Yummy Food

I think we started something like a “Weekly Dinner Club” :)

After I had cooked for Kari, Dylan, J and me last week, Kari decided that she would cook for us this week and that we would keep rotating in the weeks to come. It sounds like a fantastic idea. I love cooking for and with people!

So last night, Kari made Turkey Breast with a Lemon-Capers-Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Tomatoes with Balsamic Dressing and warm Garlic Bread. Mmmhh :)

It was all so very good… and yes, I have to admit .. I am somewhat close to becoming a wine drinker, because Kari likes to open a bottle of red wine every other night. Oh well. Could be worse, I guess [although my Dad would inwardly shake his head about the cheap wine that we drink ;)].

I introduced the Americans to a very delicious German [?] twist for the mashed potatoes. I told her to add some nutmeg to it [my Mom always does that – does anyone else do this??]… and Kari – who was very sceptical to say the least – was pleasantly surprised. It tastes absolutely delicious.

  1. Me, me, me! I do that too.
    I am glad that you moved in there. She is a truly enrichment for you.

    HUGE hug

  2. This sounds just so great! I’m so very happy for you!! I love to cook with and for friends as well! We are doing a monthly dinner for 6 where one couple brings the appetizer and wine, the host prepares the main dish and the other couple brings dessert and wine. I just love those nights! Mmmh and even though I’m still faithful to my ALDI Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot every now and then, I’m becoming more and more snobbish on the winefront that way, too.

    And of course, a pinch of nutmeg belongs in mashed potatoes!

  3. there’s no mashed potatoes without nutmeg. also, try to add a little bit of [herbed] cream-cheese some time, too. it’s yum and much better than butter/margarine fat-wise :]


  4. Nutmeg, eh? Well I’ll try it tonight. Sounds good.

  5. i am also adding nutmeg ALWAYS. hehe

  6. i guess it is really a german thing to mashes potatoes to add nutmeg. i can’t think of not doing it.german housewifes rule, huh? i think the idea is fantastic with the dinner club idea. i love that ,too and always enjoy doing that with my girls.

  7. What’s with all the nutmeg? I don’t like it at all. But then, I also don’t like beer. What a German I am, huh?!! Haha.

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