I made it.

I am home with my family. It feels so surreal… but good! Very good :)

I just wanted to let you know. I’ve been up for 34 hours. I seriousy need to get some sleep. Hopefully it was worth it to stay up and go to bed at regular bed time. Maybe the jetlag won’t be so bad.

More later, my friends :)

  1. Welcome home. Been thinking about you, while driving down the A61 and passing your hometown.
    Enjoy the time with your family! :)

  2. Welcome home, sweetie. I am sure it feels surreal being in lil town Grevenbroich again:-) Let’s get on the phone when your jet lag is over. Wanna see u. Smooches

  3. wohoooooo! i’m SO happy for you! :)

  4. Oh I am so happy San! It must feel wonderful to be back with your family! (Even though I know you will miss J)
    Have a Merry Christmas my dear and keep us posted!

  5. yeahhh welcome home!! enjoy!!!!!

  6. I hope you’ll enjoy spending Christmas at home.

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