25: Five all-time favorite holiday movies

Hooray, the holiday season is officially upon us… it’s my favorite time of the year! I am looking forward to soaking up as much holiday cheer the next few weeks as possible. I am planing to start the decorating this weekend and I can’t wait to watch all my favorite holidays movies. 

For the Friday Five 2.0 Linkup with  Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness, I am sharing 5 of my all-time favorite holiday movies with you.

1. The Holiday. This might be my very favorite holiday movie of all, and I don’t really know how many times I’ve seen it by now… often enough to know all the words by heart and I still sob through half of the movie (even though I know it all works out in the end). Ha.

2. Elf. I find this movie so charming and hilarious. The story, of course, is totally ridiculous, but Will Farrell plays his character with such heart-warming truthfulness and conviction. Will Farell truly at his best.

3. The Polar Express. I am usually not a big fan of animated movies, but I watch this movie every year and  this Christmas story always tugs at my heart strings. It’s such a sweet story and I really enjoy Tom Hanks’ character in it.

4. It’s a wonderful life. A true classic, we always watch this move on Christmas Day (or Christmas Eve sometimes). James Stewart and Donna Reed are the perfect match.

5. Love actually. Another movie that just makes me all sappy and sentimental. I can’t even pick which plot is my favorite… obviously the sweet romance between the prime minister and Natalie, but also the falling in love of Jamie and Aurelia, and Mark’s unrequited love for Juliet. Ah, I give up…. I actually really love all of the characters.

What’s your favorite holiday movie?



  1. We love ELF and try to watch it every season!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. The Holiday and Polar Express, ftw! Have you seen Family Man with Nicholas Cage? Another good one…

  3. Love Elf.

    I also love A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

  4. My favorite holiday movies are Home Alone and While You Were Sleeping!

  5. Yeah for the best season!
    I love Christmas movies but don’t watch the same ones every year. A really fun one not on your list is “Fred Clause”.
    I just realized I have never watched the Polar Express…
    happy start to the holidays

  6. The Holiday is one of my favorite movies- period! It’s SO good. Great picks here!

  7. I loooove The Holiday, & I made Mike watch Elf for the first time last year!

  8. I try to add to our Christmas movie collection every year. It’s not as easy to watch all of them every year, but I really try to watch You’ve Got Mail (I know, I know, it covers all the seasons, I just love how festive the Christmas part is!), While You Were Sleeping, The Holiday, Love Actually. As a family, we try to watch Elf, Home Alone (have the box set), The Polar Express, and new this year is the Charlie Brown holiday set – I’ve made them watch the Halloween and Thanksgiving ones so far :-)

  9. I’ve actually never seen It’s a Wonderful Life! Or Miracle on 34th Street! I love The Holiday, Love Actually and Elf. A great one for me growing up was March of the Wooden Soldiers!

  10. My favorites are The Holiday, Love Actually, and Christmas Vacation (which is totally raunchy and crass but it makes me laugh). I’m excited for the holiday season too. I feel behind though as we haven’t put up our tree. I’m hoping we get it up on Monday!!

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