2: October Favorites


1.) I have been so patiently waiting for this album… four whole years. Finally, Pearl Jam came out with their tenth studio album “Lightning Bolt” and of course, I had to own it on CD. I have all their CDs and I’ll collect all their physical CDs until they stop making music or the end of time, whichever comes first.

2.) Kashi Autum Wheat. I am usually very picky about cereal, because so many cereals have so much sugar and/or unpronounceable ingredients, but this has a pretty short ingredient list and there’s just a little bit of sweetness to it. Perfect.

3.) My blanket. Temperatures have dropped (especially in the last week) and I got my blanket out again. Our apartment is not the most well-insulated on this planet (and I know, I know, we live in California and winters here are not really that cold and all, but when I get up in the morning and it’s 64°F in our apartment: THAT’S COLD. Well, and when I sit on the couch at night (and I don’t want to use the heater quite yet, not only, but also because J is still very comfortable with the temperatures), I like to have my blanket. Coziness factor included.

4.) Trader Joe’s has a new seasonal tea and I really like it. The new tea is called  Harvest Blend Herbal Tea and it’s a really smooth, tasty blend that you should definitely try. Just right for those long winter evenings when you’re cuddled up with a good book.

5.) I need a new mascara and this one was on sale and I am so glad I bought it. Almay’s Get Up and Grow Mascara definitely has been a favorite this month. It has a nice brush that does a great job separating and getting all lashes and it’s pretty much clump-free and has a gentle formula for sensitive eyes.

6.) I am not much of a Halloween person, mostly because J wants to watch scary movies and I just can’t do scary movies. Tim Burton movies, however, are my favorite and we’ve been watching quite a few this month.

  1. I love his movies! We have been watching quite a few lately as well! Isn’t it just so comfy to get out a blanket on the sofa?!
    Have a fab weekend, San! xxx

  2. I love the little fox on the tea box! :) And I have yet to see “The Nightmare Before Christmas”! Thanks for the reminder! <3

  3. I am a little envious of your cool nights as it hasn’t been dropping below 65 here lately, so my apartment feels a little stuffy. But 64 indoors definitely warrants a blanket and warm pajamas!

    I will have to check out that tea as I have been getting more into tea lately. I bought a pumpkin spice one at Barnes & Noble last month that is really good.

  4. That mascara is my favorite too! Almay has some really wonderful makeup products!!

  5. I will definitely have to check out that cereal and the tea (well, if I ever go back to TJs like I keep saying I will)! Also, Erik introduced me to The Nightmare Before Christmas and I absolutely love it.

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