Things I want to do in 2022

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Another year, another opportunity for goals, aspirations, resolutions. Whatever you want to call it. I keep calling mine, the list of  “things I want to do”.

Stay Healthy.

I understand that this is not entirely in my control, but what I can do to prevent illness or injury, I will try to do. I’ve been very lucky when it comes to exercise-related injuries. I haven’t had any real injuries in the 7+ years that I’ve been running regularly. I do take warm up, cool down, and stretching/recovery very seriously though. Also, some people say it’s inevitable and we’re all going to catch Omicron sooner or later, and maybe that is true, but I am not intentionally going out to catch it. 

See my family.

Dare I put this on my list again? But I am determined to see my family this year. Sometime, somewhere. They’ll come here or I’ll fly there, damn it. It has to happen.

Complete (another) 365 Peloton Streak.

I’ve done this last year, why can’t I do this again this year? I’ve really gotten into the habit of using the Peloton app on a daily basis and unless I am going out of cell service for too long, I am hoping to be able to accomplish this again. You can only see what’s possible if you try, amirite?

Complete the virtual Pacific Crest Trail Challenge. 

Tanja and I signed up together for this challenge and have both pledged to run, walk, or bike 2485.5 miles/4000 km along the (virtual) Pacific Crest Trail in 2022. You track your workouts through your smart watch or fitness app and keep chipping away at the distance. The miles are tracked in the Conqueror app, which shows you where you are on the map and how much distance you have accomplished at any given time (and also if you’re “ahead or behind”). I find this sort of long-term challenge super-motivating and can’t wait to see how we do!

Be more creative.

I’d like to be more creative again in 2022. I don’t know what this means right now and how I am going to even measure my success at the end of the year, but I know that I’d like to tackle a couple of hands-on projects and pick up some of the crafts that I usually enjoy again. 2021 was very disappointing in that regard, and I know that creativity is also something that you can’t necessarily force and that comes and goes, but I miss crafting and creating something with my hands.

Optimize my diet.

I’ve been dealing with some digestive issues in the last couple of years that I am trying to figure out and I feel very much left to my own devices because all the GP wants to prescribe is a PPI without even looking further into my symptoms. (I mentioned my frustration before and you’ve all been very kind and had some helpful comments. I actually have an appointment with a gastroenterologist set up next month, but in the meantime, I’ve been researching and trying a few things on my own.)

Reorganize my blogging categories.

This is a goal I stole from Stephany’s goal list, but just because it was a startling reminder that this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve been blogging for so many years and my blog categories have gotten a bit out of control. Mainly because I’ve never really given real thought to it and just kept adding categories when it seemed fit. Now, I find myself not being able to find old posts, so how should people who come visit here and wanna peruse the archives? (Not that I think a whole lot of people actually do that, but…). What can I say, I like things orderly. There are 2600+ blog posts, so that’s going to be fun!

Read 30 books.

Ok, let’s try this again. Last year, I made it to 21, even though I had set the same goal for 30 books. I know that my reading ‘ebbs and flows’, so I am not going to make a prediction about how successful I am going to be this year, but what do you do if you “fail”? (I use the word very loosely here, because I don’t think you can fail at reading – even if you just read one single book all year.) You get up, fix your crown, and try again. 

And there you have it. This is probably not an exhaustive list, and I realize I have a few “want to do” things that are not completely in my control, but I believe in the power of positive thinking and manifesting. Let’s see how that goes. 

Did you set goals for 2022? Or, what are some things that you’d like to do?

  1. #1 and #2 are my biggest wishes for you this year.

    Now that I have “use it or lose it” vacation, my goal for 2022 is to use it! My husband has most of his vacation time committed to a big Boy Scout trip this summer, so that may involve me taking some solo trips. I haven’t decided where yet, but I’d like to go somewhere warm for a long weekend in February, do some local stuff, and maybe get out somewhere in the west, like the Grand Canyon or something like that. I’ve never been out there.

  2. My tags on my blog are absolutely ridiculous. I should clean those up!

  3. I’d really like to get away with my husband twice this year (as in alone, without the kids).
    I’m well on my way to reading through the Anne of Green Gables series.
    I blogged about 22 goals for 2022, but I’m trying to be kind to myself as a lot of them are home renovation related and I just don’t know if I have the energy to get everything tackled in 2022 that needs doing!

  4. San, I think i hear the “100 Day Project” calling your name! That would get your creativity going.
    Most years I have a goal to read 50 books… I rarely reach that goal, but I definitely read more when I set it than if I don’t set a reading goal at all. I agree, you can’t “fail” at reading!
    I want to set some running goals for this year, but it’s a little frustrating because it’s hard to predict how my foot will be. My goals right now are more like “fantasies,” but hey- you never know. Might as well be optimistic.

  5. Fantastic goals! I’m going to “streak” too, so we can “streak” together!

    This: “Also, some people say it’s inevitable and we’re all going to catch Omicron sooner or later, and maybe that is true, but I am not intentionally going out to catch it.” That’s exactly how I feel. I’m going to continue to be careful, if it happens, it happens, but I’m going to do my best.

    I really really really hope you can see your family!

  6. Oh, I do hope you can see your family. Come on 2022, you have a lot of expectations! Don’t let us down.

    I’ve been watching Stephany’s blog retagging goal with interest. I don’t have as many posts as you do (just over 2300), but that seems like a giant project! Since I don’t know how many people wander through my archives, I wonder if it would be worth it to do. Hm.

  7. That PCT goal is so cool – I’ve never heard of that! I always get inspired and think I want to do the real trail… but PHEW, it sounds like a lot – I really like this way of approaching it virtually :)

    1. Thanks Cynthia! Wouldn’t it be something to actually hike (part of) the PCT? I’ve seen gorgeous views from the trail. It’s a bit intimidating though. I do like the idea of approaching it virtually for now :)

  8. These are such awesome aspirations! I especially love the intention to “be more creative.”

    And I loved this sentence SO MUCH: “Some people say it’s inevitable and we’re all going to catch Omicron sooner or later, and maybe that is true, but I am not intentionally going out to catch it. ” Yes. Hear, hear! Preach it! Some people in my acquaintance group are talking about intentional omicron spreading events and… I… no. Why. No.

    1. Yes. I mean, no! Why! Just no! ;)

  9. Ooh, I’m so glad you’re joining me in the Great Blog Reorganization Project of 2022! I have about 500 less posts than you, haha, and I’m still overwhelmed. It helps that I’ve broken into really tiny goals – it doesn’t feel AS overwhelming to tell myself I only need to reorganized years 2009-2011 in January than it is to think about all 1,800 blog posts I need to look at. Eeks!

    In 2020 and even for most of 2021, I really didn’t know anyone close to me who got Covid – but once Delta came around and now Omicron, I’m one of the few people who has remained immune and I don’t know how! You can really do everything “right” and still get it. Here’s to another year without us getting Covid, hopefully!

    1. “The Great Blog Reorganization Project of 2022” – haha, I love it. So, I am less intimidated by going through all the posts, but more by choosing “good” new categories/tags. How did you go about that?

  10. I really hope that you can see your family this year. It seems like it should be possible so I have high hopes for you!

    I didn’t set goals for 2022 as you know… I’m just not in the right frame of mind or stage of life to do that. I’ve hosts on a couple of podcasts recently comment about a grand pause from goal setting during the young child years so it was helpful to hear that others took a break from goal setting during this stage!

    1. Thanks my friend. I have high hopes for 2022, too! And I totally get that you’re not in the right frame of mind to set big goals – you have two tiny humans to raise, that’s goal enough! ;)

  11. These are amazing, but the one I REALLY want for you. Desperately. Is number 2. You MUST see your family this year – come hell or high water. We are all rooting for you and telling 2022 it needs to just stand down. Long enough for you to get to them, or them to get to you. Fingers crossed SO hard.
    I (had) high hopes for 2022 but am falling back in to old patterns. I think I need a reset. Already. Which makes me either want to laugh or cry. ;)

  12. I do love everything own your list and I especially send positive vibes that you will be able to see family.

    Not being taken serious by doctors is so frustrating. I would like to know my vitamin D and iron levels because of previous injuries and conditions but unless you are already sick like hell not happening. This is so frustrating. On the other hand I have had doctors who sugarcoated stuff instead of telling me wake up you need to do that or change that. So hope your next appointment gives some clarity.

    The blog category thing is something I loosely keep on my to-do list too. Maybe I get that started some day.

  13. I do hope that you are able to see your family this year. <3

    Good luck with the GI, too. <3

    I'm with you on wanting to foster my creativity. I've been trying to be more intentional about that this month. It's hard though. I'm trying to remember that as long as I'm finding things that I WANT to do instead of doing what I feel like I HAVE to do, I'm letting my creativity free.

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