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This week, I am linking up with Erika, Patty and Marcia  for Tuesdays on the Run again. I am running *pun intended* a little low on inspiration and sharing my race bling with you is just the topic I need to get me writing again.

I set out to run three half-marathons this year, which I did. I also threw in a 10k and I am a sucker for the medals (more than the t-shirts, unless they fit good and have a great design – the SF Marathon usually has this part DOWN!).

I wish I had more bling to show, but I am picky about which races I sign up for. Sign-up fees aren’t cheap and I also like to space out races to train and recover properly.

I ran four races this year:

+ The American River Parkway Half Marathon – Sacramento, CA – April
+ The 10k Davis Moo-nlight Run – Davis, CA – July

+ The (1st) SF Half Marathon – SF, CA – July
+ The Urban Cow Half Marathon – Sacramento, CA – October

The American River Parkway Half Marathon was my first race this year. I needed to put something on the calendar to get started on my goal to run three half marathons and it turned out to be a great pick to start off my race year.  It’s a beautiful race course along the American River here in Sacramento and I am so glad I decided to run it. I had a great race and the medal was personalized and pretty cool!

In July, I ran the 10k Davis Moo-nlight Run with my friend Susi. It’s a night race, it was hot and I was totally just running this for fun with my friend. We had a great time and the medal is pretty cool, because it glows in the dark! The race is the final race in Part One of the NorCal Tour de FIT series, four races over the course of 6 months (that’s why the medal looks so weirdly piece-of-pie-shaped this year, because if you run all four races, which I didn’t, the four medals interlock into one super-sized medal).

Running the San Francisco Half Marathon has become somewhat of a tradition, as I participated for the third year in a row. It’s a good excuse to spend a weekend in the City and you can’t really beat running the streets of San Francisco.

I finished my race year by running the Urban Cow Half Marathon. I had planned to run this race (which is literally in my ‘backyard’) for the last two years, but it hadn’t worked out in the past. This year I finally made it happen and I managed to finish my race year with a personal best. So yeah, I was pretty excited about that.

Even though the half marathons feel like bigger accomplishments for me, I think I liked the Davis Moo-nlight Run medal best. It just such a cool theme with the running cows and the glow-in-the-dark bling.

Did you like your race bling this year? Are you fond of the medals?

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  1. I love all of your race bling! I made a pegboard display of my medals from when I used to do 5ks. They’re fun to look at and remind me that I CAN do it and hopefully I’ll add to the stack someday!

  2. I have two medals so far this year and the third one is in the making.
    Portlandathon (5Miles), 10K Turkey Trot.
    The third one will be either a 5K or another 10K Christmas virtual run.
    I love my medals. They are displayed in my office so I can admire them all day long! ;)
    Congrats on your achievements!

  3. I’ve never done a race, but some of the bling is really cool. That’s awesome one of your medals was personalized. I’m sure that doesn’t happen too often!


  4. I love all of your 2018 race bling, especially the one from the Urban Cow race!

  5. Those medals are all so unique and fun. I’m not a huge medals person. I thought getting a peg board to display them would make me like them more but I’m sort of meh about them. I do love when a race has nice technical shirts, especially long sleeved ones as I’m often cold so I like to have them as a base layer under a sweatshirt.

    I didn’t run any races this year but I’m hopeful that I can maybe do a 10k next year. I’m trying not to set the bar too high for myself as this whole working parent thing has been harder than I imagined. But hopefully when I’m done pumping it will be easier to fit workouts in. It will really help when Paul can stay up later because then I can put him in the running stroller and go for a run after work.

  6. You earned some great bling this year plus a PR! yay! I was pretty selective about the racing I did as well. Cheers to an amazing 2019!

  7. I’m with you on the medal being better than the shirt. The only race shirts I wear are from a local Frostbite 15K I run every year. The shirts are just long sleeve tee-shirts, not even any special fabric, but they’re great for lounging in and running around doing errands. I love them. But also, now they have a medal for that race and I’m pretty stoked for that too.

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