Work it out weekends: minus the working out


To be honest, this week was a complete fail workout-wise. I had so much going on that I didn’t make it to the gym once since last Sunday, which is somewhat upsetting.  But when you leave the house at 6:30 a.m. every morning and when you don’t come home until like 7 p.m. and then have something going on every night, there really was no time to squeeze in some gym time.
I feel bad.

However, I just returned from the gym and are proud to say that I worked out for an hour and 15 minutes, running on the cross trainer for 3.1 miles and doing some weights and 120 crunches.
I’ve also planned out the coming week already, so the next update should be a little bit less about excuses and more about real workouts.

Regarding the healthy eating, I can happily report that I have cooked (from scratch!) every single night this last week and I didn’t use any “processed” ingredients, besides one jar of (pre-made, but at least organic, and sugar-free!) marinara sauce. (Can someone please tell me why pretty much every single jar of pasta sauce at the supermarket has sugar listed as an ingredient? There really doesn’t belong any sugar in pasta sauce.)
I didn’t do so well with drinking enough water – as I said, it’s an issue. I just don’t enjoy drinking water (in general, and especially when I am not thirsty at all) and pretty much have to force the bottle to my mouth. It’s a pretty awful feeling, almost like you’re trying to get food down your throat if you really feel stuffed already.
I know that with the drinking, my body is pretty much fooling itself and people have told me that you can “teach yourself” to drink more. (Any tips?)
Hopefully I’ll be a fast learner.

I also have to admit that I had to eat out once, because there was a group lunch at work, but regardless of that, according to my food log journal I’ve stayed within or below my calculated daily burned calories. This is making me feel giddy, because I have at least accomplished something this week.

So, we’re starting a new week and I am motivated.
If you jumped on the bandwagon, how did your week go?

  1. I did AWFUL working out this week, but great cooking as well! Go us!:)

  2. I did awful with my goals this week … I've decided to focus on only 2 for next week so I don't feel like such a failure :) Good job on cooking – how do you find the time to make everything from scratch?!?

  3. Oh my, tell me about the water issue! Just now during pregnancy I have to think about the health of 2 people and force that water into myself. Morning sicknings makes that I can't even keep tea, so non-carbonated water is the only thing I can drink and I hate it! So unfortunately, no tips from me….

  4. The only way I manage to drink enough is by also drinking tea and diet coke. I don't really like plain water that much so I don't drink it usually.
    But if you want to stick to water, you could always set yourself an alarm clock and drink one glass of water every hour (or every 1.5 hours).

  5. dackelprincessmaribeth

    January 25, 2010 at 5:01 am

    It has not been the best of weeks for me food wise, but I have been a lot more active. I still cannot exercise, but I am moving, walking and staying active in other ways.
    I do not do water. I drink sugar free diet cran-pomegranite juice, and I love herbal teas.

  6. For me it is was the other way around. My workouts were awesome but my eating habits… don't remind me. :) I am such a sucker for sweets. Don't feel bad though. At least you did good on meals and eating. I think that's way more important.

  7. I believe cooking from scratch rarely has to take longer than heating up some pre-made food, so I almost always cook from scratch (you just have to look for easy recipes). I grew up on a lot of home-cooking (my Mom is an excellent cook), so I am used to it.

  8. I hear you – how do you manage though? Do you set a clock for each bottle of water?

  9. I did not do well. :-( Living in Upstate New York, the winters are very depressing–cold, snowy, dark. It's very hard to be motivated, and I think I have a touch of depression because of the lack of sunshine. I need to just get up and go!! Keep up the good work, San!

  10. I always have a full big glass on my desk and if I haven't finished it before having “coffee” breaks, lunch or going home I force it down…Not the most optimal way, but it kind of works.

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