25: Recipe | Our Favorite Turkey Bolognese

You know, there is really nothing more satisfying than a delicious bowl of carbs, am I right? 

Ok, this really is not a “full” recipe as we’re using prepared pasta sauce, but hear me out: the pasta sauce from Mezzetta* (made right here in Napa Valley) is one of the tastiest pasta sauces you have ever tasted. Our favorites are “Tomato Sweet Basil” and “Roasted Garlic and Caramelized Onion”, but you can’t really go wrong with any of the other four flavors. 

It makes for a quick, 5-ingredient, very tasty dinner option. Just saying. 

By the way, can we be honest about something? The fact that 2 oz of pasta is considered a full serving size is BS. Who eats only 2 oz of pasta?  Not me, but there will be leftovers.

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*this is not a sponsored post.

  1. Always amaxed that you have ground turkey. Well I did see two live ones this weekend though – not in the wild!

  2. Yum, pasta is such a comfort food for me. I agree that a 2oz serving is bs, though!! I need to make pasta in one of the coming weeks. I canned a bunch of marinara this summer so need to start using it!

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