Global running day

In runner circles, the first Wednesday in June is known as Global Running Day.  Every year, runner’s pledge to run miles to celebrate the joys of running.

But there are bigger things going on in the world, and so Brooks Running (@brooksrunning), who’s holding their own virtual event, have changed course and invite us to run in support of the day WHEN WE CAN ALL RUN ON EQUAL GROUND!
They pledged to donate $100k to the Equal Justice Initiative (@eji_org) and an additional $1 (up to $250k) for every runner who signs up to run now through June, 7. Did I mention that this virtual race is FREE? All you have to do is run. 
Come on, supporting something important has never been easier! Tanja and I have already done our part this morning #separatebuttogether! Join us!! But also, LET‘S NOT STOP THERE! 

I’ve also signed up for another virtual event, My Big Run Virtual Race,  through our local Fleet Feet chapter. Fleet Feet Sports (@fleetfeetsports ) have a standing relationship with Girls on the Run (@girlsontheruninternational) and nationwide registrations have already helped Fleet Feet to donate almost $40,000 to their cause. It has also announced a brand-wide $6,000 donation to the @naacp_ldf and $6000 to @officialblackgirlsrun. Our three local stores are donating an ADDITIONAL $8 per registrant to Sacramento NAACP, when you choose Sac/Davis/Elk Grove as your home store. Check out what your local stores are doing to help! 

You can run now through June, 8, so go sign up here. The fee is $10, but you get a $15 voucher to the local store and you can win some cool prizes. You also get a virtual race kit with a printable bib and finisher medal!

So, it’s really a no-brainer. If you’re a runner, you should definitely sign up for this. If you’re not a runner, you should sign up for it, too. 

Let’s put some money where our mouth is legs are.

TODAY, we run (because we know how to do this) and donate money.

TOMORROW, we continue the other work that needs to be done.

Are you with me?

  1. Nice work!
    I did the Brooks Virtual 5k yesterday on the track.
    When I saw your bibs it made me wonder why they printed the number 1914 on the bib. Do you know if there’s some significance to the number?

  2. Thank you for making me aware of this virtual run – especially because it’s such an important cause “Brook” is supporting!

  3. This is awesome! Sounds like you’re running for a great cause.

  4. Well I totally missed this! I’m not running these days but I could have considered a speed walk a ‘run’. ;) EJI is a great mission to support. Have you seen “Just Mercy” or read the book? Both are amazing and the movie is free during the month of June. I see it’s on prime but maybe it’s in other places? I saw it in the theater on MLK day and it is very moving and powerful.

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