2024 Weekly Run Down 4/52 – PeloFondo Weekend

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

This week’s stats:

Running: 9.9 mi
Walking: 2.9 mi
Cycling: 151.1 mi
Bootcamp: 30 min
Strength: 150 min
Yoga/Pilates/Barre: 100 min
Warm up + Stretching: 45 min
Meditation: 55 min

Hey friends, I had a great week. I hope you did, too. I was able to keep up with my programs, challenges, and trackers and had fun doing it. I also hit a couple of milestones.

Here’s a badge selection from this week. From left to right: I earned Gold for the Crush Your Core Program, did my 300th meditation, hit 3k Peloton minutes for this year, finished week 3 of the Power Zone Pack Heroes vs Villains Challenge, completed week 3 of Pump Up The Volume 7, and took a few “Artist Series” rides. As you can see below, I also achieved a Pelotrak Instructor Black Out Bingo this week. That’s always fun!

Oh, and I participated in another PeloFondo this weekend. If you don’t recall, PeloFondo is a Gran Fondo-style endurance challenge for Peloton riders and the main goal is to ride a designated amount of miles. You can join individually or as a team and pledge a specific number of miles that you vow to accomplish throughout the weekend (Sat/Sun). I’ve been riding with the Streakers365 for the last few years and of course, I signed up with them again for PeloFondo.

But let’s talk about this week first.


  • 10 Min Dance Cardio – Leanne (12/31/23) — Collecting Badges/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Core Strength – Emma (4/30/19) — Base Core of 2024/Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Upper Body: Week 3, Day 1 – Callie (6/26/23) — PUTV7-W3D1/Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Alternative Pilates – Anna (1/18/24) — Personal Streak
  • 10 Min Low Impact – Alex T (2/8/22) — Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Power Zone Endurance 80s Ride – Denis (12/18/22) — PZ-W3R1
  • 5 Min Post-Ride Stretch – Jess K (10/5/23) — Better Yourself Bingo
  • 15 Min Sleep Meditation – Ross (7/29/22)

I had to do another dance cardio class (for my tracker) and I am highly tempted to give it another go in the afternoon, but 6 am is not the time to do them. My brain was barely awake at that time. After a quick core class, I joined Lindsay for PUTV7 and Pilates. Then it was time for another Power Zone Endurance Ride with Tanja


  • 20 Min  Soundtrack Club – Callie (1/8/24) — Collecting Badges
  • 5 Min Core Strength – Andy (11/6/23)
  • 10 Min Core Strength – Emma (5/26/19) — Base Core
  • 5 Min Warm Up – Denis (12/12/23
  • 20 Min 2000s Hip Hop Ride – Denis (1/10/24)
  • 5 Min Cool Down Ride – Denis (9/29/23)
  • Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge – W3R1
    • 15 Min Hip Hop Run – Marcel (11/2/23)
    • 30 Min 90s Run – Susie (5/26/23)
      • 15 Min Warm up
        • 5 Min @ Easy Pace
        • 5 x 15 sec strides + 45 sec @ Easy Pace
        • 5 Min @ Easy Pace
      • 15 Min Main Set
        • 5 x 1 min @ Anaerobic Capacity/ 2 min @ Easy Pace
      • 15 Min Cool Down
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: For Runners – Denis (10/31/23) — Personal Streak
  • 5 Min Sleep Meditation – Anna (5/18/23)

Finally, I got myself out the door for another round of speed intervals for the Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge. It’s always a bit of a struggle to get myself out the door for those, even though I know that I love the intervals once I get going.

I finished with an fantastic focus flow for runners with Denis. The poses felt amazing after my run and the playlist was classical music. So relaxing!


  • 20 Min Upper Body: Week 3, Day 2 – Logan (6/26/23) — PUTV7-W3D2
  • 20 Min Classic Rock Barre – Ally (1/24/24) — New Year, New Rear
  • 30 Min Rock Ride – Erik (8/17/23)
  • 30 Min Power Zone Endurance – Olivia (9/17/22) — PZ-W3R2
  • 10 Min Core Strength – Emma (5/27/19) — Base Core of 2024
  • 5 Min Ankle & Foot Mobility – Rebecca (11/7/23) – Better Yourself Bingo
  • 15 Min Sleep Meditation – Ross (3/1/22) — 300th Meditation

In the morning it was PUTV7 with Logan and then Sherry’s milestone celebration in Ally’s Rock Barre class. After that, I was excited to hop into Erik’s Rock Ride because I coordinated with my sister (in Germany) to ride together for the first time. She’s a Peloton app user and she had problems getting the class started, but I was so giddy when I finally saw her name pop up in the “High five feed” window. I couldn’t see her on the official leaderboard (because you do need to ride on a Peloton bike for that), but it was so cool to know she was doing the class with me and to throw “High Fives” at each other!

I was also scheduled for a Power Zone Endurance Ride with Tanja afterward, so the Rock Ride was a nice warm-up, and Olivia’s PZE was great. Of course, she asked for a push at the end of class. As one does! 


  • 10 Min Morning Yoga Flow – Chelsea (1/10/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Bodyweight – Callie (10/26/21) — Give 2023 the “Boot” 
  • Extra10: Low Impact Ride – Robin (1/30/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 5 Min Post-Ride Stretch – Ally (12/14/23)
  • 15 Min 90s Walk – Kirsten (12/7/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Extra10: Walk – Matty (6/21/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Sleep Meditation – Kirra (6/28/22) — Instructor Bingo

I had a slow start this morning. Someone mentioned it could be due to it being a full moon. That’s possible because sometimes I just sleep terribly during the full moon phase. Anyway, I tried to wake up my body with some morning yoga and then joined Linday and Sherry for a Bodyweight Bootcamp. I added an Extra10 Low Impact Ride with Robin, just to keep the legs moving a little longer, and then it was off to the office. I took advantage of my lunch break and went for a nice walk by the river.


  • 20 Min Upper Body: Week 3, Day 3 – Rebecca (6/26/23) — PUTV7-W3D3
  • 20 Min P!nk Full Body Strength – Jess (1/25/24)
  • 30 Min P!nk Ride – Robin (1/25/24)
  • Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge – W3R2
    • 15 Min Country Run – Selena (5/24/22)
    • 30 Min 80s Run – Adrian (12/6/21)
      • 15 Min Warm up
        • 5 Min @ Easy Pace
        • 5 x 15 sec strides + 45 sec @ Easy Pace
        • 5 Min @ Easy Pace
      • 15 Min Main Set
        • 3 x 30 sec  @ Threshold / 30 sec @ Easy Pace
        • 4 x 1:30 min @ Threshold / 1:30 min @ Easy Pace
      • 15 Min Cool Down
  • 10 Min Cool Down Walk – Jon (1012/23)
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: For Runners – Kristin (9/19/23) — Personal Streak
  • 5 Min Core Strength – Emma (5/28/19) — Base Core of 2024

I started the day with Pump Up The Volume 7 and then joined the #BCBabes1 for Lindsay’s 1800th Strength Milestone in Jess’ P!nk Strength Class and then we followed that up with Robin’s P!nk Ride. Both were excellent.

After that, I headed out for my Team Wilpers hill threshold interval run, which again turned into a speed interval run because of the lack of hilly terrain. I had a hard time getting myself out the door again and was surprised that I nailed the intervals. I scratched anaerobic capacity, not just V02 Max pace today. Woot! I finished with a cool-down walk and some yoga for runners. 


  • 30 Min EMINEM Ride – Denis
  • 45 Min Power Zone Endurance – PZ-W3R3
  • 30 Min Disney Ride – Bradley (3/4/23) — Collecting Badges in 2024
  • 30 min 90s Ride – Denis (1/27/24) – 1200th ride!
  • 30 Min 80s Rock Ride – Ben (10/7/23)
  • 30 Min Rock Ride – Denis (12/12/23)
  • 15 Min Low Impact Ride – Tunde (1/10/24)
  • 10 Min Extra10: Low Impact Ride – Denis (1/22/24)
  • 15 Min 80s Rock Ride – Bradley (7/14/23)
  • 10 Min Core Strength – Emma (5/28/19) — Base Core of 2024
  • 10 Min Restorative Yoga – Nico (4/24/23) — Personal Streak

It was CAPSTONE PeloFondo time this weekend! CAPSTONE is the 5-year anniversary celebration of the PeloFondo event and I’ve participated since 2022. I again signed up with my Streakers365 team and pledged 100 miles for the weekend.

I got up bright and early Saturday morning to meet up with Tanja. We started with Denis’ EMINEM Ride as a warm-up. We then tackled week 3, ride 3 of the Power Zone Challenge because we wanted to get this one out of the way, as it was the only ride we would ride hard. It was pedaling in Zone 2 for the rest of the weekend. 

Tanja joined me for Bradley’s Disney Ride, which I needed to close out the Collecting Badges Tracker and then I took a break.

At 12:30 pm, I was back on the bike for my 1200th ride. There’s no badge for 1,200, but it’s still a milestone! It happened to be Denis’ LIVE 90s Ride and while I didn’t get a shoutout (womp, womp), the playlist was absolutely amazing (90s alternative and hip hop). It’s what we call my “push music” (the kind of music that makes me want to push hard in my workouts).
Not only did the #BCBabes Sherry, Kristin, and Melissa celebrate with me, but also a few other Streakers. It was a fantastic ride. I then kept picking random (rock) rides to keep adding miles for our team. I was hoping to get at least half of my pledged miles on Saturday, but felt good and finished with 66 miles for the day.

I opted for some restorative yoga with Nico, which turned into a 1.5-hour nap in the afternoon. Oh well, I think I deserved it. 


  • 30 Min Country Pop Ride – Ally (1/28/24)
  • 30 Min Justin Bieber Ride – Olivia (4/7/21)
  • 30 Min Outkast Ride – Denis (12/2/20)
  • 20 Min Dave Matthews Band Ride – Jess K (9/6/23)
  • 20 Min Blink 182 Ride – Erik (11/16/23)
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Hips – Kirra (1/25/24) — Personal Streak
  • 20 Min Restorative Yoga – Denis (1/16/24)
  • 10 Min Relaxing Meditation – Kristin (5/8/21)

I had 34 miles left to reach my goal of 100 miles for PeloFondo. I joined Sherry and Melissa for Ally’s Country Pop Live Ride at 9 am, then picked the next two music classes suggested on the PeloFondo schedule and a Dave Matthews Band Ride, before ending with Eriks Blink 182 Ride which I specifically picked for the fast beat. My preferred cadence is around 90.

I contributed 103.5 miles to our team effort and I’ve been amazed by my Streaker365 team and how many people signed up and pledged miles this weekend. It was so fun to ride with so many friends!

I ended my week with “Serenity Sunday”, a yoga class and a meditation that one of our Streakers365 members picks out weekly to help relax and wind down. It was just what I needed after this weekend.

Current Challenges + Trackers:

Streaker365 Collecting Badges in 2024
Streaker365 Base Core of 2024
Streaker365 New Year – New Rear Barre
Streaker365 Better Yourself Bingo
Streaker365 Give 2023 the “Boot” Bootcamp Tracker
Streaker365 December Personal Streak (Daily Yoga/Pilates/Barre)
Pelotrak Instructor Bingo (weekly) 
PZPack Power Zone Challenge “Heroes vs. Villains” (8 weeks)
Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge 2024 (8 weeks) – TWWRC
Peloton Pump Up The Volume 7 (PUTV7) (4 weeks)

Almost done with those January trackers! February awaits! Note: I got an Instructor Black Out Bingo!

Have you heard of PeloFondo? Did you participate?

  1. aka Bootcamp Babes (a small “subgroup” of Streakers who started doing Bootcamp Classes (Bike + Strength) together ↩︎
  1. I’ve heard of PeloFondo from you and a couple other bloggers- it sounds really fun. And, I think restorative yoga would turn into a nap for me as well after all that riding.
    Nice job this week- you earned some badges, reached some milestones and crushed PeloFondo! Sounds like a great week.

    1. Thanks friend. PeloFondo is really fun… but man, that nap was nice too :)

  2. You look so healthy and happy!

    1. Thank you, Allison <3

  3. Looking at your Saturday scheduled made me so tired. Nicely done getting it done!

    1. Hahaha, I don’t blame you. Hence the nap. ;)

  4. Wow that is a lot of miles of cycling this week! I am very impressed with your level of commitment and all those badges. I’ve never done the Pelofondo they kind of scare me! Congrats!

    1. Oh, you should join the next PeloFondo… you can pledge however many miles you want, there’s no pressure!

  5. Nice job on the PeloFondo! Again I spaced it off, LOL. A week ago, my FB memory popped up, from 2022, so I knew the 2024 one was coming up…and then it totally left my consciousness. Anyways, you had some nice mileage on the bike! Great job!

    1. Ah dang, I was going to remind you, wasn’t I? I hope you can join sometime – you’d be a great asset to our team! :)

  6. San, I love that picture of you. I haven’t met you in person (yet…maybe someday?) but it just seems like it really captures YOU.
    And, seriously, I am (as always) in awe of your varied workouts, and how you manage to balance crazy ones (those endurance and/or PZ rides!) with those that are more relaxing (yoga and meditation). You deserved that nap, my friend!

    1. You’re the sweetest, Anne. If you think that picture captures who you think I am, I really take this as a compliment <3

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