2023 Weekly Run Down 14/52 – Travel week!

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

It was travel week for me again, this time it wasn’t for work, but for fun. I traveled home to Germany on Thursday.

The first few days of the week, I took advantage of having access to my bike and got a few more rides in. I also went for a run. The travel days – Thursday and Friday – were long and all I could fit were a couple of meditation classes. I love that I always have them at my finger tips wherever I go. I knew that my exercise routine would be interrupted while on vacation, and even though I miss my Peloton, I am looking forward to making use of the app, running in my hometown, and walking/hiking with my family.

  • 10 Min Morning Meditation – Kristin (10/20/22) — Spring into Self Care
  • 20 Min Yoga Flow – Kristin (1/30/23)
  • 10 Min Ankles & Feet Mobility – Ross (11/23/22)
  • 20 Min Latin Ride – Camila (6/12/22) — Dancing in the Rain Challenge
  • 5 Min Cool Down Ride – Camila (3/17/23)
  • 5 Min Post-Ride Stretch – Camila (6/26/22)

I started my Monday with some yoga and then checked off a couple more classes for my Streakers365 challenges.

  • 5 Min Warm Up Ride – Bradley (4/3/23)
  • 30 Min Live DJ Ride – Matt (2/14/20) — Dancing in the Rain Challenge
  • 5 Min Cooldown Ride – CDE (3/15/23)
  • 10 Min Full Body Stretch – Ben (1/11/23)
  • 10 Min Focus Flow for Runners – Mariana (11/15/22)

  • 5 Min Pre-Run Warm Up – Jess S (2/3/20)
  • 30 Min Hip Hop Fun Run – Jess S (6/20/19)
  • 30 Min Pop Walk – Becs (2/24/23)
  • 20 Min Metal Run – Tobias (4/21/22) — Dancing in the Rain Challenge
  • 10 Min Post-Run Stretch – Tobias (11/15/22)
  • 15 Min Low Impact Ride – Bradley (11/23/22)
  • 5 Min Post-Ride Stretch – Bradley (9/25/22)

I took advantage of a glorious, sunny morning and went for a (couple of) run(s). I also decided to hop on the bike for a quick low impact ride because I knew I would be without my Peloton for the next couple of weeks. If you have a Peloton, you know this is hard.

  • 10 Min Acceptance meditation – Ross (4/5/23) — Spring into Self Care

Travel Day! I left the house pretty early and decided to use the time I sat at the airport to do some meditating. It’s the perfect on-the-go ‘exercise’.

  • 10 Min Happiness  meditation – Kristin  (3/23/23)
  • 10 Min Sleep meditation – Ross (8/25/22) 

I was busy soaking up time with family for the last couple of days and meditation was all I could fit in and I am 100% okay with it.

  • 20 Min AFO Yoga Flow: Rascal Flatts — Dancing in the Rain
  • 42 Min Just Walk: Outdoor

I did some morning yoga and went on an Easter Sunday walk with family. A perfect low-key day!

Streaker365 Challenges:

I am happy to report that I was able to check off quite a few classes for my “Dancing in the Rain” and “Spring into Self Care” challenges. Granted, they were shorter classes, but hey, at least I was able to keep up!

This week’s stats:

Running: 5.1 mi
Walking: 8 mi
Cycling: 63.7 mi
Yoga: 50 min
Warm up + Stretching: 45 min
Meditation: 40 min

Hope you all had a great week and a lovely Easter weekend!

  1. I do know what you mean about missing the Peloton! Good thing there’s the app to keep our streaks going!
    Hope you’re having a great trip!

  2. I hope you have an amazing time with your family! Yes, the beauty of Peloton is that it can travel with you (the app, not the bike- the bike will be there when you get back!)

  3. I rarely glimpse at Instagram, but I did yesterday for some reason, and saw your pictures of Germany. YAY! So glad you are getting to visit your family!

  4. I’m glad you gave yourself a bit of a pass on this trip and didn’t force yourself to log lots of classes while visiting your family! Can’t wait to hear more about your time at home!

  5. Prioritizing family time is absolutely the right choice when traveling. I really appreciate seeing your flexible approach when travel (and other considerations) disrupt your routine. I could learn a lot from you, my friend. Signed, Anne, who is Far Too Invested in Her Routines. ;)

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