Greeblepix Contest

Aimee over at holds a montly photo contest and I decided to participate!
The contests usually don’t have a theme, but seeing as Thanksgiving *is* Aimee’s most favorite holiday in the whole wide world, she thought having the idea of “Grateful” in this month’s entries would be kinda cool.




Grateful for love!

(One of my most favorite photos ever!)

  1. I love this one too. Cross my fingers!

  2. awww – nice pic :-) Hope you win!

  3. i love this one – this is the sweetest ever!!

  4. just lovely…

  5. That is such a sweet picture!

  6. You really captured a sweet moment – love it.

  7. That is a sweet picture. You could also have captioned it “Sending all my Love to You” or alternatively, “Vulcan Mind Meld”. Good luck!

  8. Very cute picture!!! I really like it.
    Good luck to you, hope you win!!

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