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I am linking up again with  Kookyrunner and Zenaida for Tuesday Topics and I am going to go off-topic and tell you about my 1-year Pelo-versary, which was last week.

I know, you’re probably sick and tired of me talking about the Peloton. I can’t blame you, so feel free to skip this post, if you’re rolling your eyes just a bit. But for myself, I need to document this moment in time. 

One year ago, I took the plunge and bought the Peloton bike. As you recall, I had previously owned an off-brand spin bike and I was very happy with it. I was able to use it with the Peloton app, I had ‘piecemealed’ together feedback about my workout stats by using a cadence and speed sensor, a heart monitor, and a second app that could calculate “virtual output” from these sensors, and I was convinced that following the classes on my iPhone screen was totally fine! But, I have to admit that I still had major FOMO. So many people I was riding with were loving their Peloton, not least Tanja, who got me into spinning in the first place.

Riding with her and being able to “high five” her through the app was cool and all, but not being able to really “compete”, show up on the leaderboard, know my stats, and fully participate in some of the workout programs was bothering me. I really wanted the complete experience.

I knew I had already proven myself on my first spin bike. I completed 777 workout sessions, 230 bike rides, and 129 runs, in the first year that I used the Peloton App.

If I was able to say one thing with certainty, it was that the Peloton wasn’t going to become an expensive clothes rack in my house. I knew that I was going to use it. 

And here we are, 365 days later. I completed 1087 total workout sessions, 334 on the bike, and I haven’t missed a day with Peloton in 600 days. (Yep, coincidentally, today is my Streak Day 600. Remember, I am just aiming to do something good for my body every day, some days it’ll only be some yoga or even meditation, but that’s something. )

So, what makes the Peloton different, you ask?

Peloton is more than just an exercise bike. I think that’s pretty obvious by now. 

I could have easily continued my exercise routine on my old bike (although I will say that the Peloton is one sleek, beautiful piece of exercise equipment). But the real value is in the Peloton platform, the programs and stats it provides, and how it connects a larger community. The coaching and the community are the heart of it.

Honestly, someone like me, who’s self-motivated and who can exercise outside pretty much year-round, doesn’t need a Peloton. I had a pretty good workout routine going before purchasing the bike and I didn’t need to spend that money. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love my Peloton and want to keep it forever and ever. Even a budget-conscious person like me can splurge once in a while.

Originally, I had a hard time justifying the price tag. I was more bothered by the ongoing membership fee (currently $44) than the actual price of the bike, but in the end, I came to the realization that I had paid just as much for my gym membership, which I used maybe three times per week. And sure, I was able to take advantage of some cycling classes at my gym occasionally (the schedule was sparse though and it was often hard to get a seat in the class), but forget about going to a boutique cycling studio. That was out of the question. You easily pay $20-30 per class, which would equal 2 classes per month or a whole lot more money. Unless it’s really important to you to work out with friends in person, the Peloton membership (equipment price excluded) is a much better value. As previously mentioned, I am using the Peloton platform every single day, which means access is less than $1.50/day for as many classes as I like, from the comfort of my home. Now, that all of a sudden sounds like a bargain when I put it like that, right?

The Peloton subscription includes not just cycling classes but run classes, strength training, yoga, meditation, and more. I am taking advantage of all of them. And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t benefit tremendously from both the expertise and energy of the instructors and the motivation and inspiration of the community.

I can put together my own training plan if I want, or I can take advantage of the workout programs that Peloton offers. I can just blindly follow those without even having to think about it and I know I will see results at the end of a completed training cycle.

I love the social aspect and I love the data part. I love seeing my achievements at the end of a workout, I love the badges and workout challenges that the platform offers, and all the split-off groups and challenges (my team, Streakers365, PZPack, PeloFondo) that have emerged from there.
I can exercise with friends, or I can exercise alone. Some days I have a ton of energy and I want to push myself, other days I just need a recovery ride and I can choose my class level and length accordingly. You can make Peloton really work for you because there is something for everybody at any fitness level.

All this to say, I haven’t regretted the purchase one bit. Yes, it’s an investment and you got to use it to make the cost worthwhile. It really is a waste of money, if you don’t take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. But if you take advantage of the programs and embrace the community, the bike really pays for itself.

So, if you ask me: is the Peloton worth it? My answer is that I can’t tell you if it will be worth it for you but I can say that it is absolutely worth it for me. 200%. Not one day has gone by when I didn’t feel excited to see the bike in my living room (yes, we had to make room for it, it’s basically part of my home decor – haha) and I am happier than ever that I took the plunge.

  1. Your enthusiasm makes me wish I had a Peloton! (We strongly considered getting one, but the space we have in our house for exercise equipment has too low of an overhead to allow for a Peloton or an elliptical. Sigh.) A friend was able to give me a free guest membership to the Peloton app for a few months, and I tried it out. It was nice because there was so much variety, but I just didn’t use it as much as I could have, so it wasn’t something I was willing to pay for once the guest membership expired. I love reading about how life changing it has been for other people though!

  2. well, I never get tired of talking about Peloton! As you know I am a huge fan as well. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. Happy Pelotoning!

  3. Happy Peloversary! Yes, I would agree that the cost of Peloton is totally worth it for you. Really it’s the cost of a gym membership (less than some gyms) and like you said, you have a huge variety of classes at your fingertips, right in your own home. I’ve just been using Peloton for the strength classes (mostly- I was doing a lot of yoga classes but that’s mysteriously dropped off lately) and I have the cheaper membership, so it’s REALLY worth it for me. I haven’t ruled out the possibility of getting a Peloton bike someday though.

  4. Congrats on your one year! It does seem like it’s a great fit for you and I love to hear success stories.

  5. Congrats! A streak of 600 is such a wonderful accomplishment. I’m beyond thrilled you love it this much – I had a huge grin while I was reading this post.
    I do about 3 home workout videos a year so I am NOT the target audience, but it sounds like Peloton is a perfect fit for you, and I’m so glad you took the plunge.

  6. Well done! Very impressive stats!!! I’ll have my 1-year Pelo-versary in November, but I’m still just on the app. It works well for me, especially in the summer when I’m outdoors so much I just prefer my “outdoor” bike, LOL

  7. That is an amazing streak, San! Way to go! This was an excellent purchase for you! It was smart to try a different, cheaper bike initially to see how much you would actually use it before making the investment. Cleary the peloton was the right decision for you! I am looking forward to trying out the peloton ap to see what I think of their strength training classes. I don’t feel drawn to getting a peloton, though, as I do not enjoy biking all that much. I have done spin classes but it’s not something that I truly enjoy! But if I did, I’d be lobbying Phil to get a peloton!

  8. Happy Peloversary! Time flies when you’re having fun :)
    Your stats are super impressive – you have definitely embraced the bike!

  9. That is so awesome! I’ve had my bike for years and I still use it weekly. I ride with a friend every Wednesday and it’s truly something to look forward to. I think it’s great that you’re part of the community!

  10. I’m glad that you enjoy it so much — you’re in good company here! I’m still perfectly content with the app. I splurge on a couple of online Yoga things, LOL!

  11. This is awesome! Your enthusiasm for this just oozes through the screen. It absolutely 100% sounds like you made the right choice! This makes me feel a little envious that I don’t think I’m quite dialed in right now on the “perfect” set up, workout wise. I love to go for the gym, but with the kids and work, I’ve had such a hard time making it fit in well schedule wise. Early mornings would be the best, but the gym is actually really busy then and I don’t like it! But then it gets hard to schedule a later workout around a shower, if I have on camera meetings, Or kid stuff to juggle… I’ve been using Beachbody to supplement which is pretty good, but I don’t feel “in the groove” like you definitely seem to be! Happy you have found the perfect fit for yourself!! Keep going! :-) (p.s. when do you use it? I think first thing in the morning, right? I recall a “day in the life” post that included an a.m. pre-work peloton session.

  12. Yay! You KNOW I love my Peloton too! It was so worth the money for me. I use it every single day! It’s been so great.

  13. Congrats Peloversary! I did not roll my eyes. :-) I love how excited and happy you are with your bike. I’ve had mine for two years and my stats are no where near where you are. Very impressive! I go through phases where I am constantly on it but then weeks/months go by without me using it. I need to change that!

  14. Happy Pelo-versary! I hope to finally get a Peloton soon. It may not be until next year, though, as I need to recover my finances from some expensive vacations, haha. I know it will be worth it, though, and I hope I will use it even more than I use my bike + app since it will be a lot more convenient for me to just hop on the bike and ride! And seeing more stats will be awesome.

  15. You know I love reading about your dedication to Peloton. Happy Pelo-versary! It’s definitely not for me – I am not a spin class person… BUT you have found something that clearly works for you, and it’s obviously a wonderful investment for you. I think this really speaks to the importance of finding what works for YOU – whether that’s Peloton, or something else. You do you. :)

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