Birthday weekend in Northern California :)

We had a blast! We drove up to Sacramento on Thursday. Since we hit some of the rush hour traffic [at 3:30 p.m.!] driving out of LA, we made it to Sacramento in about 6.5 hours. I called my friend Ilka and we decided to meet up for a drink at “Bistro 33” in Midtown.
When we arrived, Ilka looked at me and said “It’s so weird to see you here” ;) Yeah, likewise.

I must admit it really is kind of weird having a friend in Sacramento now who used to live on the same street in Germany as I did – Ilka has also known my sister for 15 years, but we didn’t meet before November 2005 when my sister introduced us to each other. Oh well, it’s a small world.

We had a few drinks and then decided to call it a night at around 12:30 a.m., because J and I were kind of tired from the driving.

The next day, we went to Davis, had breakfast at Bakers Square :) and then met with my old boss on the UC Davis Campus at 1 p.m.
He was giving a talk at the Geology department that day and he had asked us to come and see him there, and he promised to show us a 3D virtual reality room that he uses to work with his datasets.

It was amazing! J and I were equally impressed with the virtual reality room and the new technology. We practically “walked around” in some of the datasets that I had worked on when I was still working in Sacramento. Totally blew my mind.
We had a good time and my old boss expressed more than once how much he appreciated my work and how much I am missed in the office.
I must admit, it felt good to be praised like that :)

In the evening, we met with Ilka at one of the restaurants she’s doing the PR for… “55 degrees“. Very nice place!
We had some drinks and then J and I went to have some dinner at “Chipotle” [awesome Mexican food!] and some beers at a local brewery while Ilka had a business dinner. We met up later again for some drinks at a bar.

Saturday morning I went to Davis to meet up with Alicia for breakfast. I hadn’t seen her in over a year and it was great to finally get together again and catch up :)
Originally J and I had planned to go to San Francisco for the day, but we were both kind of tired from the night before and decided to stay in Sacramento and relax. Later we went out for a nice birthday dinner at a restaurant of my choice … I decided for “Mimi’s Café” – which has the BEST Caesar Salad ever :) I just LOVE Caesar Salad!

Sunday morning, we had breakfast at “Panera Bread” – our favorite place to buy bread when we were still living in Sac – and at around 12 p.m. headed back to LA.

We had a great time in NorCal :)

  1. HELLO! You realize I live in Sacramento right?

  2. Great that you two had a blast !!! You didn`t visit the famous “Random and Odd” Family???????? Sannie!! How could you not? :-D

    Miss you very much, have to call you before I’ll get into the plane in 4 (!) weeks.


  3. That weekend really sounds wonderful! I can so imagine how it must have blown your mind to “walk around” in the datasets you had been working with! And Mexican food…gosh how I miss it!

  4. OF COURSE G misses your work. you rock at what you do! :) i’m glad you got back to davis/sac, you told me how much you miss it there… i wish money was no problem and i could just hop on a plane and come so you could show me around. and MAN, i hope that gift i sent will get there soon. it seems like cali is totally out of the world post-wise. i can’t believe my card took 9 days! that’s bulls*it. and you know how unpatient i am when it gets to giving gifts. pffft!

    :) *smoochie*

  5. wow that sounds like lots of fun. glad you enjoyed your birthdayweekend. gosh cali sounds so much nicer then ct, i really cant wait to go over there for at least a weekend soon. i am planning on doing a little trip with justin for our 4 years anniversary. so we see how it looks money wise. maybe we could meet up somewhere then? big hug and love ya

  6. Oh it sounds like a nice birthday weekend. Hubby’s birthday is in May, and I plan to take him to a special restaurant. With two Rauhhaardackel puppies I simply can’t be gone right now. ;~)

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! And so much delicious food! Gotta love American restaurants. :)

  8. Es tut mir soooo Leid, dass ich deinen Geburstag vergessen habe. Bitte sei nicht böse. Also hier jetzt zu spät:


    Du scheinst ein tolles Wochenende gehabt zu haben, ich hoffe, es geht dir gut!!

  9. Hi Sis

    Happy belated :-) I can see you had a wonderful weekend!!!

    Love ya and miss you tons

  10. Awww sounds lovely! Sacramento misses you a lot I bet (and vice versa :))

  11. Oh I didn´t know it was your b day!So happy belated b day from me!Seems like you had a wonderful weekend!!!

  12. How fun! I also love Caesar Salad! Now I’m hungry…

  13. so glad you had a good time! :)

  14. It always feels good to be praised, that’s for sure. Sounds like a busy and fabulous weekend. Something everyone deserves on their birthday weekend!!

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