Off we go


When you guys are reading this, J and I will be somewhere over the clouds on our way to – or maybe already in – Germany (obviously not with Southwest, ha!, but we’re taking a connecting flight down to LAX first and are then hopping on a straight flight from LAX to DUS).

I can’t tell you how excited I am (well, maybe you have already picked up on it because I can’t shut up about it! ;)) that we’ll be spending the holidays with my family and friends. It’s tough to be away for a whole year and than try to make up for it in 2 or three weeks over Christmas, but it’s definitely a very intense, wonderful time every time.
As always, I’ll be trying to update a few times “from the road”, but don’t be too surprised if it might be a little quieter around here the next few weeks. Regular posting will resume after January, 6 at the latest!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the holiday season! It’s such a special time of the year!

  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy every minute of it! Don’t worry about us, we will be here eagerly waiting to see what you’ve been up to in Germany! Frohe Weihnachten! xxx

  2. Have a great trip! Enjoy your family. :)

  3. Woo! Have a brilliant brilliant time :)

  4. Have a safe trip and a fantastic time with your family and friends! Merry Christmas :D

  5. So exciting, have a wonderful trip!

  6. I fully expect crickets chirping around your little corner of the blogosphere, because then I’ll know you’re doing all sorts of wonderful things with your family and friends. Safe travels, friend.

  7. Have a blast in Germany! Have a Koelsch for me!
    And thnks so much for the beautiful Christmas Card!

  8. I’m so happy for you! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family. :)

  9. I am so happy for you! Have a wonderful trip and a merry Christmas! :)

  10. Enjoy the time with your friends and family! I hope it goes SSSLLLOOOOWWWWWLLLY! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!

  11. Have a fabulous holiday with friends and family! <3

  12. Hope you are enjoying every minute!!

  13. Viel viel viel viel Spass Euch beiden!!!

  14. Ich hoffe ihr habt eine schöne Zeit in Deutschland! Letzte Woche ist auch deine Weihnachtskarte angekommen. Vielen, vielen Dank dafür! Ich hab mich sooo gefreut! :)

  15. How long is the direct flight from LAX to Germany? I’m super duper looking forward to seeing you next month and hearing all about your trip!! xxoo

  16. Hope you had a great time!

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