment. I know that even if I had weights at home, I’d be pretty bad with at-home workouts. I mean, I haven’t seriously tried working out at home, but I have a feeling that I would find more excuses than not. Once I am at the gym, there are no excuses.
4. I love having access to different gym classes. I took my first yoga class at our local gym. While the gym might not offer all the specialized classes that a proper yoga studio would, I’ve come to like my instructor and I am getting a lot out of this class. Since it’s a cross-training activity for me, not my main focus, I am very happy with it. I also tried other cardio classes before and want to try a spin class or a body flow class next.
5. I actually love going to the gym in the morning and seeing so many people active at an ungodly hour. For someone like me, who always claimed to be not-a-morning-runner, it’s super-motivating to see other people working out early in the morning as well.
Do you have a gym membership? Do you like the gym?

Friday Five

  1. I just joined the gym (community Y) after years of not having a gym membership. I am not a runner due to knee issues but mainly relied on walking as my primary form of exercise. I would use a walking video at home on days when it was too cold or too hot to walk outside. I have lost a large amount of weight in the last year and a half and have not done any strength training or weights. Joining the gym is my way of starting some strength training and working with weights. I also have access to a pool year around so that I can do water aerobics. So far I have liked using the treadmills but I need to learn other machines so I can use them confidently.

  2. Since years I tried to get my husband to join me at my H.I.I.T. boot camp ….. Then one day he watched me and some friends at an obstacle course training at the local YMCA and immediately signed the membership for both of us. I still go twice a week to H.I.I.T. but now also workout with the hubby. I use the time at the YMCA for strength and obstacle training. they also have a heated pool and offer classes…… However, I’m also very lucky to have my own little Garage-Gym. Sometimes I just love to not have to leave the house and if I only have 20 minutes, I still can make the best out of it.

  3. I have a gym membership right now but will probably cancel it during the summer months as I tend to do most of my workouts outdoors. My favorite thing about going to the gym is having access to classes. I love bodypump and spin. Right now I need gym access because running outdoors on icy paths just isn’t happening! I have become more of a ‘workout at home’ person, though, because it takes so much time to drive to and from the gym.

  4. I haven’t formally belonged to a gym in years because I’ve always used the gym at the apartments I lived at. But at my new apartment, the gym is just too small and the hours are ridiculous (I can’t access it until 6am, so morning workouts are out), so I think I’m going to join my local gym. The rate is affordable and I’ll have access to group fitness classes, which I have really been missing!

  5. Gym lover over here. My membership is 29.99 a month, which is super affordable in my book. It’s right near work, so I can workout, skip the morning traffic since I drive there early, take a shower (save $ on water) and then just bip over to the office. It let’s me do lunchtime workouts (I hate them, but sometimes it’s the only time I have) + like you, I definitely love seeing all the like minded people early in the morning. I would NEVER do strength training at home. I say to myself every month I am going to do yoga at home, or little made-up workout circuits, but I literally NEVER do. So, the 29.99 is well worth it!

  6. I just joined a gym for the first time since I was in university, maybe 11 years ago? I have yet to actually GO to the gym, (I literally just signed up today1), but I’m looking forward to it! I have a hard time convincing myself to do any sort of exercise at home so I’m hoping having to pay for a gym membership will inspire me. Sad, but true :)

  7. I’m not great at gym memberships. I tend to join and then never go. I had some luck with ClassPass because it was a lot more flexible, but recently put it on hold b/c it was spendy.

  8. I actually really like the gym, it’s too hot too much of the year to really make outdoor running feasible. So I’ve learned to enjoy the (air conditioned) gym. :)


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