24: Friday Five | Runfessions Thanksgiving Style

I runfess that I contemplated participating my first official Turkey Trot yesterday. We apparently not only have the largest Turkey Trot in Sacramento, but the largest Thanksgiving Day fun run in the country! 29,600+ people registered. Amazing! Maybe I should actually do it next year. I ended up doing a solo Turkey Trot around the neighborhood yesterday instead and it was a lovely day to get outside and move your body before the big Thanksgiving feast.

I runfess that my bodyweight training is kicking my butt right now (I am aching in places I didn’t know had muscles – ha!), but  I’ve also finally experienced first hand that cross-training really improves my running and that is very exciting.

I runfess that I am not a big fan of Black Friday. I mean, what’s the point? Most deals are available before Black Friday now and usually last til after Cyber Monday. I hate that stores are open on Thanksgiving Day when people should be home with their families instead. I also don’t want anything that bad that I would camp outside a store or fight with other people over it. So, all this to say that you won’t see me anywhere a mall or big department store today, but I might be doing some online Christmas shopping and take advantage of some deals.

I runfess that I really enjoyed our low key Thanksgiving yesterday. As much as I miss family around the holidays (they’re just too far away), I love being in the kitchen most of the afternoon cooking a delicious meal for J and me and snacking and talking and listening to music until the bird is ready.

I runfess that I really love the long four-day holiday weekend. I love Thanksgiving itself (we don’t have this holiday in Germany, but I’ve come to embrace it), but I also usually do a lot of Christmas planning over Thanksgiving weekend.

Did you run a Turkey Trot yesterday – official or solo?

I hope you had a lovely day with family and/or friends!

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  1. I ran a trail turkey trot with my pup yesterday. It was the perfect way to burn off some Thanksgiving prep stress. OMG your tights in that pic are SO cute! No black Friday shopping here either. I will not be a part of that madness. Thanks for linking!

    1. The tights were from Old Navy. I have gotten so many compliments on them.

  2. I didn’t go out shopping today either! Even if I could get something at a slightly lower price, my time/sanity is worth more than actually going out and braving the crowds! We went for a hike and then went to a winery. :)

    1. That sounds perfect! #optoutside

  3. Wow! That is a big turkey trot. You should definitely do it next year.I didn’t run any but rather ran on the treadmill while watching the Macy’s Day Parade.

    1. You did it right – running and watching the Macy’s Parade (I missed that).

  4. Yes, I ran a turkey trot yesterday (and ran a couple of pre-trot miles with a friend before the trot itself). I actually got out for a little bit of shopping today, but we didn’t get to the mall until 9:45 or so the crowds weren’t too unbearable.

    1. Good for you for getting out and braving the crowds.

  5. Happy thanksgiving!
    This whole Black Friday madness creeps over here too and I heard people in the office complaining that they had to work and couldn’t shop… I was a bit speechless. I get annoyed by regular shopping crowds so why would I go on busy days?! Didn’t even do online shopping expect for tea.

    1. My Mom told me that you have Black Friday now, too…. haha.

  6. I’m enjoying the four day weekend for sure, even though I really don’t care for Thanksgiving. I am excited for all the Christmas/winter activities and events coming up soon though! I really need to get back into the work out groove again. I do dance once a week, but it’s been canceled a lot recently – and I’m going to try and get back to a yoga class tomorrow!


    1. The holiday season really is the best :) but good for you for getting back into the groove and not waiting until January!

  7. No Turkey Trot for me this year. :( When we are home on Thanksgiving, I usually do a 10k around a lake that is close to our house but running is just not happening during this pregnancy so I took it easy on Thanksgiving morning. And then I got a flare on Thursday night in my knee so I didn’t even get out for walk when the weather was nice this weekend. Womp womp.

    I don’t do Black Friday either. I hate shopping and especially hate shopping malls so there’s not deal that is good enough to lure me to a store. I did do some online shopping during the week but all I bought was maternity clothes and cloth diapers! So my black friday shopping looks a little bit different this year. ;) We have really cut back on gifts over the years, though, so I don’t have all that much shopping to do, which is nice!

    1. It sounds like you had a mellow weekend without running or shopping and hey, that’s totally ok!

  8. I did run a turkey trot on Thursday. It was 5K and crowded and don’t think I’ll do it again. Not a big fan of going to the stores on Black Friday. I prefer to do some shopping online.

    1. That’s the reason I kinda avoided doing the big turkey trot here, because SO MANY people.

  9. We have a pretty big Turkey Trot around here (not 29,000+ people big, haha), and I’ve done it regularly since I was in college. I didn’t do it this year, though, since my mom and I hosted Thanksgiving! I also didn’t venture out to stores on Black Friday since that is NOT my scene (how surprising, I know). Instead, I did all my shopping online and with a few clicks of my mouse, got 95% of my shopping done. Woop!

  10. Oh that is so awesome that you’ve been doing the Turkey Trot all these years! Good for you!

  11. OMG, almost 30,000 runners for a Turkey Trot is INSANE. I love my low-key Richmond trot. It’s not too big, but still brings a competitive field of runners together and the course is lovely.

    Also, hells yes to strength training. I used to never do leg day. And then I started doing leg day. And I got faster. Because muscles.

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