SPF… December 1st

Woah. I can’t believe it’s December. That just hit me real hard. Thanks for the reminder, Kristine ;)

1. Something that makes you go “hmmmm.”

something that makes you go

If this face doesn’t read as “hmmmm”?, I don’t know which face does ;) I’ve been trying to figure out how to set up our living room with the furniture that we have. I love our living room, because we have this kicking ass big bay window, but it just seems like I can’t figure out the perfect arrangement of the furniture. I found it to be more challenging to move into a new place with your old furniture than starting completely fresh ;)

2. Something Sweet

something sweet

This is our new cat. Well, not exactly. He just came by the other night and J told me that one of the neighbors says that he’s a stray cat and lives somewhere around our apartment building. He’s the sweetest cat though. He was very friendly and then after a couple of minutes it was so cute how he snuck up on J’s lap and was totally comfortable :)

3. Something Retro

something retro

I was cleaning out the apartment yesterday and was going through boxes that J had stored in one of the closets. They basically contained stuff that he had inherited from his great-aunt and -uncle’s old apartment. I found a few curiosities, like this handmixer. It seemed really retro to me :)

So, did you play? Let me know!

  1. Ah that is very retro! You gotta have some muscles to get cream stiff with that!

    Awww, what a cute cat!!!

  2. Very nice hand mixer. Totally retro.

    How can you kick such a sweet kitty out? I can’t believe that he was instantly comfortable! WOW!

    Happy SPF!

  3. I remember my mom having one of those handmixers….and back in my reporter days, I interviewed this woman who was COLLECTING them….lol…I think they are really cool!

    And congrats to the kitten!

  4. Oh those handmixer things always made me crazy. I would always end up spilling. The kitty looks cute and so do you!

  5. I really like the pictures with the text. Makes for good reading. Yep, I had a cat who came to visit once. That was eight years ago, and he hasn’t left yet. In fact, I wouldn’t let him! Keep the cat, I say!

  6. nothing sweeter than a lapful of snoozing kitty. =)

    happy SPF! i played too. =)

  7. Cute cat! And that is an interesting handmixer!

  8. I played, and I have one of those mixers, it belonged to my mother!

  9. The cat is ADORABLE! And I still use that mixer to scramble eggs!

  10. Nice mixer! Are you gonna use it? Keep it in case you lose power sometime and really need a mixer.

    I love the first picture. You’re so pretty!

  11. What a cute kitty!! I wanna cuddle him!

    That retro mixer is really cool!

  12. This is amazing, I just dug out two handmixers like that from Jörgens boxes yesterday. He bought them once second hand, and for the last years they were lying in a box on the attic. And the thing with the furniture…it hit me this weekend. What do we do with our corner sofa? It doesn’t really fit in the new place. And what about curtains? The ceilings are much lower, the windows much smaller. I have no idea! J’s Mom is coming down next weekend to help us with curtain ideas. Have a wonderful week, hun!

  13. it’s so funny that you always have lil cat’s coming along your appartments. wasn’t that the same in davis? that old handmixer is beautiful. i love old stuff like that. that’s probably why i love kitchen aid so much. just saw in a magazine kitchen aid has also a coffee machine;-) that pic of you is beautiful. who took it?

  14. gosh stunning! love the picture of you!! so awesome! you should be a model! anyways, big hug!

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