We do celebrate Thanksgiving…

… after all, it’s a European tradition to give thanks to God for the harvest.
In Germany, many smaller communities celebrate Erntedankfest [ = Thanksgiving] in October by decorating a carriage with field crops and having a procession through the town.

My family has a Turkey dinner once a year in October and it took place last Saturday. Traditionally, we get together with some friends of the family and prepare the meal together. My Mom roasts the turkey [it’s usually a really BIG BIRD… like 7 kgs or something] and she usually makes homemade bread dumplings and brussel sprouts with it. I especially crave the bread dumplings with gravy… LOVE IT! My Mom’s friend prepares red cabbage and we traditionally have semolina pudding for dessert. It’s so yummy.
It’s always a very nice get together, too. As I have mentioned before, I love dinner get togethers with family and friends.

This year I have asked my Mom to write down all the recipes for me, so that I can fix this meal for Jon and me next year! I have written down so many of my Mom’s recipes over the last few weeks that I will have a whole lot of cooking to do when I finally get to our place :) but to be honest, I can’t wait. I am looking forward to being a “housewife”… as odd as it may sound! I enjoy cooking and baking and I can’t wait to have my own kitchen again! I think J can’t wait either [he’s not much of a cook, but he’s a good cooking assistant ;)].
Our new kitchen is great. I would show you a photo if I had any, but I’ll make sure to post one as soon as I get to LA. The kitchen itself is pretty old, but we have very nice built-in cabinets, tiled countertops and to top it all off, a gas stove :) I love cooking with gas. This is going to be so much fun. Also, the kitchen is separated from the living-room and big enough to hold a table and chairs. I love having a place to sit in the kitchen! It might just become my favorite place in the apartment!

I am getting carried away here… be assured you’ll get to see pictures of the whole apartment soon!

  1. see, i didn’t even know people actually celebrate erntedankfest here in germany. and i’ve lived here all my life… also, i know what you mean about your mom’s recipes. i already took a couple from her and surely could use some more. that’s one of the sad parts about my mom being gone – a lot of my childhood memory recipes she never wrote down so they kinda died with her :( oh well, will just have to use other people’s moms for that ;)

    you’ll be home with J soon. have you booked yet?


  2. Cant wait to see pics of your new place ;-)
    Im a bit of a “housewife” too…I love to cook…baking isnt so much up my aisle,probably cause im not that good at at ;-)

    And Im jealous…I want a gas stove too – I think the food tastes WAY better!

  3. Oh yes, I’m spending hours with my Mom on the phone when I’m making more complicated German food. Until I moved to Sweden, I was never that interested in making those traditional German foods but now I learned how to make Rouladen, Thueringer Klösse, Gruenkohl and well for Christmas it’s gonna be the first goose. Jörgen and I we both love to cook (different things though). Oh San, soon soon you will be making all that yummy food for Jon and you! Loved your pics! And I’m so envious of your gas stove! Can you believe it, they don’t have normal gastubes to the houses in Sweden!
    Looking forward to seeing pics of your apartment real soon!

  4. wow, sounds good. i can feel your excitement about going back home and have a place to live with jon. being a housewife can be fun i guess but i dont enjoy it that much. i can burn water ;) that is really true, cause i cant concentrate on one stuff but try to do as much stuff as possible at the same time and forget about one of them at least. ;) have a great week :)

  5. i am happy about you having such a nice family dinner. i don’t even know people, who do celebrate erntedankfest like traditionally over here. so it’s cool that you guys do. and i am sure it was yummy:-)

  6. The more I think of it, the more I think I would like to be a housewife too!

    Family dinners are wonderful! Just sitting around and chatting is great!

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