November 4, 2007 - day 299

A big plus when moving in with my fabulous roomate was the fact that she had cats :)
I love cats. My sister and I were never allowed to have pets when were little. Except for two budgies that one of our great-aunts gave us for our 6th birthday, no pet has ever lived in our house. And the budgies didn’t last long either. One of them -mine! – died a mysterious death and the other one had magically disappeared when we returned home from one of our skiing vacations. Although the birds hadn’t been petable pets, my sister and I were devastated.

We found out years later that my Mom had secretly gotten rid off the second bird after the first one had died, because frankly, she couldn’t stand pets in our house. Considering that BOTH my parents had more than one pet when they grew up, I always found it cruel that we were deprived of that joy in our otherwise spotless and really happy childhood.

Even though I always wanted a pet, I probably didn’t want it bad enough, because I am pretty sure I could have otherwise convinced someone [most likely my Dad :)] to get at least a guinea pig or something.

Guess what the first thing was that my sister did once she had settled into a home with her at-that-time-fiancé? They got a cat – Emma :) She’s adorable and, by the way, probably the most spoiled cat you can find.

I still haven’t had a home that hasn’t felt temporary yet, therefore I didn’t get to do the same thing… but moving in with someone who HAS cats was definitely the closest I could get to having a pet.

For the next two weeks, my roommate will be on vacation and I’ll be cat-sitting, so I’ll get to see what it’s like to actually be responsible for them. Let’s find out if I would make a good “momma”. ;)

  1. Even though I have 4 dogs, I love cats too. But with 4 dogs, a cat wouldn’t be too welcome! ;~)

  2. I love love love cats. I still miss my neighbors’ cat a lot (he died in January this year). I essentially grew up with him (well, we moved into the house when I was 12, so starting from then), and while he was not ours he felt like he was, because he was around so much. When I move somewhere permanently where I have enough space for a cat, I will definitely get one. They’re my favorite animals, such beautiful creatures.

  3. cute pic! Still reading your entries, just don’t have enough time to respond as often as I would like to. KNUTSCHER

  4. A budgie was what I had as a kid, too!
    I love cats as well and have been sitting them at a friends house quite often lately, because they are travelling so much. Since I like travelling as well I think it will be hard to have pets. We’ll see maybe when we get kids one day… J is more of a dog person though, so we’ll see.

  5. :-) My parents didn’t want to have pets in the house either. We only got – like you guys – two birds. One died because of reasons we never got to know and the other one flew away. Sounds familiar? LOL

    Well, have fun with the “cat-sitting”. :-)

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