2024 Weekly Run Down 22/52 – Let’s run again!

This week’s stats:

Running: 15.7 mi
Cycling: 40.4 mi
Bootcamp: 60 min
Strength: 45 min
Yoga/Pilates/Barre: 125 min
Meditation: 10 min
Warm-up/Stretch: 90 min

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

This week marked my return to structured running. I always do better if I can stick to a plan and just execute it, so I joined the latest Team Wilpers Run Challenge again. I really enjoyed the structure of these challenges in the past. It forces me to fit three runs per week back into my workout routine but takes the guesswork out of what each run looks like. Besides, I’ve been looking forward to incorporating more interval/speed running again. I tend to avoid it when I don’t follow a plan but it’s always so rewarding.


  • 30 Min Rolling Stones Ride – Bradley (5/23/24)
  • 15 Min Focus Flow: Core – Kirra (9/21/21) — Honey’Core’/Personal Streak
  • Team Wilpers Summer Run Challenge – W1R1
    • 15 Min Pop Run – Joslyn (12/21/23)
    • 30 Min Pop Run – Matt (1/4/24)
      • 5 Min Warm Up
        • 5 Min @ Easy Pace
        • 5 x 15 sec strides + 45 sec @ Easy Pace
        • 5 Min @ Easy Pace
      • 20 Min Main Set
        • 2 x the following set:
          • 3 min @ Marathon Pace
          • 2 min @ Halfmarathon Pace
          • 2 Min @ Threshold Pace
          • 3 min @ Easy Pace
      • 10 Min Cool Down
  • Extra 10: Walk – Andy (3/13/23)
  • 10 Min Post-Run Stretch – Matt (12/15/22)

I met up with Lindsay in the morning for Bradley’s Rolling Stones Ride (which I used as a warm up) and then I headed out for the first run of the Team Wilpers Summer Challenge. Usually that would have been the 20-minute distance test but I didn’t want to test (although I maybe should have) and decided to do the progression run and try my legs at the paces from the last challenge that I completed earlier this year. I felt pretty good, I was able to hit the intervals, so I am going to stick with these paces for now. 


  • 10 Min Barre: Upper Body – Ally (10/31/22) — Buzzing for Barre
  • Flash 15 – Jess S (8/29/23) — 900th strength milestone
  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Core – Tunde (9/21/21) — Beehives ‘n’ Bootcamps
  • 10 Min Cool-Down Ride – Tunde (4/26/24)
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: For Riders – Ross (4/24/24) — Personal Streak

I finished my last Barre workout for the tracker and then the #BCBabes were on the leaderboard with me to celebrate my 900th strength milestone with Jess’ Flash 15. It was the perfect warm up for the bootcamp that followed. I also really enjoyed Ross’ yoga flow for riders. Highly recommend it. He’s so good at explaining the poses and their purposes. 


  • 5 Min Pre-Run Warm Up – Mariana (5/22/24)
  • Team Wilpers Summer Run Challenge 2024 – W1R2
    • 45 Min Country Pop Run – Matt (3/22/24)
      • 15 min Warmup
        • 5 min @ Easy Pace
        • 5 x 15 sec Stride/ 45 sec Easy
        • 5 min @ Easy Pace
      • 15 Minute Main Set:
        • 2 x 3 min @ Threshold/ 2 min Easy
        • 2 x 1 min @ VO2Max/ 1 min Easy
        • 1 min @ VO2Max
      • 15 Min Cool Down
  • 30 Min Country Ride – Denis (4/27/24)
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Core – Kristin (1/12/22) — Personal Streak
  • 10 Min Lower Body Stretch – Andy (5/1/24)

Today was week 1, run 2 of the Team Wilpers Run Challenge and we’re already jumping into Threshold and V02 Max intervals. Holy mo. I was a bit intimidated but it wasn’t all too bad once I got going. I was back home just in time to jump on the bike with Tanja and pedal out my legs in Denis’ Country Ride. 


  • 30 Min Justin Timberlake Full Body – Rebecca (5/16/24)
  • 30 Min Justin Timberlake Ride – Tunde (5/16/24)
  • 10 Min Full Body Stretch – JJ (11/23/23)
  • 10 Min Yoga Flow: Core – Chelsea (3/13/24) — Honey’Core’/Personal Streak
  • 8 Min Just Ride: Outdoor
  • 10 Min Just Ride: Outdoor

I joined the #BCBabes for a JT Full Body Strength workout, followed by a JT Ride with Tunde. What a fun morning. I stretched, finished the last core class for my core tracker, and then rode my outdoor bike to work (and back).


  • 30 Min Pilates – Kristin (5/31/24) LIVE — Personal Streak
  • 20 Min 80s Ride – Robin (5/15/24)
  • 20 Min Country Ride – Denis (1/24/24)
  • 5 Min AFO Stretch: Carrie Underwood – Denis (8/10/22)

We celebrated Lindsay’s 200th (!) strength milestone this morning and she got an awesome shoutout from Kristin before the Pilates class. Hooray! We also had some fun on the 80’s Ride and I joined Sherry for a Country Ride for her to reach 200 cycling miles for the month!


  • 5 Min Pre-Run Stretch – JJ (5/1/24)
  • Team Wilpers Summer Run Challenge 2024 – W1R3
    • 60 Min Endurance Run – Becs (5//30/24)
      • 10 Min Warm Up
      • 45 Min @ Easy Pace
      • 5 Min Cool Down
  • 5 Min Post-Run Stretch – Becs (4/8/24)
  • 10 Min Restorative Yoga – Chelsea (4/10/22) — Personal Streak

Today was a long run day. I had been looking forward to the easy pace run, but it turned out to be the hardest run of the week for me. Probably because it was too hot for my liking (76F/25C and very sunny by the time I finished) and I am not yet used to the heat again.


  • 10 Min K-Pop Barre – Ally (5/10/23)– Sizzling Summer Barre Burn
  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Core – Callie (2/26/23) — Beach Body Bootcamp
  • 20 Min Morning Mobility – Rebecca (11/7/23) — Summer Self-Care
  • 20 Min Restorative Yoga – Chelsea (6/12/22) — Personal Streak/Serenity Sunday
  • 10 Min Gratitude Meditation – Anna (3/3/21) — Serenity Sunday

I kept it low-key today, just got started with a few classes for the new Streaker365 trackers and Serenity Sunday before really kicking June into gear next week with week 2 of the Team Wilpers Summer Run Challenge and a new PZ Challenge. It’s going to be a fun month!

Current Challenges + Trackers:

Streaker365 We Bee Streaking
Streaker365 Beehives ‘n’ Bootcamp
Streaker365 May Honey’Core’
Streaker365 Buzzing for Barre
Streaker365 Sunflowers and Self-Care
Streaker365 May Personal Streak (Daily Yoga/Pilates/Barre)
Streaker365 Serenity Sunday (restorative yoga + meditation)

I’ll share the new June trackers with you next week since I am just getting started with them, but needless to say, the Streaker365 admins created fun new challenges again for the new month.

What’s on your plate for June?


  1. Another action-packed week for you! I’ve heard great thing about the Team Wilpers training. I’m heading into a slight “off-season” (in terms of distance racing, etc.), so I’m not wanting any kind of structure, LOL (and I’ll be doing a lot of biking for the next few months anyways). Good luck with all your new challenge groups!

    1. It’s nice to have no structure for a little while. Enjoy!

  2. I just went back and read your post from your jury duty experience 10 years ago, and I found your explanation of the German system really interesting. I was surprised when Tobia said on my post that Germany has professionals in that position. I guess I’m biased but I really like our inefficient system. Thinking about Trump’s trial, I can’t imagine the squacking coming from his side if it were not a jury of peers. If it were a government group, he would claim (even more) that it was rigged. Does that happen in Germany? Is there a sense that some of the people who decide the case are corrupt?
    I’ve been on two juries, and both were guilty. One didn’t bother me, the guy wasn’t going to jail, but the other one did. He was guilty, he did the crime, but it made me sad, just like you said, to be involved in the process.
    Overall it’s interesting. I hope you get the opportunity to serve on a low stakes trial (no violence, I mean) so you can see the entire process. The jurors take the responsibility very seriously and try to follow the rules and only consider the evidence that is presented.

    1. Thank you, Julie. No, I do not feel that people are unhappy with how the courts function in Germany at all, but then again, we don’t have a divisive government like that either so the courts are usually not pulled into politics like here.
      I hope I get the chance to be on a jury again (it’s been a few years since my last summon (and I was dismissed from duty even before getting to the court).

  3. Great week, Team Wilpers challenge sounds like the perfect fit for you with structure and workouts!

  4. I think I’m the only person who doesn’t do Peloton, but since so many of the bloggers here do, I feel pretty well acquainted with the instructors, lol. Matt WIlpers sounds like a great running coach! I would be tempted to sign up for Peloton just to access his workouts. Great work this week!

    1. Matt Wilpers really is a great coach all around, the best on the platform IMHO. You should maybe sign up for a trial sometime to check him out.

  5. You’re awesome, as usual. I wanted to talk about your use of “holy mo” though, as slang. Honestly, I would have no idea that English wasn’t your first language and your writing is SO IMPRESSIVE. You’re just so impressive in every way.

    1. Engie, this is a huge compliment coming from you and I really appreciate it. I am sure I still make plenty of mistakes but I am always so thrilled to hear when people don’t instantly realize that English isn’t my first language ;)

  6. Wow, what a great week! You have such a good consistent schedule and it’s nice and varied, between running, cycling, lifting, and stretching. I need to do more variety because I pretty much just run. And I’ll echo what was said here – you write like a native English speaker. Wow! We just took a trip to Berlin a few months ago and I was amazed with almost everyone’s grasp of the English language.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Melissa, and for the compliment. I really appreciate this kind of feedback.

  7. So glad you are still loving the team wilpers challenges -the structure is great. Another full week for you with Peloton! I could take a cue from you and do some more yoga

    1. The Team Wilpers Challenges have been a game changer for my running. Have you tried the HM or M training plans?

  8. Running in warmer temps than you are used to is hard! We’ve had some warmer/humid weather lately and my pace really suffers but I’m not training for anything right now so I kind of shrug it off and remind myself that running will feel easier in Sept when the weather cools and the humidity drops!

    I love how you’ve found such a sense of community through Peloton!

    1. You’re so right – we have to keep in mind that running effort always varies with weather/temps and it’s normal to have to adjust!

      And thank you, I really do have some awesome like-minded people pelotoning with me :)

  9. This always blows my mind just how many workouts you fit in a day. Amazing.

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