Friday Five | Post-run snacks & meals

I will admit, part of what is great about running is the post-run snack/meal. I would lie if I said that I don’t appreciate the extra calories I can allocate after a hard workout, besides the fact that refueling right after a workout is so important for recovery.

Here are some of my favorite go-to post-run snacks.

1. Chocolate milk – One is never too old to enjoy a nice, big glass of ice-cold chocolate milk, am I right?

2. German Apple pancakes – when I am home after a run and crave something sweet, I’ll throw together some pancake batter and make German pancakes with apples (or other fruit). They always hit the spot.

3. Light & Fit Yogurt Drink – I pretty much have these on hands for days where I don’t have much time, but want to get some protein in right after my run. They’re high in protein, low in sugar (none added) and pretty tasty.

4. Ozery Morning Rounds – I love these muesli bread rounds with a cup of coffee. I can eat them just plain, don’t even toast them, because they have good flavor by themselves.

5. Ham + Egg Sandwich – if I really want to treat myself, I make a “Strammer Max”, a ham (off the bone) + egg (over-easy) sandwich on fried bread. It’s a German ‘recipe’, which I have previously shared here.

Honorable other mentions: steel-cut oats, smoothies, yogurt with granola and fresh fruit, and fried potatoes with veggies. These also are frequent post run snacks for me, but this link-up is called Friday FIVE, so I had to stick those in a sidenote. Ha.

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What’s your favorite snack after a hard workout?

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  1. I have never been a fan of chocolate milk but I love any kinds of pancakes. Yum!

    1. No fan of chocolate milk, how come?????

  2. What are German apple pancakes? I think I need them. :)

    1. You certainly do: (it’s basically just flour, eggs and milk, no leavening) and then you add fruit and a bit of sugar/cinnamon later. THE BEST.

  3. I just had a big glass of chocolate milk this morning when I returned from my 5-mile walk ;-) Good stuff!!

  4. I tried with chocolate milk SO MANY TIMES, but it’s too sweet and drinking it after a run upsets my stomach. I used to LOVE IT as a kid, but adult me can’t handle it apparently.

  5. I LOVE chocolate milk. That was always my go to post-run snack when I was training for a half or full. I also liked to have eggs when I home from a run as it’s nice to get a big dose of protein after a run!

  6. Even though I’m not a runner, all of those snacks sound delicious, ha. mmmmm.

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