Work it out weekends: revived


So yeah, obviously I fell off the getting-fit-bandwagon for a few weeks, what with my Granddad’s passing, my unexpected trip to Germany, the work crazy after I returned.

I don’t know, I guess I am just great at finding excuses. But this seriously has to stop. I have to find a routine that works for me (I am not quite sure yet what this routine is going to look like, but at least, I am thinking about it – that counts for something, right?).

I joined In It To Gym It last week and I think that might be just the motivation that I need to revive my fitness goals. All the honest and inspiring posts over there make me want to get to the gym regularly again.

I really don’t know if I can do what some others are doing, namely getting to the gym before work. I get up at 5:30 a.m. as it is and I really don’t know if I can get myself up any earlier to go to the gym, but it might be worth a try.
Because the after work workout? NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW.
I know it would make me feel good if I got the workout out of the way in the morning and I know that mentally, I could do it, but getting myself physically out of bed at an ungodly hour is the problem. When do you squeeze your workout into your daily schedule?
Fitting the workout in my daily schedule is my biggest issue right now, really. It’s all about priorities, I know, but I don’t think my boss would approve of me cutting my work day short.

The thing is, I like working out. I really do. It makes me feel good afterwards and I know I’d overall be much more energetic than I am now. Sounds like a contradiction, but it really is true: you do have more energy if you work out regularly. Everyone and his brother knows that! It’s just so hard to convince your body of that when you’re tired and exhausted from all the other responsibilities in your life. But it doesn’t matter, I definitely have to get to the gym twice on the weekends and then maybe one or two more times during the week. That would be ideal.

Maybe I should invest into a Wii Fit. Ok, this totally came out of left field right now, because I haven’t remotely contemplated buying a Wii. I have been a little pretty reluctant to spend that much money on a video game, partly because I am really not that much into video games (that’s what it is, basically) and partly because I don’t really know if I’ll get enough use out of it.
Those of you who have a Wii – do you really use it on a regular basis? Is it worth the money? I don’t think I would want to cancel my gym membership for it (even though I am not really getting much bang for my buck right now there either, now do I?)
I think for now, I need to kick myself in the butt a bit and dedicate myself to the gym. That’s just how it has to be.

The good news (which I saved for last) is: I did make it to the gym yesterday and ran 3.1 miles, for the first time in like 4 weeks.  Plus, I added some weight training afterwards. I’m determined to revive “Operation Less Squishy”.

Are you with me?

  1. I have been off the bandwagon as well, not been to the gym in two months. And with my exams right now, I don’t exactly see this getting much better, though I am going to try and go at least twice a week starting next week (my first exam is on Saturday and then I have four weeks till the next one). I did join the In it to gym in group on 20SB but I haven’t actually taken a look at it yet and I don’t think I will be blogging there at least until I am done with my exams. It’s hard enough to keep up with one blog as it is (I have also temporarily abandoned my weight loss blog).
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Sometimes you just need a change =-.

    1. You’re temporarily excused – I mean, really. You’re finishing your degree!

  2. I love my Wii Fit, but I don’t know if it delivers the punch of a run + weights. It’s pretty awesome, though.

    I am definitely with you :)

    P.S. See you tomorrow!

    1. See you later! Yay!

  3. I’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon in recent weeks! I was so good and all vegany and then cheese came back into my life… and I woke up three weeks later, 10 lbs heavier and very happy lol

    Happiness aside though, I need to find balance.

    I like Wii Fit, and EA Active is NUTS, it’s a much harder intense version of Wii Fit, but unless you can stick with a routine (and I can’t a lot of the time) I would say that jogging for 20 mins a day will do you just as much good.
    .-= Kyla Roma´s last blog ..April Inspiration & Type A-ery =-.

    1. Uh, the damn cheese! I know ;)

  4. I gave up “Work it Out Weekends” until after Baby comes, since I can barely walk, I’m no longer in charge of cooking, and … yeah. There’s absolutely no way I can work on any of my goals besides the water drinking and I’ve got that one mastered :) Before I was pregnant I used my lunch break for exercising (as if I was getting up earlier than 5:30 am!) and I jogged with my dog after work most days. Oh, and horseback riding … that’s a workout :D

    1. You’re also – like Karen – temporarily excused. Having a baby is one of the best excuses, if you ask me ;)

  5. buy the wii, but not the wii fit. It is really for fun, not really to work out. John and I have our daily (yes, daily) training with our virtual personal trainer called “my fitness coach” – that really helps to bring you in shape. And I know that there is a “my fitness coach 2” out. We won’t upgrade, because we have not unlocked everything yet :-). I do not have time and money to go to the gym, so this is great! And when you are really into it you sweat like crazy!

    1. I know you swear by the Wii ;)

  6. I wish I could write that I was on the exercise wagon, but alas, fell off. I am, at least staying on my healthful eating plan, so that is something.
    Sorry, don’t have a Wii.
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Easter Weekend =-.

    1. Eating right is definitely something!!

  7. I’m with you!!
    .-= ToBeAnnounced´s last blog ..Happy Easter!! =-.

  8. I’m so totally not the Wii Type. I’m more the outdoorsie person. I love running outdoors or snowboarding in winter. So, most days I just change the hour I go running, once in the morning and the next time in the afternoon, just as it fits in my schedule. And I squeeze in a yoga session most days, because that’s just the perfect combination of sports and relaxation for me. And it really gets you working out!
    .-= Deia´s last blog ..Happy Easter =-.

    1. I need to try Yoga. For real.

  9. So you won’t believe what happened yesterday… as I read your post, my husband came home with a brand new Wii console. I was about to write that you don’t need a Wii because working out at the gym or outdoors is so much more satisfying. Well, it is indeed but I am excited to see how Wii Fit works out for me – especially the yoga and strengthening exercises. :)

    As for my exercise experience: I find it easier for me to just go out running because driving to the gym and back just seems like a waste of time to me. Squeezing in a 3-mile run in half an hour is much easier – before or after my internship or work. I run my longer runs on the weekends when I have more time.

    And you know how everyone has been raving about the 30-Day Shred? For a busy working woman like you, this would be perfect. You only need 30 minutes a day to get your workout in. It’s perfect and it actually works! I am not kidding!
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..Patience. Oh, patience. =-.

    1. Ha, I can’t believe the coincidence… so C brought home a Wii console?! Awesome.

      I might have to check out the 30-Day Shred. Looks doable!

  10. I’m on the same page as you ;) I always have to kick my butt. Because of my time issues I canceld my gym membership 1,5 years ago and bought a treadmill and a weight machine for the garage. I’m really using it. Not everyday but three times the week ;)
    The Wii looks interessting for me too but like you I’m not sure if it’s worth it….

    1. The gym is right around the corner (ok, a few blocks down) from where I live so that’s really no excuse for me… but good for you that you’re keeping up your workout in the garage!!

  11. I’ve been bad this last week too. I get up really early for work too which is hard enough as is – I couldn’t imagine getting up even earlier!! I just need to stop making excuses and start making it routine. I’ve contemplated getting a Wii Fit – for the strengthening, not the cardio – I don’t think jogging on the spot would really do it :)
    .-= Emily Jane´s last blog ..Lean On Me =-.

    1. You’re right on, girl: We just need to stop making excuses and start making it routine!

  12. Routine is the hardest part for me, especially singe my job is rarely routine and I tend to work a different schedule every day. We have both the Wii Fit and the EA Active and I think the EA Active is pretty awesome. But again, you’ve got to make time for it. I’ve got a treadmill at the house, and try to use it 2-3 times per week, and then on days I’m not running I try to work on abs and strength training. It mostly works. I’m just afraid it’s going to get too hot for me to feel motivated to do anything here in a little bit (high today = 94!).
    .-= terra´s last blog ..Spring Fever, Ch-ch-changes, and FLOWERS! =-.

    1. I agree with you – I think finding a routine is key!

  13. I canNOT get up early to work out. I can barely got out of bed on time to get to work on time…or five minutes or less late.

    I stick to yoga and dance because I know I love them.

    Good luck!

    1. Hey yoga and dance is a workout! Good for you!

  14. (Sorry for the long comment, in advance…)

    San, oh my gosh, it’s just crazy. Every where I turn I see this theme: the exercise theme!! My last post was really inspired by my recent motivation to get in shape (which I plan to post about as well soon!)

    I am like you: I already have to be up by 5:30/6 am and the thought of getting up any earlier is pretty much horrifying to me, haha. I would LOVE to have a schedule that would allow me to work out in the mornings because it’s such a refreshing way to start the day! But the truth is, I know myself, and I know that if I rely on waking up in the mornings to do my workouts then I won’t do them.

    So, I do them after work. I know, it sucks. But it’s the only time I’ve got and so I’m taking it. I am definitely tired after work, but I’ve made a set workout schedule for myself, and I make myself stick to it. That’s it…I’ve made it a priority. It was really hard the first…week and half. Especially the first week. There were a couple days when I just really did not want to do it…but I was like ok, I’m just going to do it, and I know I’ll be glad after. And I was! And it’s just getting easier every day (I’m on week 3! And I haven’t missed a “scheduled” workout. I am so proud because I’ve never come this far!)

    ALSO something that has really helped motivate me: workout dvd’s. I’ve made it a sort of adventure to try new dvd’s, which I do on the days that I don’t run. And it is something that makes it fun for me! I bought some light handweights and a yoga mat, and have done a lot of research on various dvd’s. I don’t have a gym membership and don’t like the idea of having to spend all that money a month…and so this workout dvd thing is really fun for me. I plan on reviewing some soon, once I try a couple more that are on their way in the mail for me. But I love this approach because…well all I have to do is come home from work, change into workout clothes, push my furniture to side and pop in a dvd. Then I spend my 45 min-1 hour right after I get home just exercising, simple as that. Anyway…there’s so much more I could say on the subject, mostly I just can’t believe my total 180 degree turn and change in my attitude that is enabling me to get serious about this! Anyway yay for running! And sorry for rambling on, this is just a subject that I’m extremely excited about right now. :D

    1. Thanks you for your detailed comment, Lisa. I am with you – my workouts have to be after my work day. I just won’t make it out of bed in the morning ;)

      But it looks like you have a pretty good routine down at home! Maybe I should try a workout DVD – I never have.

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