Happy Thanksgiving

Today has been a wonderful day. When I woke up, J was right next to me :) Oh how long we had been waiting for that! The whole situation still feels very surreal though. I think it will take me a few days to really understand that I will live here now and that nobody can send me away again!

We went to see J’s family today for a traditional Thanksgiving lunch. It was good to see his parents, and his Grandad and Great-aunt and -uncle who are living in a nursing home. They were all so happy to see me and we just had a wonderful time with them.

I know you’re probably all dying to hear about my flight and how everything went at Immigration, but I’ll have to put this off until tomorrow. I’ll have a hubby to take care of now :) Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  1. Yay Sweetie! Enjoy the bliss! All that matters is that the airline delivered you to LA and that immigrations let you through and we know that much. ;-)
    Have a greaaaaaaaaaaaat weekend with your husband and enjoy Cali!

  2. This all sounds so wonderful! I am so happy for you! If you would have delivered us a long post about the flight and all that I would actually be a bit worried ;-) There are so much more important things to do now! Enjoy this moment!

  3. take all the time in the world you need with J. you SO deserve it. i hope your thanksgiving was as nice as mine. i just wish i didn’t eat that much. i’m still full today. but man, it was goooood :)

  4. I am just SO SO happy for you!

  5. hi sweetie, sorry i am commenting late again:-( but work is crazy at the moment. i am so happy you had such a nice thanksgiving with your family and that you are with your hubby. like everyone above me said: you so derserve it. sending you smoochies.

  6. Glad you had a great time on Thanksgiving! I really am happy for you guys that you two are finally together!

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

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