2024 Weekly Run Down 16/52 – PeloFondo Week!

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

This week’s stats:

Running: 3.6 mi
Cycling: 128.6 mi
Walking: 0.5 mi
HIIT Cardio: 20 min
Bootcamp: 90 min
Strength: 125 min
Yoga/Pilates/Barre: 100 min
Meditation: 10 min
Warm-up/Stretching: 80 min

I had fun focusing on classes for the Streakers365 trackers and instructor bingo and working out with friends this week. This weekend was also the PeloFondo event again. If you read one of my last posts (about the last PeloFondo in which I participated at the end of January), you know that it’s a weekend of fun and mileage counting with my Streakers365 team.


  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Bound Angle – Aditi (1/12/23) — April is All About You/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Madonna Core Strength – Emma (6/20/23) — April Showers Bring Core Flowers
  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Bodyweight – Callie (2/9/24) — Blossom with Bootcamp/Instructor Bingo
  • 15 Min Low Impact Ride – Kendall (6/12/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Extra 10 Listening Party: Triceps – Selena (1/5/24) — Spring into Action
  • 5 Min Upper Body Stretch – Ross (3/5/24) 

I picked a bootcamp to catch up on my bootcamp tracker and Callie’s bodyweight class was perfect. I caught the #BCBabes at the tail end of the low-impact ride and then finished with a triceps workout and stretch. 


  • 5 Min Ed Sheeran Core Strength – Ben (11/1/21) — April Showers Bring Core Flowers/Instructor Bingo
  • 5 Min Core Strength – Ben (8/3/21)
  • Extra 10: Quads – Rad (12/11/23) — Spring into Action/Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min 90s Ride – Cody (2/17/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Low Impact Ride – Alex T (7/5/22) — Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Pop Punk Ride – Matt (4/4/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Power Flow – Kristin (4/10/24) — Spring Forward with Yoga/Instructor Bingo
  • 5 Min AFO Meditation: Alice Coltran – Chelsea (7/1/21) — April is All About You

Lindsay is currently on travel but she still managed to work out with me this morning. We picked some core classes and the 90s ride with Cody (which had a lot of one-hit wonders on the playlist). Then Tanja jumped in and did a low-impact and pop punk ride with me. We both agreed that we needed some Matt Wilpers in our lives (can’t wait for PZ training again). We finished with a yoga power flow which I loved. 


  • 20 Min Morning Yoga Flow – Aditi (8/7/23) — Spring Forward with Yoga
  • 10 Min HIIT Cardio – Rebecca (2/27/23) — Spring into Action/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Milky Chance Core Strength – Erik (6/22/22) — April Showers Bring Core Flowers
  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Upper Body – Jess (11/10/23) — Blossom into Bootcamp/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Upper Body Stretch – Andy (4/2/24)

Tanja and I met up for some yoga, HIIT cardio, and some core training before tackling an upper body bootcamp with Jess. It was really good but I was expecting to be sore the next day.


  • Flash 15 – Jess (4/12/24)
  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Full Body – Tunde (11/14/23) — Blossom with Bootcamp
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Core – Kirra (5/25/23) — Spring Forward with Yoga/Instructor Bingo
  • Extra 10: Lower Legs – Logan (2/5/24) — Spring into Action
  • 10 Min Move for you Lower Body Stretch – Adrian (1/9/24) — April is All About You

I joined Sherry and Kristin this morning for a Flasch 15 and a 30 min advanced bootcamp with Tunde. The strength part didn’t disappoint  – “devil’s press” (think, burpees with weights) for the entire time. Ugh, and I was feeling my arms from the day before. But even though it was hard, I didn’t hate it. Kirra’s Core Focus Flow was quite pleasant and I really enjoyed Logan’s Lower Legs workout for calves and ankles, which are usually neglected but so important, especially for us runners. An all-around great stack this morning!


  • 10 Min HIIT Cardio – Olivia (6/8/22) — Spring into Action/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Core for Runners – Becs (6/8/21) — April Showers Bring Core Flowers
  • 30 Min 80s Run – Susie (4/4/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Extra 10: Walk – Joslyn (3/31/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Standing Yoga – Mariana (1/27/22) — Spring forward with Yoga/Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo

I decided to keep it relatively low-key before PeloFondo weekend and stuck to a couple of tracker classes and a 30-minute easy run around my neighborhood. It was beautiful and sunny and it was just the perfect excuse to get outside. I may not have officially joined the Cool Bloggers Walking Club this month, but I still wanted to share a picture from my run/walk.


  • 10 Min Extra 10: Glutes – Rebecca (12/11/23) — Spring into Action
  • 10 Min Core Strength – Adrian (3/3/21) — April Showers Bring Core Flowers/Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Foo Fighters Ride – Emma (11/17/21) — PeloFondo
  • 30 Min Eminem Ride – Denis (1/30/22) — PeloFondo
  • 30 Min My Mixtape Ride – Jenn (4/14/24) — PeloFondo
  • 30 Min Troye Sivan Ride – Cody (3/21/24) — PeloFondo
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Lower Body – Nico (12/7/23) — Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Red Hot Chili Peppers Ride – Kendall (5/4/22) — PeloFondo
  • 15 Min 60s Ride – Hannah C (3/13/21) — PeloFondo
  • 15 Min 70s Ride – Bradley (7/6/23) — PeloFondo
  • 30 Min Fatboy Slim Ride – Ben (2/29/24) — PeloFondo
  • 15 Min Gorillaz Ride – Bradley (9/6/23) — PeloFondo
  • 15 Min Full Body Stretch – Ross (1/7/24)
  • 10 Min Foam Rolling: Calves & Glutes – Rebecca (11/7/23)

PeloFondo Day 1: I allowed myself to sleep in a little bit and didn’t get on the Peloton until 9:30 am to ride the Foo Fighters, Eminem, Mixtape and Troye Sivan rides with the #BCBabes (not all of the rides with all of them, but each with some, so nobody was riding alone!). I took a little break to get some food and some recovery with a lower-body yoga flow and then jumped on the bike again a little later for another few music rides.

Originally, I had pledged 50 miles for the whole weekend but I already blew that goal out of the water on day one and hit 65 miles. I just had too much fun riding with friends. I finished with a stretch and some foam rolling (very much needed!), and I will say, that a hot shower and a little dozing on the couch were also part of my afternoon :)


  • 45 Min Metallica Ride – Kendall (11/18/20) — PeloFondo
  • 20 Min Morning Slow Flow – Chelsea (12/20/23) — Spring forward with Yoga/Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Bodyweight Strength – JJ (11/7/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Extra10: Chest – Ben (12/11/23) — Spring into Action
  • 30 Min Fleetwood Mac Ride – Emma (5/15/22) — PeloFondo
  • 30 Min Zach Bryan Ride – Denis (1/4/24) — PeloFondo
  • 20 Min Dance Music Ride – Leanne (4/21/24) — PeloFondo
  • 20 Min 70s Ride – Bradley (4/20/24) — PeloFondo
  • 10 Min Post-Ride Stretch – Kendall (8/3/23)
  • 20 Min Full Body Stretch – Adrian (12/3/23)

PeloFondo Day 2: I wanted to make sure that I could get some miles in with Tanja this weekend (damn time zones!), so we had agreed on riding Kendall’s Metallica ride in the morning (for me, afternoon for her). We finished with some yoga, I did a couple of strength classes and then took a little break before jumping back on the bike with the #BCBabes around 10:45 am for Fleetwood Mac and Zach Bryan rides. Both were excellent classes! I also hit 10k Peloton minutes during the last ride.

I took another little break for a FaceTime Call with my family and then completed two more classes. I finished the day – and with that, my 7th PeloFondo – with double the miles I had originally pledged (aiming low is a good strategy, I suppose) and on an even number (which made my nerdy brain happy). It was such a fun weekend riding with friends and great music!

And yes, we had a “tracker” for PeloFondo, too. What else did you expect?

Current Challenges + Trackers:

Streaker365 April Showers Bring Core Flowers
Streaker365 Spring Forward with Yoga 
Streaker365 Spring into Action – Cardio/Extra 10 Tracker
Streaker365 Blossom Into Bootcamp
Streaker365 April is All About You – Self-Care Tracker
Streaker365 April Personal Streak (Daily Yoga/Pilates/Barre)Pelotrak Instructor Bingo (weekly)

I chipped away at those damn trackers, haha, and managed another instructor bingo. Man, these trackers keep me accountable that is for sure.

How was your week? Is it sunny where you are? Did you participate in any races or events?


  1. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of indoor cycling, but the Pelofondo actually sounds pretty fun! Congrats on getting that done- 105 miles is a LOT! I’m curious to know what your mileage PR is for all the Pelofondos?

  2. Oh this sounds like fun! And you clearly got super caught up in it!

    No events for me this week, but I had one the week before and I’ll have one this weekend. Yay!

    Great job! I don’t know how you manage to keep up with everything!

  3. …and another PeloFondo that I missed, LOL. I know they’re every quarter, I need to just put it in my calendar (like two weeks in advance). That’s very impressive mileage on an indoor bike! Well done!

  4. I’ve not tried the Pelofondo yet and I am not sure I am brave enough to. I am so impressed with your mileage and effort!

  5. You almost – almost – make me want to try cycling. But for now I prefer riding my bike – leisurely – through the forest.

  6. “Damn time zones!” – my favorite part of this post. :)
    I remain impressed by the variety in your workouts – stretching, meditation, running, biking… you really know how to maintain whole-body fitness and it shows. <3

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