21: Currently | November

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2022

WORKING ON | a 30-day yoga streak for November. As I mentioned in my post about my current morning routine, I’ve been doing yoga every day (from at least 10-minute up to 45-minute sessions) and it’s been so nice. I hope to keep this up when the month is over.

PARTICIPATING | in yet another Peloton Power Zone Challenge with Tanja and our StreakersArmyPZ team. The challenge is, as always, organized by the Power Zone Pack and they always come up with a theme for each challenge. The theme for the current challenge is “Once Upon A Zone” and the name of our Team is “Rumplestreakskin”. Don’t you love it? It’s so fun to train with purpose and an awesome community :)

BUYING | new bathroom mats and a shower curtain and feeling oddly excited about it. Is that what adulthood does to you? 

EATING | a slightly adapted version of these coconut curry lentils with spinach. I am really into quick and simple dinners right now with simple ingredients and this one absolutely fits the bill. So simple, so filling, and so, so good.

BAKING | these soft and fluffy Weckmänner for St. Martin’s Day again.

RELIEVED | about the outcome of the midterm elections. Yes, there was still a lot to be desired, but overall, these have been the best midterm results by a president’s party in years, and I can definitely see the silver linings in that. It gives me hope that we’re hopefully on a good trajectory, even if the situation is still quite precarious overall.

TRYING | to get organized for the holiday season. I still have to make a gift list, do some Christmas shopping (my brain hasn’t quite caught up on the fact that Christmas is 5 weeks away), and make a plan for our holiday cards. Are you sending cards this year? (If you’ve been around, you know I’ll be having a roll call a little later this month (so I can gather and/or update your addresses!)

ENJOYING | the beautiful fall days here in Northern California. It’s been a lot cooler and we had a couple of days of rain, but we still get sunshine and blue skies a lot, too.

WEARING | my Doc Martens again. It’s finally cool enough and I’ll have to wear the heck out of them for the next few months.

LOOKING FORWARD TO | a long Thanksgiving weekend.  Jon and I will be by ourselves, but I’ll be running the local Turkey Trot in the morning and we’ll cook a nice meal later in the day.

What is currently going on with you?

  1. I don’t buy shower curtains or bath mats very often, but when I do I get excited about it!

    We’re finally out of the brutal cold snap that we had last week so I’m looking forward to better weather this week. And Thanksgiving! And finally having some down time to catch up on blog reading;-)

    1. I am so glad someone else gets excited about shower curtains and bath mats, too ;)

  2. Yay for Doc Martins! I am waaaaaaaay behind on all tjings holiday but swear I am going to get it together TODAY

    1. I love my Docs. Just bought them last year after contemplating if I could still pull them off LOL

  3. We bought new towels a couple of months ago. We’d had our previous towels since our wedding, so they were well over a decade old. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have soft, fluffy towels now! So, yes, I get excited about those types of purchases, too.

    I have a list of things to do when we get back from Thanksgiving and figuring out holiday shopping and cards is right up there. LOL. I’ll be unemployed at that point, though, so I probably won’t be feeling too much like spending too much money. Ha! What price on love?

    1. Oh, please – fluffy new towels. Who wouldn’t be excited abuot those? :)

      I hope you get your holiday planing done under the new circumstances – maybe you can suggest a no-gifts Christmas or a Secret Santa event?

  4. I cheer you on for the yoga habit but I am rather certain that you keep on doing yoga. You are so determined when it comes to exercise.

    Me I look at the lentil rice and could eat that right away. It looks delicious.

    Holiday season did creep up a bit and I am not really grasp that it is so close. I feel behind with everything…

    1. Thank you, Tobia – I appreciate that you believe in my keeping up with yoga (I really hope so. It’s good for me – I am just afraid that there will be new things I want to try out and as you know, you can’t do EVERYTHING – haha).

  5. Awesome job on the yoga streak!

    My mom always buys me some household stuff for Christmas and honestly, it’s great. I am not always the best at even NOTICING when I need new pot holders or new wooden spoons for cooking, but my mom must like, inventory my house when she visits (lol!) because things magically appear. And I’m okay with it! It’s actually awesome to get some of those little things replaced and NOT have to think about them, or spend my own money on them! She always makes sure to get me some fun things, too- although I really am quite okay receiving household goods most of the time! haha!

    1. I love that, Kae. I don’t think I would mind getting useful stuff for Christmas (like kitchen items), if it means i don’t have to spend my own money on it. Those are better gifts then getting another candle holder or something LOL and mom’s are so good at paying attention and recognizing what needs to be replaced :)

  6. I love your yoga pants. Who wouldn’t want to exercise wearing awesome attire like that?!
    I’m so glad you’ve been having nice weather and how fun to bring out favourite shoes as the seasons shift.
    Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving; looking forward to hearing all about it.

    1. I am telling you – pretty workout gear makes half the workout :) It definitely helps with the motivation! ;)

  7. Oh, I’m envious! Last November I did a yoga challenge and I loved it. Now I haven’t done yoga in months (due to a wrist issue) and I really miss it. Yoga is such a great thing to add into your routine.
    Those Weckmanner are so cute and they look delicious! And, I’m going to make that lentil curry- i love curry, and the recipes seems really easy.

    1. I know, you were so diligent with your yoga practice a while ago (don’t you miss Denis? ;))

      Definitely make that lentil curry – it’s so good and comes together so quickly.

  8. I am sending holiday cards and you are on my list!
    Love that you are doing so much yoga – as I say to my students, even a few minutes a day really add up. One of my students adds yoga postures to her everyday life, like doing cat/ cow while the coffee brews, or tree when she is brushing her teeth. I love it!

    1. Yay, I am so thrilled I’ll be receiving a card from you again :)
      And I agree, even 10 minutes of yoga really make a difference. I can feel that.

  9. That lentil dish DOES look delicious. I think I will give it a try. I’m sending out cards this year…I did something risky and ordered them from an ad I saw on Facebook. What was I thinking? Well, they arrived, and needless to say the quality is sub-par, but they are still very cute and I have decided to not regret my impulsive decision.

    1. Yes, definitely give this lentil curry a try. So easy and so good.

  10. My comment didn’t go through properly. Can’t remember what I said but:
    1) Those yoga pants are SO nice. Who wouldn’t want to do some downward dogs in those?!

    And 2) I can so relate to these weird things that feel so “adult” – last week we hired a company to wash our windows inside and out. I have never done anything like that before and it felt like SUCH an adult expenditure. It was also shockingly inexpensive! Though of course the windows have already started to look dirty again after a storm + kids putting their fingers over everything.

    1. Ha. Oops. I see my original comment DID go through. Sorry for all the comment spam, San! *facepalm*

      1. No worries – every comment is very much appreciated, even duplicates ;)

  11. All the Doc Martens love! My daughter is wearing my old pair and I couldn’t be more excited. I wish they would come in half sizes. For me they were either too small or too big – that did not mean I did not love mine anyway.

    1. That is fantastic that you can share shoes with your daughter ;)

  12. I’m putting my cards in the mail today if I get to the post office! I like to get them out early. Plus December is going to be pretty nutty with one final work trip and then our trip to Mexico! So I had to get organized early!

    1. Kudos to you for being so organized! ;)

  13. Yay for a new shower curtain and new bath mats. When I did my bathroom refresh a few months ago, it felt so good to make these purchases. I also upgraded my bath towels and I am so happy I did that!

    I am very pleased with the midterm results. Not so pleased with Florida, but the rest of the country did its job.

    1. I think your bathroom refresh inspired me to replace a few things in my own bathroom. Not a complete overhaul, but a few upgrades ;)

  14. I got a new bathmat a few years ago, after saying – out loud, to myself, EVERY TIME I changed the towels – “Man, I hate this bathmat.” One day, I stopped and thought, it’s a BATHMAT. Just buy a new one. I bought 2 of the same one. I love them. Never underestimate the power of a small change to make a big difference!
    Love curry, hate coconut. So while your lentil curry looks delicious… sigh.
    Every time you post about your fall/winter weather, I look at the University near you with a good nursing school, and think, hmmm… ;)

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